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Temple of Water (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

A Decisive Blow

The next day, Pope Agnes will inform our heroes that the Skyhold is heading for the Temple of Water. Well, this is it. After making any necessary preparations, locate the pig by the eastern plaza (where the Adventurer is resting under the shade) and use its magical powers to return to Florem.

Outside Florem, head west across the bridge and then travel south to the Temple of Water. Inside, something is wrong. Save your game with the Adventurer and stock up on items. Make sure to equip your strongest physical jobs because the next boss absorbs magical damage! As soon as you reach the far end of the Altar of Water, you’ll have to face not one–but two boss battles!

Boss: Vucub Caquix

Level HP Weakness
46 50000 Organic, Flying

Bless that Sapp and Piddler. This is your final battle with the comedic duo, so keep your wits about you. The mechanical bird uses Magic Missile and Magic Gatling to deal magical damage to the party. It may also use El Dorado to boost its offensive and defensive stats.

During this period, begin buffing your party’s physical defence (not magical) on your third turn and heal off the damage. You’ll understand why. On the fourth time, the bird uses Transform to change into a robot, Transfomers style! In this form, it will dish out deadly physical attacks.

Castillo deals massive damage to one and may cause Paralyse, while Double Lariat deals heavy damage to party. Without a physical defence buff, your party won’t be able to survive many hits. You should also give everybody an Earthing Rod to prevent Paralyse.

On the eighth turn, the robot will use Transform to return to bird mode and it will continue to cycle between forms on every fourth turn. Once you’ve grasped a measure of the mech’s abilities, you’ll need to figure out how to put a noticeable dent in it.

The mech has high physical defence, which is further improved by El Dorado. However avoid elemental attacks as it will use Elemental Absorption to heal from the damage. If you must use magic, use non-elemental magic such as the Wizard’s Spirit or the Hawkeye’s Sparrow.

Other solutions include buffing your party’s physical attack (with Physical Boon or a Performer) and the Hawkeye’s Harpoon to pierce the mech’s physical defence. In any case, so long as you can survive the mighty blows, victory should come assuredly.

Boss: Nikolai Nikolanikov

Boss Level HP Weakness
Nikolai 46 20000 Nothing
Imperial Guardshield 47 7050 Lightning
Imperial Guardspear x2 34 3400 Lightning

Sigh, these guys never learn. Nikolai may Default to build up BP. When he has 1 BP, he likes to cast Lightning Lightning to inflict damage on the party. He can also cast Heal to heal moderate HP to an ally or himself.

Nikolai’s henchmen are probably a bigger threat. The bulky Guardshield uses Phalanx to absorb single-target physical hits for his allies and counter for big damage. Meanwhile, the Guardspear you fought in Florem city–these brutes use Second Spear to attack twice.

Unsurprisingly, your best bet is to focus on the henchmen. You can either take down the Guardshield first to avoid Phalanx or target all three at the same time. They’re all weak to lightning, so you’ve got a wide range of options from your own Lightning to the Hawkeye’s Thunderhead.

Once Nikolai is by his lonesome, you almost can’t lose this battle, but be careful because he has one more trick up his sleeve. After his HP drops, he may use Holy Night. While this is active, he will recover massive HP if you hit him while he Defaults.

During this stage, avoid attacking unless Nikolai has 1 BP. This means you must attack when he uses Lightning Lightning–buff your party’s magical defence (with Mystic Ward or a Performer) to soften the blow. Nikolai has high magical defence, so keep to physical attacks.

After dropping Nikolai’s HP to zero, he will recover all HP . Don’t lose heart and keep going as before. He won’t do this trick a second time, nor will he call for reinforcements, so the second half of the battle should be much quicker than the first.

Outside the temple, there’s a familiar sight for those who persevered through Bravely Default. Just as our heroes begin to despair, help comes from afar! With the upgraded Rubadub, you can finally chase after the Skyhold properly.

After you’ve done everything you need to do, fly towards the area of sea towards the south-east of your current position, between the Harena and Yulyana continents. As you approach the Skyhold, the chapter comes to an end.

Tap the Rubadub icon along the left of the bottom screen to access this menu.


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