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Bravely Second - The Revenant (Guardian Asterisk) One-Shot Boss Strategy

How to one-shot this annoyingly talkative kid and obtain his awesome asterisk. - This battle can be the most annoying in the entire game if you try and fight conventionally. He will possess a character periodically, taking control of their actions. He can be booted out by damaging the character possessed but it's still a massive annoyance. His allies are a pain too. The Guardshield uses Phalanx to counter single-hit physical attacks while the Guardstave casts Stop or Thundaga and the Guardsblade uses Trample to deal more damage when he has more HP. The Guardstave is the most dangerous due to Stop so Stop Immunity with the Time Mage job is helpful. Even if you kill the imperials, Revenant will just eventually summon more. - Luckily we have the perfect solution to make this battle simple. Equip the Exorcist job on a character, then simply use Undo HP on Revenant after he's possessed someone and you've booted him back into his ghost body. Because he is classed as a ghost, he technically has 0 HP, allowing you to kill him off in one shot. He MUST be in ghost state for this to work so wait until he's back in his body again after a possession. - Kill him first then just finish off the henchmen. Easy! For detailed information, check out our guide at

Bravely Second - Lord Providence (Final Boss Form 1) Boss Strategy

We show you how to defeat the first form of Bravely Second's final boss. - First things first: high magic defense is a must for this fight and also equip the Lustrous Shield on your healer if you have it. - Lord Providence can use Star of Destruction to deal non-elemental damage to your party or Seven Stars to rain 7 light-based hits on the party. - He will use Pawn of Fate to cast Doom on the party which cannot be cured. You can negate this though. If you completed the Yokai sidequest, use the Astral Magic Status Barrier Blast to prevent the status. Otherwise use the Time Mage's Reraise combined with Blast to revive after the KO. - As far as attacking him, he's weaker to physical than magical but also Wind and guns so Hawkeyes can have fun here. Bloody Wolf and strong Fencer attacks will work wonders too. - Of course he decides to completely heal himself after you've taken off 50% of his HP so time for another go around. - Mandate of Heaven requires one of your characters to strike another. Pay close attention to this message or you'll find yourself in trouble when he uses Divine Punishment after his BP hits 0 which hits the whole party for 99,999. If he's critical enough though, you can just unleash your most powerful attacks and ignore the whole thing. For more details, visit our guide at

Bravely Second - Anne Ultimate Boss Strategy

How to defeat the pesky fairy Anne Ultimate once and for all! - Bring an Exorcist to this fight or have it as your secondary skill set. Undo HP and Action can make things much easier. - Fragmentation does physical damage and Dark Flare, as the name suggests, inflicts dark magic on the whole party. - High elemental defense is a must for this fight since she pummels you with elemental attacks. Give healer a Dark Shield if you have one. Astrologian's Elemental Barrier Mist/Blast can help in the first phase though Defaulting until you have some Undo Action's cast may be a better option. - Fairy's Flight will trigger the powerful wind attack Vortex on the next turn so beware. - Anne is weak to physical damage as well as Fire damage. Bloody Wolf to maximise physical damage combined with the Hawkeye's Fire Warhead works well. - Anne will use Undermine to reduce a character's max HP to 1 but you can fix this with Undo HP. The character with this needs to be speedy to act before Anne so a Ninja is perfect. - Anne will start to Default as her health drops below 50%. She will then use Acedia which dispels all buffs and then Dark Flare in succession to hit your party for huge damage. This is where your elemental defense is a must. If you can, store up some BP as she drops below half then unleash your most powerful physical attacks to finish her off before she can do too much damage to your party. . For more details, check out our guide at

Bravely Second - Final Boss: False God Providence Simple Strategy

Of course this guy has multiple forms... - The first thing to note is as soon as the 9th turn begins or when you KO Providence Aa (the pyramid body), the battle will end abruptly. With that said, you can either wing the battle, whilst trying not to die, or kill him quickly. It's up to you. - The two hands can attack with the right one (from our perspective Providence B) using Ruin which deals magical damage and the left (Providence Ab) casting Salvation which does noticeable physical damage. After they attack, they become immobile for 3 turns. - The pyramid will use Dispel so don't bother with buffs except for Bloody Wolf and just focus on keeping HP topped up. Providence can cast New World Order which deals reasonable magical damage so just be aware. - Every 5 turns Providence will also use Ruin or Salvation? to buff the damage the hands do but thankfully the battle will be over before that happens if you keep up the pressure. Part 2 - This battle plays out much the same as the first though this time the hands can benefit from Ruin or Salvation? The obvious way to avoid getting slapped in the face is to destroy them. Dark-imbued weapons work well as do knuckles. They both have crappy HP so remove them first before focusing on the body. After a few turns though, they will revive and hit you with Big Bang but this damage is nothing compared to Ruin or Salvation? - For the sake of brevity, focus all your attacks on the body and on the turn the hands have returned to 0 BP cast Calm (Holy Magic) to negate all damage. Rinse and repeat! You only need to destroy the body to win anyway. Keep grinding away with this method and you'll win with ease. Congratulations for saving Luxendarc (again)! For more details visit

Bravely Second - Geist Grace (Exorcist Asterisk) Boss Strategy

A video depicting a good way of killing this difficult boss and obtaining his powerful asterisk. - This battle is split into two parts. Do not use your special moves in the first phase because Geist will quit after you've removed just 10% of his HP. He will simply attack with his sword here so just focus fire on whittling his HP down. - Scenes ensue and then the real battle begins shortly after. Geist will use Undo HP to revert his, his allies or one of your character's HP to a previous turn. This is super annoying if anyone was knocked out as it will then just KO them a second time. In short, do everything possible to avoid KO. Used on himself it effectively renders your attacks on a previous turn moot so any special attacks used will be wasted. - His little cronies will try and Snipe you down to 1 HP which is bad enough without Undo HP to follow up. Get rid of them first with water attacks like Frost Needle and whenever Geist resummons them, kill them quickly. - This phase can really drag on given his HP pool and Undo HP so try to put up Physical Boon Mist or Blast when it's safe to increase the pain that you can dish out. Avoid magic attacks since Geist is resistant. - As far as a pattern goes, it's difficult to predict exactly when Undo HP will be used so try not to pile all your attacks into one turn. That said, we've never actually seen him use Undo HP twice in a row so it may be a good idea to unleash your strongest attacks the turn after he uses it. Stick with it and eventually he'll fall where you will receive the Exorcist asterisk. For detailed information, check out our guide at

Bravely Second - Ba'al Diamante Boss Strategy

A quick and easy method to defeating the legendary Ba'al Diamante. - The original and most powerful Ba'al of all, it has earnt its reputation. It will use Mirror Reflection to reflect damage straight back at your party. Fear not though because the Mirror's durability will decrease by 20% each time you attack, eventually leading to its demise. - Things are made a little more complicated though because each turn it will use Mirror Stage 1 to increase the percentage 20% so you'll need a fair few attacks to break through. A quick way to smash the Mirror is to have your physical attackers use Dual-Wield so you double the number of attacks. Equip Dual Wield if the character isn't a Ninja to improve attack power. - To prevent damage, equip people with elemental weapons like Excalibur or use the Hawkeye's Warhead ability to infuse an element onto your attacks. Then cast Elemental Barrier - Mist to negate elemental damage on your party. If you can't do this for some reason, equip your weakest weapons until the Mirror is broken then use Item to switch to your strongest weapons. - Its other attacks are Dispel which removes buffs (including elemental resistance but Mist negates this), Scintillation which causes several random hits and also Brilliancy which is a light-based attack. - The worst attack is Dispersion which not only damages a character but also prevents them using anything but Default or Summon Friend for several turns. If it gets your healer then things can turn bad quickly. Bide your time or assign a secondary healer to avoid this. - Diamante's main weaknesses are strong physical attacks since it has almost zero physical defense, dark elemental attacks and swords. - After defeating it once, it'll replenish all HP again for another go around. For detailed information, check out our complete strategy guide at

Bravely Second - Denys Geneologia (Kaiser Asterisk) Boss Strategy

A simple strategy for defeating Kaiser Oblivion in the second and final fight. - You'll be pleased to hear that he tends to stick to standard attacks though he will sometimes Default or Brave to unleash two attacks at once. Every 4 turns, Dawn of Odyssey will give everyone 1 BP. - His first trick is Winter Comes which prevents HP, MP and BP recovery for 3 turns. Since he doesn't ever heal, this hinders you a lot more than him. Nasty. Thankfully, Mr Oblivion will only use 1-2 attacks per turn so you shouldn't lose too many people during this phase. The best way to survive is by using the Exorcist's Undo Action ability, the Ninja's Utsusemi or a combination of both. Give your Exorcist the Prescience support ability and boost the Ninja's speed. - Dealing damage to him comes in the form of strong physical attacks since he is fairly weak to physical damage. The Doujiri-Yasutsuna will leave a mark too. If you can't get through his Default, wait until he has some BP and then he won't bother to Default at all . - Be aware though as his HP goes critical. He may use Flash which damages the party for half of his lost HP. In other words; certain death. Afterwards he may be immobile for 1 turn. You have two choices here: use Undo Action or Utsusemi to stop the attack, or save up your BP and then focus him down when he's at around half HP to KO him and avoid it all together. - After defeating him once, he will recover all his HP. If you killed him once, you can easily do it again. - As an aside, if you get a chance you can steal a Chaos Blade or two from him and this is the only place you can get this sword so it may be worth trying. - After the battle you'll get the Kaiser asterisk which is an extremely powerful physical-based job that can change the flow of a battle. And it looks awesome so what more could you want? For more details, check out our complete strategy guide at

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