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Saving Hartschild; To Florem

Vincent Lau

A City in Need

You’ve found a ship that can travel to Florem, but don’t forget that the people of Hartschild still need to be freed from Angelo’s curse! From Yunohana, sail around the perimeter of Eisenberg to reach Hartschild on the other side. Going anti-clockwise is probably slightly quicker.

As you approach the shore below Hartschild, a cutscene will play. After that, get off the Rubadub and march north towards Hartschild. Just before you enter the city, save your game and make sure that your party is ready for battle.

It hasn’t been that long since you fought Angelo, but you’ve got another tough boss battle up ahead before this chapter is over.

Boss: Superdnought Bael

Boss Level HP Weakness
Superd’nought Bael 37 30000 Water, Organic
Sergeant Sapp 37 5000 Nothing
Private Piddler 37 4000 Nothing

This boss is a joke, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. Despite initial appearances, you’re actually fighting three enemies, although two of them–Sapp and Piddler–act as supporters. Combined, the three are a force to be reckoned with.

The Superd’nought Bael uses Megaton Stomp to damage the party or Buzzsaw Gear to damage one. Meanwhile Sapp uses Blizz Cannon to hurl ice magic damage on the party and Piddler uses Perforator to hurt one and drop their physical defence.

With three enemies hounding on your doorstep, you’ll need to plan carefully to survive. For starters, your party should have the best physical defence gear from Yunohana and your healer should equip the Iceflame Shield to negate Blizz Cannon.

To counteract Perforator and reduce the pain from the Bael, you should cast Physical Ward Mist or Blast–depending on how quickly you need the defence boost. Next, you may want to focus your attacks on Sapp and Piddler to stop their annoying attacks.

However, like the Angelo battle, the sergeant and private will eventually use Back in Action to restore all of their HP. But if you can lay on the pressure, you should have plenty of time to deal some substantial damage to the Bael while they’re out of commission.

Alternatively, if you can keep your physical defences high and heal sufficiently, you may want to concentrate everything on the Bael instead. The Bael has high physical defence, so magic attacks are preferred, especially those that target its water weakness.

After the Bael goes below half HP, it will use Heat Boiler, which seems to do nothing at first glance. A few turns later, it will use Boiler Temperature Rising and Piddler will exclaim that the boiler temperature is at 50%. On the next turn, the Bael will use Super Jump to inflict heavy damage on your party.

To prevent Super Jump, bombard the Bael with water-based attacks after it uses Heat Boiler. If you inflict enough damage, instead of Super Jump it will use Crash Landing, inflicting Paralyse on itself and its sorry passengers. Use that window of opportunity to inflict maximum punishment!

To Florem

With the imperial army bested and the city of Hartschild back to normal, you’ve accomplished everything you needed to do in Eisenberg. Once you’re back in action, rest up at Hartschild’s inn and say farewell to the city.

Follow the red path on the map (right) to reach Florem with minimal aimless sailing.

Your next destination is clear: the bountiful land of Florem, to the far north-west. The shortest and easiest path by sea is to head due west from Hartschild’s shores until you reach the middle of the sea between Harena and Eisenberg.

From there, sail north-west through the gap between Harena and the Yulyana region to its north-east. Continue in this direction and you’ll eventually reach Florem’s eastern shore. For your convenience, we’ve marked the path for you in the image above.

Or if you want to be a real smarty pants, speak to the pig below the fountain in Hartschild (during the day) and choose to teleport to Ancheim. Next, go around to the back of Ancheim and head north towards the wooden pier facing the bay.

After boarding the Rubadub from the pier, head north-east and you’ll reach Florem’s eastern shore in record time. Once you’ve set foot on Florem soil and attempt to continue further, a cutscene will trigger and this chapter will reach a startling conclusion.


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