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Vincent Lau

The next new job; the Hawkeye is a versatile physical-based job that can apply a variety of special effects to it weapons. Like Bravely Default’s Spell Fencer, but better. It has good physical attributes and stellar Dexterity, as well as an affinity for firearms.

Warhead infuses the Hawkeye’s weapon(s) with one of the seven elements, providing an easy way to explot enemy weaknesses. Meanwhile Condor bypasses the enemy’s Default state and Harpoon negates the enemy’s Physical Defence. …And that’s not even all of its tricks!

Specialty: Eagle Eye

The user’s accuracy is increased by 100%.

Accuracy affects hit rate, which in turn affects the damage of conventional attacks. With 100% extra accuracy, you’re guaranteed to be hitting consistently high damage all the time.

Level 1: Sidewinder

Type Cost
Command 1 BP

A physical attack on selected enemies that deals more damage the fewer enemies selected (up to 2 times more damage).

The BP cost means you’re always doing around 1 times damage per turn per enemy. It’s mostly useful for dealing with mobs and ensuring that no BP is wasted when some enemies get KO’d before your Hawkeye attacks.

Level 2: Maverick

Type Cost
Command 8 MP

A physical attack that inflicts 1.25 times damage to the enemy with the lowest HP at the end of the turn.

If you don’t mind going last, this a sure-fire way of picking off weakened foes who think they’ve escaped justice–and before they get a chance to heal.

Level 3: Warhead

Type Cost
Command 16 MP

Imbue the user’s weapon(s) with one of the seven elements for 10 turns: fire, water, lightning, wind, earth, dark or light. Also boosts damage based on the user’s Magic Attack.

Most enemies are weak to at least one element, so this is a fantastic–and highly recommended–ability to carry around.

Level 4: Condor

Type Cost
Command 8 MP

The user’s physical attacks deal 1.5 times damage (instead of 0.5 times) to foes using Default for 10 turns.

Against foes who love to Default, this an all-encompassing way of ruining their fun. Another good reason to have a Hawkeye around as a primary job or secondary job.

Level 5: Harpoon

Type Cost
Command 16 MP

The user’s physical attacks ignore the enemy’s Physical Defence for 5 turns.

Great for dealing with sturdy foes or bosses with otherwise impenetrable Physical Defence. While it only lasts for half the amount of turns as similar Hawkeye abilities, it’s amazing all the same. Again, another reason to recommend Hawkeye.

Level 6: Barrage

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Damage increases 1.1 times for each subsequent action the user performs in the same turn, unless the action deals no damage (up to 1.3 times damage normally).

Mainly useful when you’re Braving the maximum amount of times in a turn. Works well with the Red Mage’s In the Red to further boost the damage and the Swordmaster’s Multitask for triggering more attacks.

Level 7: Eagle Eye

Type Cost
Support 2 slots

The user’s accuracy is increased by 100%.

As the Hawkeye’s innate ability, it’s nice to have, but as a support ability for other jobs, the cost is too steep to be worthwhile. You could give it to Pirates or other axe-wielders as a stopgap before they acquire better abilities.

Level 8: Sparrow

Type Cost
Command 8 MP

Deal 4 times magical damage to an enemy, based on the Physical Attack rating of the user’s right-hand weapon.

A cheap and powerful magical attack, which is great for handling foes that counter or evade physical hits. Otherwise, you’re generally better off using Harpoon.

Level 9: Rifle Lore

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Increases the user’s rifle proficiency to S.

If you’re aiming to use rifles in another job, you’ll probably want this. One potential use is giving it to a Valkyrie with the Dragoon rifle, which boosts the damage of the Valkyrie’s jumping attacks. (Or you could give the Hawkeye the Valkyrie’s job command.)

Level 10: Shrike

Type Cost
Command 16 MP

Fire a bullet that hits the target, inflicting 1.5 times damage, on the next turn. Up to five bullet can be fired at once.

This unique move has some strategical benefits. For instance, you could Default on the next turn and still damage the enemy. Otherwise, it’s a stronger Maverick that hits a bit later.

Level 11: Crossfire

Type Cost
Support 1 slot

Each time an ally damages an enemy, there’s a 25% chance of the user performing an attack.

Crossfire is a bit of a dud by itself, but it compliments strategies that involve attacking multiple times, such as Braving the maximum amount of times to clear out enemy mobs (or finishing a boss).


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