Geneolgia Manor

Wakeup Bells cure the Sleep status condition. A good whack on the affected ally also works wonders.

After suffering a horrific defeat at the kaiser’s hands, Yew will awaken in his room at the extravagent Geneolgia Manor. When you eventually regain control, your first task is to head to the Sanctum to assess the aftermath of the battle from earlier. Before that though, take the time to explore Yew’s manor for hidden goodies.

From the bedside where you start, hop along to the right and hug the wall just below Yew’s study. An “Inspect” prompt should appear in the bottom-right corner of the top screen; this is your cue to press the A button to uncover a hidden item–fittingly, a Wakeup Bell .

Next, make your way left, exiting Yew’s room and crossing behind the enormous painting of Foundar Geneolgia, then descend the lofty staircase to the ground floor. From the base of the staircase, go left and head up towards the wall to the left of the staircase to discover 100 pg secretly stashed away.

Now you can leave the manor via the exit to the south.

To the Sanctum

Gathelatio is gigantic, but the paths through the city are very simple. When in doubt, be sure to observe the map on the bottom screen to find your bearings and locate key facilities. For now, you can make a beeline to the west to visit the Sanctum–the tall building across the bridge–as per Yew’s wishes.

Inside the Sanctum, hurry to the far end of the building as indicated by the orange exclamation mark on the bottom screen. Yew will regroup with his trusted companions–Janne and Nikolai. Having reuinited, the Three Cavaliers (eventually) agree to march to the Skyhold to rescue Pope Agnes from the kaiser’s clutches.

However, the journey will undoubtedly be long and arduous, so Yew needs to first return to the Geneolgia Manor to inform Alfred, his steward, of his plans.

Note : Now that Yew has company, you’ll occasionally be able to trigger Party Chats by pressing the Y button when the Party Chat prompt appears on the top screen.

Party Chats are mostly there to flesh out the world and characters, while providing some light-hearted entertainment during difficult times. Some chats also offer gameplay tips.

Phoenix Downs revive a character from KO so they’re always handy to have. Keep them stocked up!

While you’re still inside the Sanctum, go left the moment you regain control and hug the top-left corner next to the shattered window to find a useful Phoenix Down .

Hidden items rarely appear alone so don’t put away your detective hat just yet. Instead, head to the left-most part of the Sanctum, then feel around the area between the two line of seats to find a Staff .

Once you’re ready, exit the Sanctum and return to the Geneolgia Manor via the route you came.

Reporting to Alfred

Note : Back outside, the game will teach you about Tutorial Quests . When on the map, tap the left-most icon on the bottom screen or press Right on the D-pad, then select the noticeboard icon to access the Quests menu.

By fulfilling certain quests (tasks)–some of which you may have already done (such as searching for hidden items), you’ll learn about the game and get free items. Talk about win, win!

Along the way, check out the Armory (the building with the sword and shield) and purchase a Spear for Yew, three Bucklers and headgear for Yew and Janne. Maybe some Leather Gloves as well. Don’t forget to equip your new gear via the Equip menu (press the X button while on the map).

Back inside the Geneolgia Manor, speak to Alfred who’s waiting patiently by the entrance. Forgetful Yew will receive his coveted diary.

Note : You can read Yew’s diary by tapping the left-most icon on the bottom screen or pressing Right on the D-pad while on the map, then select the diary icon.

Ever the scholar, Yew will automatically record various things during your journey, such as information on monsters, items, special abilities, etc. You can even re-watch cutscenes via the Event Viewer.

Now that Alfred’s been updated, exit the manor.

Leaving Gathelatio

As the journey gets harder, the Adventurer is sure to become your best friend!

Outside, the Three Cavaliers discuss among themselves and decide the best plan of action is to cut through Pilgrim’s Grove to reach the Skyhold. To get to Pilgrim’s Grove, you must first exit Gathelatio. From the manor, make your way left, but this time go down the stairway leading to the lower area of the city.

At the crossroads, look for the orange-hatted Adventurer hanging by a corner lamppost.

Note : The Adventurer can be found in every town and dungeon; if you speak to the Adventurer, you can access the Save menu . Needless to say, we strongly recommend saving your game frequently, especially after you’ve played for a long time or right before a tricky battle.

If you have Auto-Save enabled (from when you started a new game or from the Tactics - Config menu), the game will automatically save for you each time you change screen (as indicated by the quill pen icon). Auto-Save will greatly reduce the need for you to save, but you should remember to save manually as well.

Once you’ve saved your game or otherwise, you can exit Gathelatio by heading north along the streets from the Adventurer.

But wait! You’re not quite done here… If you have some spare money, check out the Trader (the building with the Potion icon) to the right and purchase some Potions and status recovery items.

For some free samples, head to the man standing just below the Trader and hug the wall facing the sea to find a hidden Potion . Next, stroll west from the crossroads; at the far end is a jug of Bacchus’s Wine .

Finally, return to the crossroads and make your way south, then east towards the area with the boats. Hug the north-facing side to uncover an Antidote .

That’s everything Gathelatio has to offer for now, so exit the city once you’ve seen enough.

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