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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Ornate Box Walkthrough: Choices & Rewards

Craig Robinson

"Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2’s "The Ornate Box" iconThe Ornate Box is one of many side quests that players can grab in "Vernworth" iconVernworth City. Unlike most quests in the game, there are a few choices and you have to wait to reveal what you get from it. Not to mention yo need to do a lot of waiting to pick up the rewards for the quest. This Ornate Box Walkthrough will reveal the best choices and rewards you can expect from the quest.

Here is a closer look at how to complete the Ornate Box quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The Ornate Box Walkthrough and Choices Explained

After encountering the dispute between the child and the potion seller at the stall, players can choose to look for the child amongst the crowd.

Look for the kid by the wall opposite the potion seller, wearing the red shirt, and the black and gold leggings, vest and hat. When you speak to Sven, you’ll have a choice on how to handle the quest.

  1. You can either give the kid the gold to buy it himself,
  2. Or you can buy the "Ornate Box" iconOrnate Box for him. - Buying the Ornate Box is the cheaper option of the two.

There is a choice in the Ornate Box Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Should you give Sven the gold or the Box yourself? We’ll answer that below.

Once you have decided on the choice you make you need to wait a day or two. Go back to the fountain in the market center and you should find Sven waiting for you during the day. This will happen a few times over the course of the quest. You’ll need to wait around a day or two before the child turns up at the fountain again. Every time you return to him, he will have a reward for you. The reward and dialogue differs depending on your options.

The Ornate Box Rewards in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Okay, now for the part that matters. Here’s a summary of your rewards, reflecting your choices in the Ornate Box quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Rewards Gave him the "Ornate Box" iconOrnate Box Gave him 1000 G
Reward 1 1x "Jasper" iconJasper 200 G
Reward 2 "Ferrystone" iconFerrystone, "Courtly Breeches" iconCourtly Breeches, "Courtly Tunic" iconCourtly Tunic, 4000 G 300 G
Reward 3 N/A 500 G, plus a "Ferrystone" iconFerrystone, "Courtly Breeches" iconCourtly Breeches, "Courtly Tunic" iconCourtly Tunic, 4000 G

Players can get a Ferrystone for completing the quest, which is very valuable because of how limited they are and how long it can take to return to an important landmark.

Now its time for the best rewards. If you’re looking at things from a raw value, the best option and rewards for the Ornate Box Quest is to give the money to Sven. You get your money back in raw gold, alongside the other rewards. Meanwhile the "Jasper" iconJasper sells for 800 G, meaning you only get your money back if you got the 20% discount if you sell it in Vernworth. However, selling the Jasper in Batahhl in the mid to late game can fetch you 2800 G if you chose to hold onto it for that that length of time. So, the option is yours.

Both options give you the Courtly set, which you need for the main questline and quest from Sven you pick up at the palace. So its generally worth doing this quest anyway.

With that said, you should know the choice you want to make in Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s The Ornate Box quest. You’ll now be aware of what you need to do to prepare for the quest and the rewards you get so you can edge out the exact tasks and rewards you need to finish the questline.

On a side note, there are a few good quests in Vernworth you may want to do for side quests. Feel free to hit these quests at the same time, rather than awaiting around for awhile:

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