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Dragon's Dogma 2

Wandering Roots Walkthrough

Matt Chard

Wandering Roots is a post-game quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2. This quest tasks you to evacuate the citizens of "Sacred Arbor" iconSacred Arbor. You can get this quest by speaking to Glyndwr who can be found in the center of the arbor. This is one of the easier evacuation quests to complete if you know what to do, as you’ll need to convince "Taliesin" iconTaliesin, who is happy to die with his land. Read on to find out how you can convince Taliesin to evacuate the dying land.

You’ll need to convince Taliesin one way or another if you want him to evacuate his people.

Wandering Roots Quest Location

As this quest takes place in the Sacred Arbor, you’ll need to go there. Fortunately, there is a "Portcrystal" iconPortcrystal there, so you can simply use a "Ferrystone" iconFerrystone to get there. When you reach the arbor, check the nearby Riftstone for a pawn that has the Woodland Wordsmith Specialization, depending on if you have it already. If that Rifstone doesn’t have one, you may have to teleport around a bit until you find one as the people here only speak in their mother tongue, although Glyndwr, the quest giver does speak your language, so you still accept the quest at least.

You’ll find Glyndwr on the circular platform not too far from the entrance. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you that he can’t evacuate as it’s his father’s decision, but he will try to convince him, and tell you to follow. Note, you may be able to do this quest without the Woodland Wordsmith Specialization, as you only need to talk to Glyndwr and his father. We had the Woodland Wordsmith Specialization already, so if you don’t have it, try talking to the father first before you go looking for it, you may not need it.

(1 of 2) To start the quest, you’ll need to speak to Glyndwr who can be found on the circular platform near the entrance.

To start the quest, you’ll need to speak to Glyndwr who can be found on the circular platform near the entrance. (left), After you’ve spoken to him, he’ll lead you to his father, who he’ll try to persuade to leave. (right)

Convincing Taliesin to Evacuate

Following Glyndwr will lead you to where you need to go, but if you lose him, the place you’re looking for is the "Arborist's Home" iconArborist’s Home in the southwest. Glyndwr will try to convince his father, but he doesn’t want to hear anything about it and is happy to live out the rest of the days here due to tradition. If you speak to Glyndwr again, he will hint that if you restore the health of the Arborheart, he could be persuaded.

There are two ways you can do this. The proper way, and the lazy way (we did this). The proper method is to obtain an "Arborheart Cutting" iconArborheart Cutting from Taliesin, teleport to the "Seafloor Shrine" iconSeafloor Shrine - Sacred Ground, and make your way to the northwest corner of the area. There, you’ll find some dirt with rocks encircling it. In the middle, you can interact with it and plant the Arborheart Cutting. Head back to Taliesin, tell him what you did, and he’ll agree to evacuate.

The lazy way: Talk to Taliesin three times, and he’ll admit defeat and agree to do as you ask, completing the quest in the process. From what we can tell, the rewards are the same which are 20,000 XP, 25,000 G, and 30x "Wyrmslife Crystal" iconWyrmslife Crystals. Note that you may need to do the prerequisite quests "The Ailing Arborheart" iconThe Ailing Arborheart and "Out of the Forest, Into the Forge" iconOut of the Forest, Into the Forge if you want to do the Arborheart Cutting method.

(1 of 4) Taliesin can be found in the Arborist’s Home, west of the entrance.

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