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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Guardian Gigantus Walkthrough

Scott Peers

"The Guardian Gigantus" iconThe Guardian Gigantus is a main quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 that can be started when you pass through the Spellseal Door to the southeast of the "Flamebearer Palace" iconFlamebearer Palace Road in "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl. So long as you’re at this point in the story, when you approach the door, you’ll see Phaesus open it and pass through. You’ll need to follow him to continue the quest, and along the way you’ll encounter the Guardian Gigantus enemy. The main objective here is to defeat this enormous being, and the easiest way to defeat the Gigantus is by using an "Unmaking Arrow" iconUnmaking Arrow.

The Guardian Gigantus is an enormous, slow-moving entity that you need to disable by hitting its weak points.

Preparation – Unmaking Arrow

To complete The Guardian Gigantus as easily as possible, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Ideally, you should do these before you start the quest, but you’ll still have time if you’ve already seen the cutscene where Phaesus passes through the Spellseal Door.

If you’re a completionist, there’s a specific way that you’ll want to defeat the Guardian Gigantus, since it guarantees unlocking the Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye achievement, and that involves the use of an Unmaking Arrow. There are currently only two known methods of obtaining Unmaking Arrows, and you can read our Unmaking Arrow Locations page for more information on those.

Once you have an Unmaking Arrow, make sure that you switch to the "Archer" iconArcher vocation if you haven’t already, since this is the only class that can use them. You can then pass through the Spellseal Door and wait for the Guardian Gigantus to reach land, at which point you can shoot it using the Unmaking Arrow from your inventory.

(1 of 2) You still have time to get an Unmaking Arrow after witnessing Phaesus pass through the door.

You still have time to get an Unmaking Arrow after witnessing Phaesus pass through the door. (left), You need to pursue the Guardian Gigantus as it moves toward the Excavation Site. (right)

After using the Unmaking Arrow, the Guardian Gigantus will lose all the crystals that are buried into wounds on its body, but it will continue to move forward. You don’t need to worry about it at this point, but you can follow it to see what happens as it reaches the entrance to the "Excavation Site" iconExcavation Site, further to the east in Agamen Volcanic Island. The achievement should unlock when it’s disabled there.

Follow Phaesus into Agamen Volcanic Island

If you haven’t been to the Agamen Volcanic Island before starting The Guardian Gigantus, the quest will act as something of an introduction to it. However, you won’t have much chance to look around since you’ll need to pursue Phaesus and the Guardian Gigantus, especially if you haven’t brought an Unmaking Arrow to deal with the Gigantus quickly.

If you don’t have an Unmaking Arrow or you’d rather save it for something else, you can still defeat the Guardian Gigantus, but it’ll be a much longer fight. As mentioned above, advanced ranged vocations such as the Magick Archer or Sorcerer will have the easiest time here, with access to high damage ranged attacks which can be used to hit the weak point crystals on the body of the Gigantus.

If you’re running primarily as a melee-based vocation, such as "Warrior" iconWarrior, "Thief" iconThief, or "Fighter" iconFighter, you’ll find it much more difficult to hit the crystals since you’ll need to climb the Gigantus to reach them. The main problem here is that you’ll be losing stamina for as long as you’re climbing, so you’ll benefit from bringing an abundance of stamina potions along for the fight.

(1 of 2) The area around the waist of the Gigantus provides an easy ledge to recover stamina.

The area around the waist of the Gigantus provides an easy ledge to recover stamina. (left), You’ll find other ledges near the crystal weak points on the Gigantus’ body. (right)

Use Ballistas Against the Gigantus

As you’re following the Gigantus toward the Excavation Site, you’ll notice some Ballistas which are placed within small encampments along the road. If you’re having trouble staying on the body of the Gigantus to hit it with melee attacks, these Ballistas provide a good alternative to hitting the weak point crystals.

The crystals should be easy enough to see, even at a distance while using the Ballistas, since they all glow in a vibrant red color. The Gigantus moves slowly enough so that you won’t have to account much for its movements when aiming, so it should just be a matter of firing directly at the crystals. Each Ballista hit will inflict significant damage, so this can be a quicker method for disabling the Gigantus if you’re struggling with the others.

Once you’ve disabled the Guardian Gigantus, a cutscene will play during which you’ll see Phaesus enter the Excavation Site. You can follow him to "Moonglint Tower" iconMoonglint Tower to complete the quest from here.

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