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Dragon's Dogma 2

What is The Unmoored World?

Matt Chard

The Unmoored World in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 is a post-game area accessed after finishing the main story. Featuring rogue-lite mechanics, you’ll have to complete the objectives before the world ends. This is also the only way to achieve the true ending. This page will contain major spoilers due to the nature of the page, so read on at your peril. Learn what The Unmoored World is, what changes you can expect, what activities you can do here, and find out what’s required to acquire the true ending.

The end of days is fast approaching in The Unmoored World. Defeat the Dragons and save the people before the world is engulfed by the ominous red fog.

How to Unlock The Unmoored World

During the final battle with Grigori, the Dragon will take you to your battlefield while you sit upon it. Grigori will hint to you that if you want to change the cycle, you’ll need to sever what keeps it going. While you’re on the Dragon, you can move, this isn’t just for show. When you approach the center of Grigori, you’ll start to flash, this is a hint. Now grapple to the underside of Grigori, where its and your heart is. Place your character over the scar, enter your menu, and use the "Empowered Godsbane Blade" iconEmpowered Godsbane Blade you got from Ambrosius and impale yourself with it. This will give you a cutscene where you’ll end up in an ominous place. When you come to, you’ll be back in the world but this time it’ll have a reddish hue and most of the world is on its last legs. You’ll soon find out that this is the end of days, and you’ll need to complete various objectives, including finding your main pawn before the world ends.

What Changes in The Unmoored World

Although the map looks similar, a lot of things have changed. Firstly, you’ll encounter new enemies such as the "Lich" iconLich, as well as new variants of "Skeleton" iconSkeletons, "Undead" iconUndead, and Dragons. Additionally, the enemy placements will change while also being upgraded to stronger versions of familiar enemies. New chests will appear, with a lot of them containing "Ferrystone" iconFerrystones due to the lack of an Oxcart. Some shops will get upgraded with better weapons and armor, and some NPCs who were thought dead will be alive again.

Another major change is the world itself. Some new areas open up, and parts of the land are destroyed, which means it can be difficult to navigate specific areas as opposed to before. That’s not to mention that the world has a reddish fog gradually taking over the world before it eventually engulfs it. This acts like a pseudo time limit where if you don’t complete the objectives given to you within the hidden time limit, you’ll fail and have to start again, giving you a rogue-lite feel. In short, here is a list of changes:

  • There are no Oxcarts
  • Ferrystones are more plentiful. New chests will appear that contain them, as well as enemies and bosses having a chance to drop them.
  • Enemies are stronger, with some having different variants.
  • "Wyrmslife Crystal" iconWyrmslife Crystals are more plentiful.
  • If you die, you’ll restart to the first day you land in The Unmoored World.
  • You are on a time limit as the end of days counts down. This will be shown by the red clouds that envelop the world.

The red beacons marked on the map are where you need to defeat the Dragons. There are two more not featured on the map.

The Unmoored World Quests

Your main goal in the Unmoored World is to save all the people by completing their respective quest lines. Most of these quests involve you having to convince the townsfolk to evacuate the city. Alongside the quests, each major settlement in the game has a red beacon, and when touched by the Godsbane, a boss fight against a Purgener will ensue. Defeating all the Purgeners in the world is also one of your main goals. This doesn’t sound to bad at first, but you’ll have to do this before the red fog takes over the world, which means you’re on a time limit. Before you set out on this journey, you’ll need to find your pawn, who got separated from you at the end of the main game as well as visit Rothais over at the "Seafloor Shrine" iconSeafloor Shrine, which ironically has no sea anymore. Anyway, here are the quests you’ll need to complete to save the world from the end of days.

That’s it for now. Note, this is still a work in progress while we continue to explore the Unmoored World. This will be updated if and when more information is found.

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