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Dragon's Dogma 2

Campsites, Camping Kits & Cooking Explained

Nathan Garvin

"Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 can be a harsh game. A portion of the damage you sustain is semi-permanent, depleting an ever-growing segment of your health gauge and diminishing your effective maximum health. Green is good, light gray can be healed, but dark gay - your loss gauge - is gone until you rest. Fair enough, but Dragon’s Dogma 2 is fairly large, encounters are annoyingly frequent and enemies will pursue you doggedly at times. Inevitably you’ll start to feel worn down, and while chugging All-Heal Elixirs is an option, they’re rare enough that you don’t want to use them on mere road-weariness. Fortunately, you’ll regain all your health when you rest, either in a privately owned house, at an inn or at a campsite. There are a few things worth knowing about camping at campsites in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including how to cook meals, reassign skills, which camping kits are the best and how do they work, etc., and this page will answer all those questions!

You’ll find campsites strewn throughout the world, where you can set up camp and recover lost healht.

Camping at Campsites

Resting at an inn or in a house you own is inarguably superior in most circumstances to resting at a campsite. It creates a checkpoint save, for one, and you’re not going to be ambushed by monsters in a town - neither of which are boasts you can make about roughing it. That said, there are maybe half a dozen inns in the game and two locations where you can buy houses… and there’s a whole lot of dangerous wilderness between those relative pockets of safety. Sometimes you just need a nappy-nap to recover lost maximum health, especially during long, dangerous treks, and camping sites are far, far more common than inns in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s no coincidence that there’s a campsite outside of most major dungeons, after all.

Below you’ll find all the functions resting at a campsite serves, how it works, and how camping varies from resting at an inn or house you own:

  • "Campsite" iconCampsite locations are static - the player cannot create their own. They’re functionally soft checkpoints you can use to heal and buff, albeit with some risk.
  • Resting at a campsite does not create a checkpoint save, like resting at an inn/house does.
  • Your pawn’s hiring status will not be updated - you won’t get Rift Currency, gifts, etc.
  • Dragonsplague will not trigger while resting at campsites.
  • Resting at a campsite will fully restore any lost maximum health.
  • You must have a Camping Kit to rest at a campsite.
  • Camping Kits are not consumed when resting at a campsite.
  • Different Camping Kits are more well-suited to different terrain, lowering the chance of suffering an ambush.
  • Clearing out the area near the campsite also seems to reduce ambush risks.
  • If you are ambushed you will not recover health.
  • If your camp is attacked you may lose your Camping Kit.
  • You can choose to equip/change skills at a campsite with or without actually resting at one.
  • You cannot change vocations or purchase new skills at a campsite.
  • You can cook meat at a campsite (when resting) to gain buffs.
  • Interact with your tent when you’re ready to rest and you’ll be able to choose whether you want to wake up at night or during the day. This advances time by a variable amount depending on the current time - you will sleep until the NEXT morning/night.
  • How long you rest doesn’t determine how much health you recover.

(1 of 2) To camp you’ll need a Camping Kit - some heavier and more durable than others.

To camp you’ll need a Camping Kit - some heavier and more durable than others. (left), If you end up ambushed while camping, the Camping Kit you used may be destroyed! (right)

Camping Kits

To rest at a campsite, you’ll need a Camping Kit, and these are fairly common, albeit heavy, devices you can find for sale from various merchants. At a glance they all serve the same function, but there are some variations, the most obvious being the cost and weight of each Camping Kit. What’s most important and least evident is how durable each Camping Kit is and how likely it is to draw the attention of native monsters:

Camping Kit Weight Cost Description
"Modest Camping Kit" iconModest Camping Kit 7.00 kg 500G Inexpensive and lightweight, but liable to collapse if attacked by monsters
"Mundane Camping Kit" iconMundane Camping Kit 7.00 kg 1000G Equipped to serve its basic purpose and naught more.
"Grass-Patterned Camping Kit" iconGrass-Patterned Camping Kit 6.00 kg 3000G Particularly sturdy against monsters that prowl Vermundian soil.
"Sand-Patterned Camping Kit" iconSand-Patterned Camping Kit 6.00 kg 3000G Particularly sturdy against monsters that prowl Battahli soil.
"Elite Camping Kit" iconElite Camping Kit 4.00 kg 3000G High quality and lightweight, it stands up well against monster attacks.
"Explorer's Camping Kit" iconExplorer’s Camping Kit 5.50 kg 2000G Efficient without being unduly weighty, it is favored by explorers traveling far afield.

When you rest at a campsite you’ll need to select a Camping Kit, and whatever kit you use, wherever you rest, there’s a chance your camp will be ambushed by monsters. If you clear out the nearby area you’re less likely to be ambushed, but there’s always a chance. If you’re ambushed, you won’t heal, and there’s a chance your camp will be sacked, destroying whatever Camping Kit you used. "Grass-Patterned Camping Kit" iconGrass-Patterned Camping Kits are less likely to be attacked and destroyed when camping in Vermund, "Sand-Patterned Camping Kit" iconSand-Patterned Camping Kits are less likely to be attacked and destroyed when used in Battahl, and the "Elite Camping Kit" iconElite Camping Kit is just a great all-rounder. You can technically carry multiple Camping Kits to use whichever is most expedient depending on the region, but they’re quite heavy… then again, that’s what pawns are for, right?

You can cook meat while camping, gaining various boons (as well as the Blighted debuff, if you consume rotten meat!)

Cooking at Campsites

After you pick your Camping Kit and set up camp, you can examine the campfire to get the option to cook various meat in your inventory. Cooking and consuming meat will grant you various buffs (and the "Blighted" iconBlighted debuff, if you’re cooking rotten meat), making it a worthy consideration… especially since the passage of time that’ll happen when you rest may send aged meat over the edge! While a welcome buff, it’s a fairly minor detail, but if you get into the habit of cooking at campsites early and often you’ll find it easier to earn the achievement The Barbecue Maister. Below is a list of all the meat you can cook at a campsite and the effects it’ll have:

Meat Strength Defense Stamina Recovery Blight
"Rotten Scrag of Beast" iconRotten Scrag of Beast + + Yes
"Rotten Beast-Steak" iconRotten Beast-Steak + + Yes
"Scrag of Beast" iconScrag of Beast +++ +++ +++ No
Beast Steak ++++ ++++ ++++ No
"Aged Scrag of Beast" iconAged Scrag of Beast ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ No
"Aged Beast-Steak" iconAged Beast-Steak +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ No
"Dried Meat" iconDried Meat +++ +++ +++ No
"Exquisite Dried Meat" iconExquisite Dried Meat ++++ ++++ ++++ No

Now that you know how camping works (and aren’t buying numerous Camping Kits under the false assumption they’re used up whenever you rest at a campsite), you can bravely delve into the vast unknown! Or you can check out the following pages that provide more basic gameplay information: providing is preventing, as they say.

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