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Dragon's Dogma 2

House of the Blue Sunbright Walkthrough

Scott Peers

The "House of the Blue Sunbright" iconHouse of the Blue Sunbright quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 can be started in "Vernworth" iconVernworth, the capital city of Vermund, once you’ve completed "The Gift of Giving" iconThe Gift of Giving. The exact time and place that the quest starts may be different for each player, since it relies on a housemaid named Diana to approach and speak with you. For us, this happened near the entrance to the Slums from the Merchant Quarter. Diana will ask that you help her with a problem, but she wants to discuss it in a more discrete location, so she’ll ask you to visit a manor in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth. You’ll soon learn that Diana has been observing what you’ve done to help Daphne during The Gift of Giving, and she has a request of the child that she’d like you to help fulfil. On this page, we’ll guide you through the entire quest, including how to save Sebastian on the road to "Melve" iconMelve.

The House of the Blue Sunbright quest starts when Diana speaks with you near the Slums.

Speak With Diana at the Manor in the Noble Quarter

As mentioned above, the House of the Blue Sunbright quest begins when Diana, a housemaid, approaches you after completing The Gift of Giving. Once you’ve interacted with her for the first time, you need to visit a manor in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth, the ancestral home of the House of the Blue Sunbright, which is actually referred to as "Townsend's Estate" iconTownsend’s Estate on the map. The house is easy enough to find, just to the right and up the main stairs to the Noble Quarter from the Merchant Quarter, you’ll find it marked on our interactive map if you have any trouble.

As you step inside the manor, Diana will begin to tell you more about the request for help. It turns out that Daphne, the young girl from the Slums that you helped during The Gift of Giving, looks almost exactly like Sebastian, a noble boy (and Diana’s master) who is the heir to the Blue Sunbright house. Sebastian’s mother, Natasha, is unwell, and becomes distraught whenever her son isn’t around. Sebastian isn’t too pleased with the lack of freedom this condemns him to, and so he requests that Daphne take his place whenever he goes out, since he doubts his mother will be able to tell the difference, given her deteriorated state.

Find Daphne (Sebastian’s look-alike) in the Slums

Once you’ve spoken with Sebastian and Diana at the manor, you’ll need to go back to the Slums and ask Daphne if she’s willing to play the part of a young noble. Daphne likes to roam around the Slums, so she won’t necessarily be in the same spot each time you visit, but since you already know what she looks like you shouldn’t have any problems finding her. As a general rule, though, she’ll most often be found just outside "The Gracious Hand" iconThe Gracious Hand within the Slums.

(1 of 2) You can find Diana and Sebastian at Townsend’s Estate in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth.

You can find Diana and Sebastian at Townsend’s Estate in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth. (left), Look for Daphne outside The Gracious Hand in the Slums of Vernworth. (right)

After speaking with Daphne, you’ll need to escort her to the manor in the Noble Quarter, so make sure that you don’t lose her along the way. Upon arriving at the manor, it won’t be long before she’s given the appropriate clothing to look just like Sebastian, and now that he doesn’t have to worry about his mother while he’s out, he tells you a bit more about his plan. In short, he wants to travel to Melve to find a Blue Sunbright flower, hoping that it will reinvigorate his mother and hasten her recovery.

Help Sebastian Prepare – What Items Should You Give?

As you begin to help Sebastian prepare for his journey to Melve, you can speak with both Diana and Daphne for some quick advice about the kinds of items that he might need. The quest objective will update once you’ve spoken with both of them, and you’ll now be able to interact with Sebastian and place three items in his inventory. Daphne recommends getting something that reeks of "Cyclops" iconCyclops to deter other beasts, while Diana mentions that the flowers around Melve can be poisonous, so a curative for poisons would be handy for Sebastian to have.

Find a Misshapen Eye from a Cyclops

The item that you need to deter other beasts from attacking Sebastian on the road is a "Misshapen Eye" iconMisshapen Eye, which can be acquired from any Cyclops as a guaranteed drop. You may already have one of these in your active inventory or storage at this point, but if not, you can find plenty of Cyclops monsters in the wilderness to the northwest of Vernworth in particular.

Detoxifying Decoction and Waking Powder

The other two items that you need to ensure that Sebastian returns safely are a "Detoxifying Decoction" iconDetoxifying Decoction and a "Waking Powder" iconWaking Powder. Both of these can be purchased from the apothecary in Vernworth, "Philbert's Sundries" iconPhilbert’s Sundries, for a combined total of 900 gold. The Detoxifying Decoction is used to cure blighted debilitations, which in Dragon’s Dogma 2 includes poisons from plants, while the Waking Powder will prevent Sebastian from becoming drowsy on his journey.

If you would rather craft the potions than purchase them, you can craft a Waking Powder by combining two "Grandpetal" iconGrandpetals, and a Detoxifying Decoction by combining a "Pitywort" iconPitywort with a "Syrupwort Leaf" iconSyrupwort Leaf. All of these plants can be found in abundance throughout Vermund, so if you don’t already have plenty of them, all you need to do is go out exploring and loot any plants that you come across.

(1 of 3) Take a Misshapen Eye from a Cyclops and give it to Sebastian.

Wait for Sebastian to Return from Melve

Once you have the Misshapen Eye, Detoxifying Decoction, and Waking Powder, you can give all three to Sebastian at once and he’ll be on his merry way to Melve. The quest objective will update, informing you that you need to wait a few days for Sebastian to return. So long as you gave Sebastian all three of the correct ingredients at the same time, this will happen within a few days, but you may not be notified in the quest log, so be ready to return to the manor frequently to check for him.

What Happens If Sebastian Hasn’t Returned?

If for whatever reason you failed to give the Misshapen Eye, Detoxifying Decoction, and Waking Powder to Sebastian at the same time, or if you gave him other items instead, he’ll almost certainly encounter trouble on the road. The quest will continue as normal for now, but instead of returning to the manor in a few days to find that Sebastian has returned safely, Diana will tell you that she’s worried about him.

How to Save Sebastian Near Melve

At this point, you’ll need to travel to Melve as quickly as possible to find and save Sebastian on the road. You can travel by Oxcart if you wish, but you’ll need to walk along the main road from the entrance to Melve until you encounter Sebastian. When we tried this ourselves, Sebastian was beset by wolves, and we had to kill the wolves and then speak with him to continue the quest. After the interaction, you shouldn’t need to escort Sebastian all the way back to Vernworth, and you can return to the manor to find him there instead, but you may need to rest at least once until he spawns there.

With Sebastian safely returned, a scene plays out during which his mother makes an appearance, and it becomes clear that she doesn’t want Daphne in the house. You’ll receive 900 XP, x2 "Fine Harspud Roborant" iconFine Harspud Roborant, and 3000 Gold as a reward for completing the quest. If you want to confirm any suspicions about whether Sebastian and Daphne are related, you can speak with Diana, the housemaid, after the quest is completed.

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