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Dragon's Dogma 2

Trouble on the Cape Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

You might think that after fending off three separate "Saurian" iconSaurian incursions the town of Harve would be safe (two in Scaly Invaders and one in Monster Culling), but the Saurians nesting under Harve are persistent and the overly curious beastfolk inhabiting the town can’t help but antagonize the reptiles. To complete this quest you’ll need to team up with Fyoran to rescue his fellow Beastren Zoran from the depths of Stormwind Cave. This page will provide a walkthrough for the quest "Trouble on the Cape" iconTrouble on the Cape in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2, including how to start the quest and how to bring Zoran out of the cave alive.

When you arrive in Harve following the completion of Scaly Invaders, put down the resurgent Saurians and talk to Fyoran to learn of a new (old_threat.

Starting the Trouble on the Cape Quest

In theory Trouble on the Cape should start when you visit Harve after completing Scaly Invaders, but you can’t complete the aforementioned quest without also completing Monster Culling, as you’ll need to clear the Saurians out of "Stormwind Cave" iconStormwind Cave during that quest to advance and complete "Scaly Invaders" iconScaly Invaders. After those quests are done, leave Harve for a few days and return, only to find that more Saurians have arrived. Dispatch them and the village chief, Jonas, will argue with Fyoran about the resurgent Saurians. The former believes a meddling beastren roused the Saurians again, and is apparently using his outrage over the Saurians being disturbed as cover to express his hatred of beastren. After talking to Fyoran he’ll beg for you to assist him in the rescue effort before running off to Stormwind Cave.

::::: note:
If you advanced the quest Readvent of Calamity to the point where Ulrika abandoned "Melve" iconMelve and moved to Harve, she’ll play a role in this quest. See the note at the bottom of the page for more information.

(1 of 3) Venture back into Stormwind Cave and cut your way through the riled Saurians,

Rescue Zoran from Stormwind Cave

You should have already cleared Stormwind Cave - the majority of it, at least - during the quest "Monster Culling" iconMonster Culling, and your rescue mission here echoes the one you engaged in earlier. Drop down the ledges into the cave and make your way to the first chamber, where you’ll find Fyoran (and a helpful guard) waiting for you. Follow them down a tunnel to the west, then south to reach the main, central chamber, where you’ll find more Saurians to exterminate. Clear the area thoroughly - the less enemies you have to deal with on the way out, the easier your escape will be.

Cleave your way to the southwestern edge of the room and climb some ledges to the east, ultimately making your way to a nursery chamber to the east. You’ll encounter an awful lot of Saurians in here, but make sure to eradicate them all to future-proof your escape, then search the northeastern corner of the chamber to find the wayward Zoran. Just like with Hollis, you’ll need to escort Zoran out, and once again he’ll make this tedious by moving awfully slow. Hollis, despite his injuries, was durable enough to weather a few hits (or survive being carried and dropped - don’t ask how we know, we just do), but Zoran is in much worse shape… or he’s naturally more fragile. Either way, he needs to be handled with kid’s gloves if you want to keep him alive. This means he can’t be attacked by Saurians and you shouldn’t pick him up to “encourage” him to move faster - he might not survive even a moderate fall. Again, don’t ask how we know. You’ll need to escort him slowly to the entrance, and instead of taking the northeastern exit out of the main, central chamber, you’ll want to backtrack the way you came in to ensure Zoran can handle the terrain.

::::: note:
If something does go awry, quickly quit without saving and reload from your last say - there’s a good chance the game autosaved at some point in the cave, hopefully before the oopsie happened.

If you didn’t advance the quest “Readvent of Calamity”, Jonas will let his racism get the best of him and you’ll get a bad end… narratively, anyways. The reward is the same either way.

Take your time, be patient, play it safe, and eventually Zoran should limp back to the cave entrance. Help him escape and return to Harve proper only to find that Jonas isn’t keen about being disobeyed, even in a successful rescue effort. The quest will end on a down note and you’ll gain 1,800 XP and 6,500G.

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