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Dragon's Dogma 2

Till Death Do Us Part Walkthrough

Scott Peers

The Till Death Do Us Part quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be started by speaking with Margit, the husband of Ser Gregor, in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth. However, you may need to hear the rumor that Ser Ludolph is interested in Margit before you can start the quest with her. The rumor may be told to you by a messenger in or around one of the inns in the city, or it can be revealed by a guard while you’re doing another quest in the castle area instead. Either way, once you’re aware of it, you can visit Margit and start the quest. This is a time-sensitive quest, so you should aim to complete it as soon as you acquire it if you want to keep Gregor alive and get the maximum reward from Margit.

You’ll need to save Gregor from a Dullahan for the Till Death Do Us Part quest.

Where to Find Margit in Vernworth

As mentioned above, you may need to hear the rumor that Ser Ludolph is interested in pursuing Margit, despite the fact that she’s already married to Gregor, before you can begin this quest. Still, if you’re far enough through the main story, you can visit Margit to see if the quest is available even if you haven’t heard the rumor. To find her, you need to go to the Noble Quarter in Vernworth, the capital city of Vermund. You can see her exact location in the screenshot below.

(1 of 2) You need to speak with Margit to begin the quest.

You need to speak with Margit to begin the quest. (left), You’ll find Margit in the Noble Quarter of Vernworth. (right)

Rescue Gregor at Illdoers’ Resting Place in the Misty Marshes

When you speak with Margit, she’ll mention that she knows about you since her husband, Gregor, has mentioned you in passing. It turns out that Gregor has been sent by Ser Ludolph to defeat a Dullahan, supposedly located at Illdoers’ Resting Place in the Misty Marshes. It’s clear that Ser Ludolph is hoping that Gregor will perish while fighting the Dullahan, being aware that a few soldiers are no match for such a legendary creature.

Should You Tell Margit About Ser Ludolph’s Plot?

If you speak with Margit before finding Gregor in the Misty Marshes, at this point in the conversation, you’ll have two dialogue options:

  • Tell her of Ser Ludolph’s plot

  • Tell her you don’t know

If you tell Margit nothing, the conversation will end and Gregor, her husband, will perish. However, if you inform Margit of Ser Ludolph’s plot, the quest will begin and you’ll have a short amount of time to complete it. We strongly recommend that you prioritize the quest from here on by immediately going to Illdoers’ Resting Place in the Misty Marshes to find Gregor.

How to Defeat the Dullahan

The Misty Marshes are located northwest of Vernworth, and Illdoers’ Resting Place can be found near the center of it, as shown in the screenshot below. You need to travel there as quickly as you can to save Gregor, and when you arrive, you’ll find him already fighting the Dullahan.

(1 of 2) The Misty Marshes can be found far to the northwest of Vernworth.

The Misty Marshes can be found far to the northwest of Vernworth. (left), Illdoers’ Resting Place is located near the center of the Misty Marshes. (right)

The Dullahan that you find at Illdoers’ Resting Place can’t be defeated in your first encounter, but it’s still an incredibly powerful creature, and it will probably be the toughest encounter that you’ve yet experienced in the game. For this reason, you should be prepared to use a lot of healing potions and try to stay away from the main attacks of the Dullahan as often as possible. You only need to damage it for half of its health before the Dullahan will flee, but if you don’t do this quickly, it will have more time to inflict its own high-damage attacks on you. If you have any potions that boost your specific type of damage and/or defense, now is the time to use them!

The Dullahan can teleport from one place to another within an instant, so don’t feel too safe while you’re fighting it from a distance. It wields a large sickle which it can swing in an arc around it, so you can easily be hit regardless of where you’re standing at close range. Pay close attention to its movements, and be ready to block, parry, or dodge away when you see the swing incoming. The Dullahan may also raise the sickle high into the air before swinging downwards, so be ready to move if you see this happening.

In addition to the melee attacks, the Dullahan is capable of screaming in a way that knocks anyone in the area down for a couple of seconds. You can try to run away as soon as you see this happening, but chances are you’ll succumb to the scream. Another good reason to keep your distance where possible. If you’re a melee-based class, try bursts of damage by running in and out of melee range while you recover health from the inevitable attacks which are likely to take a good chunk out of you.

(1 of 2) If you’re too close to the Dullahan, it can scream and knock you on the ground for a few seconds.

If you’re too close to the Dullahan, it can scream and knock you on the ground for a few seconds. (left), Try to keep your distance from the Dullahan, especially if you’re low on health. (right)

Once you take the health of the Dullahan down to half of its maximum, it will suddenly flee and you’ll have the chance to speak with Gregor. He’ll thank you for your aid, and all that remains from here is for you to return to Margit and inform her of the outcome. When you get back to Vernworth, Gregor should be there by her side, but if he’s not you can rest for a day first. Either way, they’ll both thank you again, and it turns out that Ser Ludolph has fallen deathly ill in the meantime… so Gregor won’t be troubled by other suicide missions any time soon!

As a reward for your trouble, not only will you earn 2800 XP and 5000 gold, but you’ll also receive the Lustrous Targe shield and the Steeled Virtue one-handed sword, both of which are excellent for Fighters around level 20.

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