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Dragon's Dogma 2

Fire Sorcerer Build Guide

Craig Robinson

The "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer is a powerful class in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2, capable of unleashing incredibly lengthy incantations, resulting in devastating displays of magic cast at its enemies. If you are all about using magic as a means of damage, then the Sorcerer is a perfectly strong and daring vocation to play as or bring along to your party. Yet, there are a few styles of Sorcerer within the spell list, and, as it turns out, fire is very powerful. Here’s a closer look at a Fire Sorcerer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2 so you can burn away every snot-nosed goblin who makes weird noises at you.

Sorcerers are an effective class for applying strong damage spells and Debilitations to further your damage in fights. Here’s a look at how to build Sorcerers in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Fire Sorcerer Build Guide for Dragon’s Dogma 2

So, you want to be a Sorcerer, do you? Well, there are quite a lot of spells to choose from, but from a pure damage perspective, fire is the king. The large AOEs, burning patches, and the application of burning debilitations make it very strong. The downside is that you lose some crowd control, but with the right party setup, you can leave the crowd control to other vocations.

The Sorcerer is an advanced vocation that unlocks by completing the quest, "Vocation Frustration" iconVocation Frustration in "Vernworth" iconVernworth. Make sure to complete the quest to unlock the Sorcerer vocation, then change to the vocation at a guild hall when you’re ready.

The other important thing to note about the Sorcerer vocation is that the cast times are somewhat long. You can remedy this with some "Mage" iconMage core skills to increase incantation speeds, and take another Sorc pawn with you for improved casting speeds. However, be advised the most powerful spells the Sorcs run are excused from casting modifiers and are deliberately long because of the smart use required to use them, and the reward for landing some of the highest damaging skills possible.

With that build profile highlighted, you can jump right into the relevant build sections for the Fire Sorc Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Best Sorcerer Skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As mentioned, we are taking mainly fire spells in this Sorcerer build, which are as follows:

  • "Meteoron" iconMeteoron: Summons a meteor shower, dealing immense damage to targets across a broad range. It prevents movement while casting, and you cannot use "Quickspell" iconQuickspell to increase casting speeds. It is most effective when cast in a large, open space.
  • "Salamander" iconSalamander / "High Salamander" iconHigh Salamander: Sends a cone-shaped fire spells, which deals damage, leaves behind a burning tail and applies debilitations to the targets hit.
  • "Thundermine" iconThundermine - Conjures a station lightning orb, which zaps targets that enter range, and pushes back light and medium-sized enemies.

These three skills are your three main spells. Thundermine is largely used as a defensive zoning tool to give you some protection, while Meteoron is your main damage spell when you unlock it. Please note that Meteoron requires you to be Vocation Rank 10 and see the Sorcerer vocation master to unlock it. Until then, use other spells you deem more appropriate.

When you are not dealing with enemies who will live long enough to see a Meteoron cast or a thinner battlefield like a cave, you’ll cast High Salamander. The cone is perfect for placing debilitating and passive damage zones and dealing very high damage to the usual goblin and wolf packs.

Meteoron is the special unlock sorc skill that drops incredibly powerful meteors from the sky, devasting every fight.

Optional Skills

With that said, you now have one more spell slot for an optional skill of your choice.

  • "Flagration" iconFlagration / "High Flagration" iconHigh Flagration: Channels a beam of fire from your hand for several seconds, dealing damage with each burst of the flame
  • "Levin" iconLevin / "High Levin" iconHigh Levin: Ranged lightning bolt attacks, ideal for sniping specific targets early on while leveling Sorcerer.
  • "Seism" iconSeism sends eruptions of stone high into the air, dealing physical damage. It is especially effective against high magick defense enemies.

For the most part, You’re either speccing into Flagration or Seism. Flagration’s periodic damage when the jets emit outward deals minor damage, but is pretty decent for making enemies staggered in the spot and off-balance. It’s great for keeping enemies in place in your Salamander patches.

Meanwhile, Seism is a great spell for when you need to target high magick defense enemies. These enemies are typically casters you find out in the world. You’ll need this spell when fighting "Golem" iconGolems, as they resist all magic damage. Since this spell is physical damage, it will be the only spell Sorcerers can use against Golems.

The only real use for Levin is for single-target damage or very clumped-up enemies early on while leveling your Sorc vocation. You’ll most likely swap this spell out when you reach Vocation rank 10.

As for the Core Skills, make sure to get Quickspell as early as you can. Increasing cast speed is very important for almost all spells. The quicker your spells, the more frequently you damage enemies. You also have a core skill that enables you to regenerate Stamina very quickly, so keep cycling through spells, restoring stamina, and then casting again. Everything else is helpful, but that’s the key to making the build functional from the Mage core skills.

Leveling and Attributes

Leveling in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will award different stats depending on the vocation they are in at the time of leveling up. For the most part, there are themes of certain vocations that have more focus on stats. "Archer" iconArchers tend to get decent stats, while Sorcerers highly spec into Magick and the Magick Defense at every other level. Yet, the stats are not consistent. We highly recommend focusing on Mage in the early game to increase your Magic early for better early-game damage improvements, then becoming a Sorcerer when you unlock the Vocation via the Vocation Frustration quest in Vernworth city.

From then on, you’ll naturally start leveling up Magick into Magick Def every other level, with minor improvements to other stats. If you want to level your stamina faster for better casting efficiency, then you can take some levels in Archer, as Archers tend to grant decent stamina improvements, along with some okay magick improvements every now and then.

Also, make sure to acquire better gear as soon as possible. Gear tends to have a base amount of stats per item, which you can find from stores, looting chests, quest rewards, and more. Feel free to take a look at our Stave weapon database, or look at our DD2 interactive map to track high loot reward areas.

Best Augments for Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Due to the nature and the way the Sorcerer plays, you will hop into four different vocations to acquire the best Augments for the build. Three of them come from playing Sorcerer, with other supportive features coming from other classes. You can find a table below reflecting the Augments you should be looking to get when appropriate.

Augment Description How to get
"Asperity" iconAsperity Increases the likelihood of inflicting debilitations with your attacks. "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer Augment 1
"Catalysis" iconCatalysis Increases damage dealt by exploiting an enemy creature’s elemental weakness. "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer Augment 4
"Sagacity" iconSagacity Increases Magical Damage "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer Augment 5
"Endurance" iconEndurance Increases Stamina "Archer" iconArcher Augment 1
"Exaltation" iconExaltation Augments your Stamina Recovery Speed. "Mage" iconMage Augment 5
"Voracity" iconVoracity Recover a small amount of Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to a target "Magick Archer" iconMagick Archer Augment 2

For the most part, the Sorc Augments you need are the ones that increase your damage, your debilitation effectiveness, and the damage when fighting elements when dealing with enemy resistances. Fire is generally effective against most creatures, bar a few, so you’ll make work out of many creatures. Increased Magick stat is a flat damage buff, while the debilitations are great for your Serpentine spell.

For other class dips, you want Mage for its recovery speed, but it will require a high-ranking Mage to get to that point. You’ll likely be halfway there simply by playing Mage and playing the game normally until you unlock Sorcerer, so it’s not an extensive grind.

You then want Archer for the flat stamina increase for better stamina, as that means better leeway for Quickspell usage. And then more stamina returns from "Magick Archer" iconMagick Archer towards the end game, for the better stamina returns from kills from your big spells. You’ll get a lot of value from this, so it’s worth grabbing toward the end game when the other Augments are ticked off.

Having two Sorcerers together increases the speed at which you can cast your Incantations. It is always worth bringing a second Sorcerer to a party to benefit from the synergy. Image via Capcom.

Pawns and Sorcerers

If you’re in control of a main pawn and want to make a Sorcerer, you should be able to accolade the build very easily. You can even find these spells on random pawns you search for in the Riftstones.

Pawns have the advantage of getting inclination personalities and specializations. We recommend the following:

  • Inclinations: Calm or Straightforward
  • Specialization: Preference

Inclinations are a big deal for Sorcerer pawns. Having a straightforward pawn means they are very good at being aggressive, at the cost of risking their positioning a bit more. The Calm trait offers the Sorcerer some more awareness of their surroundings. They’ll be safer as backliners and cast when they can and likely to set up their defensive tools more appropriately before engaging with their stronger spells.

Depending on your party composition, either or is better.

The best Pawns for Sorcerers are either another Sorcerer or "Fighter" iconFighter.
Sorcerers have a unique feature that allows them to cast the same incantation as other sorcerers, which increases the casting speed. Meanwhile, Fighters with taunting capabilities can protect Sorcerers during their long cast times. Tank Fighters also help to gather enemies into a closer location, which is once again perfect for your Salamander and other spells in your arsenal.

Specializations are not so important for Sorc pawns. Go with whatever you feel is needed to support other pawns or party inventory management.

With that said, this concludes the Fire Sorcerer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Hopefully, you know the type of spells you want to use, the damage potential, the rotation of spells for proper spell management, and more.

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