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Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragonsplague Explained

Matt Chard

No one is safe in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 including your pawns. This is due to a deadly disease that affects pawns, which you may have heard them talk about throughout the game. Well, this disease is genuine, and it could happen to you. The disease goes by the name Dragonsplague and if your pawns contract this disease they could transform into a misshapen dragon while killing your NPCs indiscriminately. If you’re worried that this could be happening to your game, read on to find out how to tell if a pawn has Dragonsplague and if they do, how you can cure it.

Dragonsplague is a disease that pawns can contract and spread in the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

What is Dragonsplague?

Dragonsplague is a disease that only the pawns can get that begins to impact their minds causing them to ignore commands issued by you. This is separate from some inclination’s where the pawn will argue or moan about doing a task as they will flat-out refuse to acknowledge your commands. The disease isn’t entirely bad as it will make them more powerful, but you may not have any NPCs left to tell them the stories of your feats. The reason for this is when you sleep at the Inn while your pawn is at the crux of the disease, they will transform into a misshapen dragon and begin picking off NPCs one-by-one. This is bad for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is they can kill off important NPCs which may result in you losing access to a quest or losing an important shopkeeper.

How to Revive Dead NPCs

If you do get unlucky with the Dragonsplague and important NPCs do get killed, you can revive them. To do this, head over to the morgue nearest to where the NPC died, and use a "Wakestone" iconWakestone on their corpse to revive them. A Wakestone can be obtained by finding three "Wakestone Shard" iconWakestone Shards found among the various chests scattered around the world. Use our Interactive Map to find them. Finally, if you kill the "Sphinx" iconSphinx, you can get an "Eternal Wakestone" iconEternal Wakestone, but you won’t get this until much later in the game. One last resort you can do if your NPCs are dead and you’re out of Wakestones is to wait one in-game week, and they’ll all get revived. This is best used if many NPCs die at the same time.

Does My Pawn have Dragonsplague?

This information may put you into a state of panic but worry not, there are ways to tell if your pawn has contracted the disease. Outside of them refusing your commands, the eyes are a dead giveaway. The pawn that has the disease will have their eyes gradually change color to a reddish hue. If you notice this on any of the pawns, kick them out of your party as soon as possible. However, if it’s your main pawn that has it, drown them in the nearest river to make them recover from it. When you get Dragonsplague for the first time, you will get a tutorial about it, so it’s impossible to not know about it at first although all subsequent contractions you won’t be told, so you’ll have to keep an eye on any pawns including your own.

Dragonsplague Symptoms

There are a few symptoms that can help narrow down if a pawn in your entourage does indeed have Dragonsplague. These are:

  • Refusing your commands: This does not mean moaning about doing them as there is an inclination to have pawns act in this manner. Instead, they will outright refuse to do the task issued to them.
  • Eye Discoloration: The pawn that has contracted the disease will have their eyes change color to a reddish color. Always check the pawn’s eye color when you hire them!
  • Complaining about a Headache: Sometimes, the afflicted pawn will complain about a headache. They won’t say this unless they have the disease.
  • Wiping their forehead profusely: The pawn will frequently wipe their forehead similar to how someone in real life would do if they had a fever.

(1 of 2) Meet Ume, a Capcom-made pawn who has the Dragonsplague. This is at the beginning of the disease, so there’s not much difference outside their red eyes.

Meet Ume, a Capcom-made pawn who has the Dragonsplague. This is at the beginning of the disease, so there’s not much difference outside their red eyes. (left), If you look at the Pawns eyes, they’ll have an evil red glow to them. This means they have Dragonsplague. (right)

How Do You Get Dragonsplague?

The Dragonsplague disease can only be spread from pawn to pawn, so if one pawn you hire has it, your pawn could get it, and when someone hires your pawn, they could get it, and so on. Patient zero of the disease is a Capcom-made pawn (of course it is) but by now that’s surely spread to other pawns around the playerbase, so be careful who you hire! If you do get a pawn who is showing the symptoms of Dragonsplague, get rid of them immediately. One other method of contracting the disease is by killing lots of dragons and their variants.

How to Cure Dragonsplague

There’s not a “cure” so to speak but if your main pawn has the affliction, you can simply kill them and then revive them at a Riftstone. This can be done in various ways such as letting enemies kill them, drowning them, throwing them off a high cliff, etc. Now, if you hire a pawn that has the disease, simply kick them out of your party, and hire another one. If a pawn spreads Dragonsplague, they will lose it, meaning that if you’re particularly fond of a pawn, you can dismiss them, add them to favorites, and then hope they have passed it on while they weren’t in your party, and rehire them at a later date.

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