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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Heel of History Quest Walkthrough

Matt Chard

"The Heel of History" iconThe Heel of History is a side quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2. You can obtain the quest by speaking to Kendrick in the Slums of "Vernworth" iconVernworth. At first, Kendrick will only ask for donations, be that money or food. Do both, and he’ll offer you the quest. This quest will involve you looking for a boy and discovering a hidden archive as well as playing a small part in one of the main story quests, "The Caged Magistrate" iconThe Caged Magistrate. For this reason, we recommend doing this before you tackle the aforementioned quest. Read on to find out where you can find the boy, Malcolm, and how to reach the hidden archive vault.

Kendrick will offer you The Heel of History quest after you’ve given him some gold and food.

The Heel of History Quest Location

Head to the Slums in Vernworth (the first city), and head southeast where you’ll find the Slums. Continue down the slope and you’ll find Kendrick, an elderly well-dressed man standing in the center of the area, near "The Gracious Hand" iconThe Gracious Hand. Speak to him and he’ll ask if you could spare some donations, which are money and food. For the money, it’ll cost you a mere 1000 G, and for the food, give him whatever you have on you except a rotten piece of food, you’re not a monster, are you?

(1 of 2) Kendrick can be found in the center of the Vernworth Slums.

Kendrick can be found in the center of the Vernworth Slums. (left), Give him both the money and the food. Then he’ll ask you to help him find a lost boy. (right)

Where to Find Malcolm

After your good deeds, he’ll ask you if you can help him locate a missing boy called Malcolm. He suggests you ask the other children around the area if they’ve any idea where he may have gone. Proceed to The Gracious Hand near Kendrick, and you may find some of the children there, if not, they will be roaming around the Slums. The children you’re looking for are Rick and Aimee, who was supposed to be exploring the vault with Malcolm, but he went without them. When the quest updates, head back to Kendrick, and you’ll tell him about the Vaults. Although he thought the Vaults were sealed, the mention of rubble jogs his memory, and he’ll tell you to follow him.

(1 of 3) Although the kids can be found all around the Slums. You’ll have the best chance to find Aimee in The Gracious Hand.

Vault and Malcolm Location

The Vault that Malcolm allegedly went to can be found next to The Gracious Hand, but you can just follow Kendrick to it as he runs straight over to the dilapidated tower. Enter the narrow hole and you’ll be in "The Gracious Hand's Vaults" iconThe Gracious Hand’s Vaults. Turn on your lantern and follow the tunnel north. When you enter the next room, you’ll see a door directly ahead of you. This is locked for the moment but you’ll open it later as a shortcut. For now, pick up the "Rotten Scrag of Beast" iconRotten Scrag of Beast to your left if you want it, and then break down the crates for a chance of obtaining a "Mincemeat Roborant" iconMincemeat Roborant.

(1 of 4) As you head deeper into the Vault, you’ll get a scene showing you an unharmed Malcolm.

As you can only head north for now, do so. Proceed through the tunnel and follow the makeshift steps down to the next floor. This area is a crypt of sorts but don’t worry, the only enemies you’ll encounter are small rats. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot in this room aside from a few gathering piles. When you’re ready, take the tunnel west, and climb the stairs. You’ll be attacked by a few bats but one fell sweep will take care of them. Continue up into the following room, and then head south where you’ll find Malcolm. Fortunately, he appears unharmed, and poor Kendrick will breathe a sigh of relief. Malcolm, feeling proud of himself, will tell Kendrick that he found something up ahead, books, lots of books.

Before you follow Malcolm, open the chest next to the locked door you saw earlier to obtain a "Ring of Conservation" iconRing of Conservation, and then break the wooden plank on the metal door so you can pass through it at will. Follow Malcolm and Kendrick south and then west where you’ll climb up into another room. In the northeast corner of this room, you’ll find a "Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Token in between the wall and some cargo. Also, there are a few small spiders here that you can attack for "Spider Venom Sac" iconSpider Venom Sacs. In the opposite corner of the room, you can find a bottle of "Lantern Oil" iconLantern Oil should you run out of fuel. Continue following Malcolm up the stairs for a short scene displaying the archive. This will complete the quest and you can leave via the metal door shortcut you opened earlier. Note, if you do this quest before you do The Caged Magistrate main story quest, you can send Waldhar here, and he’ll give you another quest later on to find his spectacles.

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