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Dragon's Dogma 2

Every Rose Has Its Thorn Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

You’ll encounter Wilhelmina as part of the main quest The Stolen Throne and perhaps during An Unsettling Encounter, and it’s safe to say that she’s no mere courtesean due to her… shall we say, political activism? Still, it benefits you, and by the unspoken rule of “NPC with a unique character model = special” one would surmise there are more quests involving her in the future. Sure enough, your gamer instincts are correct - the side quest "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" iconEvery Rose Has Its Thorn covers Wihelmina’s personal motivations in Vermund, but like most side quests in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 unlocking it can be obtuse and it is, of course, missable. This page will provide a walkthrough for the side quest Every Rose Has Its Thorn in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including how to unlock the quest and how to complete it successfully.

(1 of 4) Talk to Wilhelmina and if she muses about her past, you’re on the right track.

Starting Every Rose Has Its Thorn Quest

The first thing you have to do to unlock Every Rose Has Its Thorn is complete The Stolen Throne, after which you’ll be able to visit Wilhemina at any time at the "Rose Chateau Bordelrie" iconRose Chateau Bordelrie. Talk to her and if she mentions how “one man changed her previously simple life” and muses about “how far she has come since then”, you’re on the right track - go rest and return and you should be golden. If she gives you any other generic one-liner, you’ll have to butter her up before she’ll trust you enough to give you this quest. This is simple enough to accomplish, just get some "Bunch of Flowers" iconBunch of Flowers items, talk to Wihelmina, press DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX to give her a gift, then give her a Bunch of Flower. Rest, rinse, repeat until she finally gives you the dialog mentioned above.

Once the aforementioned dialog triggers, return to your private dwelling or inn and rest one more time, then return to the Rose Chateau Bordelrie again and talk to Wilhelmina, only to be intercepted by a man named Rolf, who informs you that she’s currently with a client. Well, guess we should probably do the gentlemanly thing and… totally spy on her! Enter the main room she usually occupies, find an oval painting to the right (the same one you used to spy on the fake Arisen during The Stolen Throne, and get to peeping. After a scene, Wilhelmina will call you out and more chatter will ensue, after which she’ll reveal her goal to get revenge on Allard - a mutual foe. Be sure to pick the option “Offer your assistance” to formally start the quest, but be wary, as this quest has a time limit: Wilhelmina will give you three days to gather the evidence she needs before resolving things herself.

(1 of 3) Consult with Captain Brant and he’ll tell you where you can get some evidence.

Bribery Investigation Findings Evidence

There are two piece of evidence you need to gather in the time limit, and the first, the "Bribery Investigation Findings" iconBribery Investigation Findings are by far the easiest to obtain. Assuming it’s night time (if it’s day time, you might want to get start on the other evidence) to talk to Captain Brant in "The Stardrop Inn" iconThe Stardrop Inn and pick the option “Tell me of the Myrmecoleon”, which will cause the good captain to toss aside his natural caution - taking down Allard is a prize worth some risk. He’ll mention some merchant accomplices of Allard who may have evidence, which will create a search area to appear along the western end of town.

This search area encompasses a few buildings, including "Clovis's Barberie" iconClovis’s Barberie. You want to head to the house just south of said Clovis’s Barberie, at the center of the search area. Just walk on in and search a table to find the Bribery Investigation Findings sitting out in the open. Grab them and leave. That was easy.

(1 of 4) In order to get another piece of evidence, talk to Sven, who will refer you to Patrick.

Murder Report Evidence Location

This bit of evidence is more involved than the previous one. During the day, head to Sven’s Chbamers in "Vernworth Castle" iconVernworth Castle and he’ll tell you to go meet with a noble named Patrick at night. Go rest at an inn or at your personal abode until night, then head to the Noble Quarter and seek out "Patrick's Estate" iconPatrick’s Estate, which is on the western side of the district. Enter via the front door and you’ll find Patrick waiting for you, and he’ll suggest that he summon Allard under false pretenses so you can search his house while he’s gone. Pick the dialog option “Agree”, and pay attention to what Patrick told you to look out for:

“I recall he was rather particular about the placement of his paintings. Mayhap he concealed aught behind one. ’Tis just the sort of thing one would expect from a man who places so much stock in appearances.”

Now make your way to "Allard's Estate" iconAllard’s Estate, which is just southwest of Patrick’s Estate. The two are practically neighbors! Wait outside the front door until you see Allard and one of his guards leave and after they’re gone, walk right in the front door, head upstairs, and enter the first room you find (it’ll be to the left). Inside, turn left to find an oval painting hanging over a small table and examine it to dislodge the "Murder Report" iconMurder Report. Spicy!

(1 of 2) Show Captain Brant the evidence you found,

Show Captain Brant the evidence you found, (left), and be sure to pick the dialog option ”I’ll have any aid you can give.” to secure his aid in the future. (right)

Assassinating Allard and Wilhelmina Romance

Now that you possess both bits of evidence Wilhelmina wants, you might think you’re all but done with the quest, but there are still some pitfalls to avoid, and decisions to make. For the sake of completionism we’ll assume you want to 1) assist Wilhelmina in her assassination attempt and 2) want to romance her. The two goals are linked, it turns out. If you don’t care to do either of these two things, just rest until Wilhelmina’s time expires and she’ll take matters into her own hands. Not much of a quest, there, so we won’t bother with it any further.

Instead, return to Captain Brant and give him both pieces of evidence and he’ll seem rather pleased with the bloodless takedown of Allard that this evidence should effect. Note that you will have to talk to him twice to hand over both pieces of evidence, after which be sure to respond with “I’ll have any aid you can give.” and not the alternative (“I bet your aid, whatever comes.”). With that safety net in place we can return to Wilhelmina.

(1 of 5) Show Wilhelmina the evidence you’ve found,

Find Wilhelmina in her usual haunt and give her both bits of evidence you’ve found, then confirm your desire to assist in the assassination by picking the option “Continue offering your aid.”. Afterwards Wilhelmina will change into something more suitable for the occasion and will tell you to enter the room to the left. Do so and after Allard’s done talking, tackle him by pressing DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight to trigger a scene. After the deed is done, head out onto a balcony and drop down into some hay - just jump off where the railing is broken and you should be fine. After another short scene, just follow Captain Brant and he’ll guide you to safety, chastising you once you’re out of the Noble Quarter.

After your scolding, all you need to do to finish the quest is rest until morning, then return to the Rose Chateau Bordelrie and talk to Wilhelmina to trigger a romantic scene. This will end the quest, leaving you richer by 1,200 XP, 8,500G and a "Ring of Benevolence" iconRing of Benevolence.

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