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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Stolen Throne Walkthrough

Matt Chard

"The Stolen Throne" iconThe Stolen Throne quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 follows "The Caged Magistrate" iconThe Caged Magistrate quest, and just like that quest, the "Seat of the Sovran" iconSeat of the Sovran must be completed before you can accept it. This walkthrough will direct you from starting and completing the quest, and anything in between. For this quest, you’ll be attending a masquerade in the palace, but you won’t get in there looking like that! Fortunately, Captain Brant will give you a mask, but you’ll need some attire to go with it. Read on to find out how to enter the ball without alerting the guards, where you can find the disguise, and where you can find the Sovran.

Lady Wilhelmina is an important character in the quest as she helps uncover what the Sovran gets up to.

The Stolen Throne Quest Location

Like all the main quests in the "Vernworth" iconVernworth area, Captain Brant is the person to speak to. Provided you’ve completed the Seat of Sovran quest he gave you, head over to "The Stardrop Inn" iconThe Stardrop Inn at night and speak to him on the balcony. After he goes through the details of the mission, he’ll give you the "Eventide Mask" iconEventide Mask. Now all you require is some reasonable attire to go with it.

Captain Brant will ask you to infiltrate the upcoming Masquerade for dirt on the Sovran.

What Disguise Do You Need for the Masquerade?

The disguise you require is the Courtly Set, which consists of the "Courtly Tunic" iconCourtly Tunic and Breeches. Now, you can purchase it from the shop, but it’ll cost you over 150000 G per piece. Fortunately, there are a couple of places to get it for free.

  • Method 1: Inside the "Comptroller's Home" iconComptroller’s Home in the Noble Quarter. They’ll appear as two separate large bags.
  • Method 2: Inside the Watchmead’s Home in the Noble Quarter. Similar to method one, you’ll find them in two bags. These houses are next to each other.
  • Method 3: In a chest inside the masquerade hall. This isn’t useful for you now, but you can sell them later.
  • Method 4: Complete the Ornate Box Quest and get it as a reward.

Once you have the mask, and both the Courtly Tunic and "Courtly Breeches" iconCourtly Breeches, equip them and head over to the Royal Quarter (south through the Noble Quarter) and head into "Vernworth Hall" iconVernworth Hall, situated to the west.

Where to Find the Sovran - Hidden Passage Location

Speak to the guard outside the door to confirm that the masquerade is happening this evening, if it isn’t, pass the time until the next night and try again. Repeat this until the guard mentions the masquerade. Enter the hall and head to the center for a short scene of an inconspicuous man walking around the back of the hall behind the window. Talk to the guests if you like for some lore, and then proceed to the back of the hall where you saw the man.

(1 of 3) Vernworth Hall can be found on the west side of the Castle.

Head to the back of the room via the left side of the hall, walk past the first door with the guards, and enter the next room where a lady blocks its entrance. Here, you’ll find a chest with two bunches of flowers and, opposite, Waldhar’s Spectacles on the cabinet. Leave the room and continue north and enter the room in the northwest corner to find a chest behind the folding screen containing the Courtly Set. Head back into the corridor, come back the way you came, and hug the western wall. This will unveil a hidden door; you’ll find it in the center of the two rooms you just went in.

(1 of 4) Waldhar’s Spectacles are on the cabinet in the southwest room.

Inside the hidden passage, pick up the "Allheal Elixir" iconAllheal Elixir from the cabinet to your right and then proceed through the door which will lead you outside onto the ramparts. Follow the path north and enter the Rose Chateau Borderlie via the open window to your right for a scene. Meet Lady Wilhelmina. In the scene, she’ll disclose a peephole which will let you spy on the Sovran and what he gets up to as well as some surprise visitors. Now, all you have to do is report back to Captain Brant. Although you’re being hunted, you can ignore the guards as Lady Wilhelmina has given you a pass for the chateau, so you’re free to visit this place whenever you want. When you tell Captain Brant what you found out, the quest will be completed, and you’ll receive a "Wakestone" iconWakestone and 6500 Gold for your troubles.

(1 of 2) In the hidden passage, make sure you pick up the Allheal Elixir before heading through the door.

In the hidden passage, make sure you pick up the Allheal Elixir before heading through the door. (left), Go through the door, follow the ramparts north, and enter the Rose Chateau to your right. (right)

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