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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Gift of Giving Walkthrough

Matt Chard

"The Gift of Giving" iconThe Gift of Giving is a side quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2. You can begin the quest by talking to Daphne in the Slums of "Vernworth" iconVernworth, situated in the southeast of the city. You’ll find her near the entrance to the Slums; a bit further down the slope. Daphne wants you to get her some flowers so she can show her gratitude to the staff at "The Gracious Hand" iconThe Gracious Hands and she’ll ask if you could get her some. That doesn’t stop there though! She’ll have a shopping list of items for you to get after you get her the flowers which includes various ores and some medicine. Find out the best way to obtain these items to complete The Gift of Giving quest.

Daphne will give you the quest: The Gift of Giving. You can find her in the Slums of Vernworth.

The Gift of Giving Quest Location

As mentioned above, the quest can be obtained by speaking to Daphne in the Slums of Vernworth. To reach this location, follow the path southeast from the Merchant Quarter, follow it east/southeast, and eventually, you’ll find a path leading down to the Slums. Daphne can be found standing in the center of the Slums; she’s a small girl with blonde hair. When you speak to her, she’ll ask you for a favor; to get her some flowers.

(1 of 2) Daphne can be found in this exact location most of the time, but she does roam around the area, so if she’s not there, search the central area of the slums.

Daphne can be found in this exact location most of the time, but she does roam around the area, so if she’s not there, search the central area of the slums. (left), The Slums can be found to the southeast of the Merchant Quarter. (right)

How to Get Flowers for Daphne

The item in question is called “"Bunch of Flowers" iconBunch of Flowers” and you can find them in a few places around the city, most notably on the bed in "Shakir's Inn" iconShakir’s Inn. However, if you can’t find any, you have three methods to craft them and they are "Sunbloom" iconSunbloom + "Noonbloom" iconNoonbloom, Sunbloom + "Moonglow" iconMoonglow, and Noonbloom + Moonglow. You can find Sunblooms in the Palace Courtyard (among other areas) in Vernworth, but Moonglows will only appear at night. There is a large area of these far to the west near "Checkpoint Rest Town" iconCheckpoint Rest Town, but your best bet is to pass the time until it’s dark and search the fields outside of the city. When you have the flowers, head back to Daphne; she’ll have another favor to ask of you. This time she wants some ore, silver and gold to be precise.

You can find a bunch of flowers in the Inn, otherwise you’ll need to craft them.

Where to Get Silver and Gold Ore

The short answer to this question is any ore deposit can give you them although what ore you get is random. The better answer is "Trevo Mine" iconTrevo Mine as there are a lot of deposits in there thus giving you a higher chance of obtaining them. You can find Trevo Mine by exiting the city via the northwestern exit and then following the western path at the intersection. Stay on the western path until you reach another intersection, and then take the northwestern path as that will lead you straight to the Mine. Note, if you do choose Trevo Mine as the place to find your ore, then make sure you accept the "Vocation Frustration" iconVocation Frustration quest from the Vocation Guild as both the quest objectives are in the Mine. This allows you to do two tasks for the price of one, and you’ll unlock both the "Warrior" iconWarrior and "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer Vocations simultaneously. Follow our Vocation Frustration Quest Guide to find out how to complete it.

When you reach Trevo Mine, make sure you check the mountain outside before heading in as you’ll find a few ore deposits scattered around. After you’re done searching outside, head inside the Mine, turn on your lantern, and proceed north. As this is the “"Goblin" iconGoblin’s Lair” expect to battle your fair share of Goblins in here with the first group being around the corner. When you head up the first slope, stop at the top and turn around to find an ore deposit on the wall to your right. Now you know what the Ore Deposits look like, scour the entire mine for them. There are quite a few in here with most of them being against the wall in the corner of a room. Note that you can go both up and down the Mine, so make sure to check thoroughly.

When you have the required amount of Ore (one silver, two gold), make your way back to Daphne in the Vernworth Slums and hand over the "Silver Ore" iconSilver Ore. Once you have done this, you’ll need to “wait a few days”. This can be circumvented by sleeping at the inn a couple of times. Head back to her and she should be outside the Gracious Hand. When you talk to her again, she’ll ask you for two pieces of "Gold Ore" iconGold Ore. Hand it over to her and she’ll ask you for one more thing.

(1 of 3) Trevo Mine is a great place for Ore Deposits.

Where to Get Daphne’s Medicine

You thought that would be enough, but no, Daphne still wants more. This time, she’ll ask you for five items that are capable of healing Blight. This leaves you with two options: a "Detoxifying Decoction" iconDetoxifying Decoction or a "Panacea" iconPanacea. You may already have these on you and if you do, hand them over. However, if you don’t have any, you can craft the former relatively easily by combining a "Pitywort" iconPitywort with a "Syrupwort Leaf" iconSyrupwort Leaf, which you should have picked up if you were gathering on your way to Vernworth. If you don’t have the herbs, don’t worry as you can purchase them from "Philbert's Sundries" iconPhilbert’s Sundries in the Merchant Quarter for 500G per potion. This will finish the quest for Daphne, but that’s not the end of her quest line as her story will carry on in the quest “"House of the Blue Sunbright" iconHouse of the Blue Sunbright” which can be accepted in the Noble Quarter.

(1 of 3) You need to turn in five potions that can cure Blight. This can be Detoxifying Decoctions or Panacea.

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