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Dragon's Dogma 2

The Regentkin’s Resolve Walkthrough

Matt Chard

"The Regentkin's Resolve" iconThe Regentkin’s Resolve is a post-game quest set in The Unmoored World of "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2. This quest is for evacuating "Vernworth" iconVernworth before the city gets engulfed by the ominous red fog. Like most of these quests, you won’t get them until you find the right person in that particular town or city. For this quest, you’ll need to speak to Captain Brant, who can be found at his usual place, "The Stardrop Inn" iconThe Stardrop Inn. Although he’ll give you the quest, the person you need to speak to is Regentkin Sven, who can be found in his chambers upstairs in the Castle.

Captain Brant will tell you to speak to Sven in his chambers.

How to Convince Disa to Evacuate with Sven

Sven will tell you he needs two things. Firstly, for you to secure the Oxcarts for the citizens, and secondly, his mother Disa is refusing to leave. Now, there are two ways to accomplish the second task. The proper way is to pick up the "Ornate Box" iconOrnate Box (remember that?) off the desk behind Disa in her room, and then deliver it to Sven. He will find a letter from her in the hidden compartment telling him why she did what she did, and that it was all for him. This will make Sven run into his mother’s room, leaving the letter behind on his desk. If you want to read the letter yourself, pick it up from his desk, and read it in the quest log. Enter Disa’s room, and the two of them will have a moment, and that will be enough to convince her to leave. The other method if the box isn’t there for you for some reason is to pick Disa up, and take her to Sven’s room, who will then convince her. While you’re taking her to him, she will and can escape your clutches and run off, so make sure you keep picking her up until you get her to his room.

(1 of 5) Sven’s chambers are on the upper floor of the castle in the far northwestern room.

How to Get the Oxcarts

The other task Sven set for you is to get a fleet of Oxcarts, so the citizens can evacuate. Head to the Oxcart station situated in the northwest of Vernworth, west of the "Portcrystal" iconPortcrystal, and as you approach the Oxcarts, you’ll find out that your old pal, Allard has beaten you to the punch and ordered all the Oxcarts to transport his wealth. There’s only one thing to do here, well two, intimidate him! Either pull out your weapons or grab him and soon enough, he’ll fear for his life and run off. The Oxcart handler will thank you for what you’ve done, and the Oxcarts will be yours.

(1 of 2) Head to the Oxcart in the northwest of the city.

Head to the Oxcart in the northwest of the city. (left), Allard has purchased them all up, so intimidate him by grabbing him or by unsheathing your weapons. (right)

Head Back to Sven

All that’s left to do now is to head back to the Castle and tell Sven that you have succeeded in the task that was given to you. He’ll thank you for your help and inform the citizenry immediately. The quest will be completed, and you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 XP, 25,000 G, and 35 Wrymslife Crystals.

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