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Dragon's Dogma 2

Allheal Elixir Location and Uses

Craig Robinson

"Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2’s "Allheal Elixir" iconAllheal Elixir is one of the strongest elixirs found in the game. The consumable will recover Health and Stamina in full, and cure all current debilitations. Due to its effects, this minimal item is incredibly powerful. You’ll want to find the few locations you can get this item for your end-game strategies. This guide contains everything you need to know about the Allheal Elixir, featuring locations and best-case usage.

Allheal Elixir Locations

First of all, you are going to want to stockpile the Allheal Elixir for those few clutch moments. The guaranteed locations of Allheal Elixirs we are aware of are as follows:

The easiest Allheal Elixir location to find is in the "Flamebearer Palace" iconFlamebearer Palace Empress’s Chambers. Simply enter the palace, and then go up the stairs towards her bedroom. You should find one in the room.

There is a tonic awaiting you in the Empress’ bedroom.

The Sal’Battahl Cavern is a cave system located to the southwest of the Battahl Desert. As you enter the Wyrmsblood Forest, you should find a cave along the road at the first bend up the forest. Enter the cave, and you should find it within.

The other Allheal location is the Seafloor Shrine. You will need to complete the Convergence main story quest to access this location. Now check the Shrine by going up the main stairs and turning left. You should find a broken pathway that you can jump over to loot a chest and pick it up.

If we learn of more locations we’ll be sure to update the page.

Allheal Elixir Tips

The best-case use for the Allheal Elixir largely depends on your goals. The best strategies we use are as follows:

  • Saving them for the post-game
  • Not giving them to Chirurgeon spec pawns
  • Holding onto them for big fights like "Medusa" iconMedusa or Dragon fights
  • Gifts to certain companions

Saving them for the post-game is a very good idea. The reason why is that the main quest, Halls of the First Dawn in the Unmoored World post-game is timed. If you’re under pressure, you’ll be spending a lot of time walking around to reach distant objectives. It is very easy to fill up your loss gauge while doing this. Consequently your Allheal Elixir is your perfect tool for the post-game. The only way time doesn’t progress on these quests is by resting at the Seafloor Shrine hub. Using Allheals while out and about rather than camping is a very strong strategy.

Saving the Allheal Elixirs for the post-game of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an incredibly effective strategy.

As for other solutions and uses, they are more general tips rather than strategies. For example, not giving them to your Chirurgeon Pawns ensures no accidental waste of them. Only grant them one when you want them to use an Allheal Elixir, such as with the above strategy. This leads to tactical fights. The ability to cure debilitations and fully heal is great for fights like the Dragons or Medusa, who apply burns and paralysis.

The final tip for Allheal Elixirs that we know are worthwhile is giving them as gifts. There are three NPCs we are aware of, "Cliodhna" iconCliodhna, Eini, and Eino. Gift-giving in DD2 is very handy for improving relations, unlocking better gear, spells, or vendor discounts. If an NPC has one of these such rewards for something you want, then a gift can go a long way.

This concludes everything you need to know about Allheal Elixirs in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Hopefully one of these tips help you greatly with your adventure.

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