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Dragon's Dogma 2

Griffin Enemy Guide

Scott Peers

The "Griffin" iconGriffin is one of the more powerful enemies in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2, but once you’ve gained a few levels you should be able to defeat them handily in most encounters. Still, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of killing them quickly, and to stop them from flying off before you have a chance to kill them. On this page, we’ll provide a quick overview of Griffin locations and how to deal with them efficiently.

Griffins in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be tough to kill, but they have a few weaknesses you can exploit.

Griffin Locations

If you’re on the hunt for Griffins, the best thing you can do is set off outside of any major settlement and look at the sky above. When they’re not attacking you, they can usually be found circling the skies while looking for prey. Occasionally, Griffins will dive on their prey, which can be anything from another humanoid, monster, or cattle, so you can find them fighting in the wilderness as well. If you see one in the sky, try to make your way toward it before it flies further afield. Most Griffins will make their way to you once they’ve spotted you.

If you want to find more reliable Griffin locations, be sure to check our interactive map.

Griffin Weak Points

As with most enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Griffin has a few weak points on its body, which you can hit to inflict extra damage. The weak points for a Griffin are the head, wings, and back (especially the mid-point between the wings). You should aim to hit these areas as often as possible, but as a melee class, you’ll find it much easier to hit the wings and back if you jump onto the Griffin and hold onto it while slashing or stabbing away.

If you can consistently hit the weak points of a Griffin, you’ll be able to knock it down quicker, which will allow you to use a more devastating attack on its weak points, especially if you use "Empale" iconEmpale as a melee class. This can take large chunks of health from a Griffin, even eating through multiple health bars if you’re a high enough level, so be ready to execute this attack as soon as you get the chance.

Use Fire or Lightning Damage

Aside from hitting the weak points on a Griffin, the other way to maximize your damage output against them is to use fire-based spells or skills. Most classes have some form of these, or at least an ability to wield them. For example, even if you’re a basic "Warrior" iconWarrior, you can find a "Mage" iconMage that has the "Fire Boon" iconFire Boon or "Fire Affinity" iconFire Affinity skill, which will give your weapon fire damage by lighting it on fire. Although Griffins are weakest to fire damage, they’re also weak to lightning, so you can use a Mage with the "Lightning Boon" iconLightning Boon/Affinity skill if you can’t find one with fire.

How to Stop Griffins Flying Away

As you continue to level up in Dragon’s Dogma 2, killing Griffins will become easier and easier, but the downside of this is that they’ll become more likely to fly away from the fight early on. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way to stop them from doing this, but some players have reported success from focusing on hitting their wings, so it’s worth a try if you have no other options.

The other way to stop a Griffin from flying off is to inflict enough damage to stun them or knock them down, but since there isn’t much of a warning before a Griffin is about to fly off (other than it briefly pausing attacks prior to taking flight), you’ll need to be lucky with the timing. To improve your chances, be ready to use your most devastating special skills at this point in the fight.

(1 of 2) You can climb on the back of a Griffin and slash/stab at its back and wings to inflict more damage.

You can climb on the back of a Griffin and slash/stab at its back and wings to inflict more damage. (left), The Griffin’s head is the easiest weak point to hit without climbing on its back. (right)

If you can’t stop a Griffin from flying off, the next best thing is to fly off with it. You can do this by climbing onto its back and allowing it to take you back to its nest. A Griffin nest is usually filled with valuable loot, so this can actually be a good thing so long as you don’t fall off mid-flight.

If you manage to stay on the Griffin to the point where it reaches a nest, you’ll be able to finish it off there (albeit on your own) and benefit from the loot scattered around the nest. You’ll also unlock The Regriffining achievement when you first take flight on a Griffin (excluding the time you did during the intro sequence to the game). If you want to learn more about that and other achievements, be sure to check our Achievements Guide.

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