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Dragon's Dogma 2

A Trial of Archery Guide - Ancestral Chambers Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

After helping Glyndwr regain his mojo by introducing him to the magic of human-crafted bows, he’ll feel confident enough to attempt his archery trial… but not confident enough to do so without you being present. This page will provide a walkthrough for the side quest "A Trial of Archery" iconA Trial of Archery, including details about accompanying Glyndwr to "Sacred Arbor" iconSacred Arbor, a guide for the "Ancestral Chamber" iconAncestral Chamber dungeon, and info on defeating the ogre and rescuing Doireann in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2.

Some time after completing “Gift of the Bow” you’ll find Glyndwr hanging out in Vernworth. Talk to him to start his next quest, “A Trial of Archery”.

How to Start A Trial of Archery - Dragon’s Dogma 2

After you demonstrate how to use a human-made bow properly during Gift of the Bow, you’ll have to wait some time before this followup quest begins. After enough time has passed, Glyndwr will appear outside of "Roderick's Smithy" iconRoderick’s Smithy again, and you can begin this quest just by talking to him. He’ll want you to attend his archery trial in Sacred Arbor, the homeland of the elves, and is willing to escort you there… after you rendezvous with him back at the ruins near the "Forgotten Tunnel" iconForgotten Tunnel dungeon. It’s a lot of running around, but on the plus side, you do not need to be an "Archer" iconArcher for this quest, which makes the whole business a bit less obnoxious.

(1 of 2) Rendezvous with Glyndwr and he’ll escort you to Sacred Arbor

Rendezvous with Glyndwr and he’ll escort you to Sacred Arbor (left), Enter the Arborist’s Home and you’ll find out that Glyndwr’s trial has been delayed due to unforeseen ogre problems. (right)

How to Reach Sacred Arbor - Dragon’s Dogma 2

Rendezvous with Glyndwr at the marked spot - a campfire east of the ruins near the Forgotten Tunnel dungeon and he’ll lead you to Sacred Arbor. The trek isn’t all that long or complex - Glyndwr likes to stick to trails that are easy enough to see on the map/minimap. You will have to fend off wolves and perhaps the odd chopper along the way, though. Eventually, he’ll lead you up a spiral ramp across the "Arbor Bridge" iconArbor Bridge - more a collection of roots than proper architecture - and down a final road to Sacred Arbor.

When you arrive, you’ll be exposed to an exchange in elvish, after which Glyndwr will offer to interpret for you. This is essential if you want to actually understand what the elves of Sacred Arbor are saying, but we’re going to focus on the task at hand. If you want a more permanent solution to the language barrier, check out the page Woodland Wordsmith Tome Location, but this is something best left until after you’re done with this quest.

Follow Glyndwr into the "Arborist's Home" iconArborist’s Home in Sacred Arbor and he’ll chat with "Taliesin" iconTaliesin, who will tell you about a little… Complication with Glyndwr’s trial. Seems an elf named Doireann was abducted by an ogre and the elves are a bit too preoccupied with her rescue to oversee Glyndwr’s archery trial. And for the record, Glyndwr agrees that rescuing Doireann is more important - so much so that he’s willing to disobey Taliesin and enlist your aid in his reckless rescue attempt.

(1 of 2) Walk along a narrow, elevated ledge,

Walk along a narrow, elevated ledge, (left), to reach a chest containing some gold. (right)

Ancestral Chambers Walkthrough - Dragon’s Dogma 2

Set out with Glyndwr again and follow him back across the Arbor Bridge, down the spiral ramp, and into a cave just north of the ledge said ramp descends to. This is the westernmost entrance to the Ancestral Chambers dungeon. When you arrive, you’ll be warned away by two more accomplished elven archers, whose advice Glyndwr brushes aside. Enter the cave and you’ll shortly find yourself in some ruins. Dispose of the wolves and choppers that attack, then climb up some rubble in the southwestern corner of the chamber and work your way to the northwestern corner (there’s a little ledge against the wall you can stand on and use to progress with absolutely zero platforming). In the northwestern corner of the chamber you’ll find a chest containing 1,830G.

After this cash transfusion, drop down to the ground floor and continue north/northeast until the path splits. Which fork you take doesn’t matter, as both wrap around to the same point, but do be wary of the numerous choppers lurking around. Exterminate the pests and where the paths join up again head northwest to find a chest containing "Dried Fruit" iconDried Fruit x5 and 1,200G. Good for both your belly and your purse!

(1 of 2) Loot an ornate chest along the southwestern edge of the garden chamber to get some Over-Knee Boots

Loot an ornate chest along the southwestern edge of the garden chamber to get some Over-Knee Boots (left), then take a roundabout route up to a ledge overlooking the garden chamber to find another chest, this one containing a Ring of Percipience. (right)

Take another passage uphill to the southeast and you’ll enter into a garden chamber, open to the sky and everything. Be wary of more "Chopper" iconChoppers and Wolves in here and perhaps the odd "Venin Harpy" iconVenin Harpy, and when the place is clear loot a chest under a pavilion to score 270 RC, then hit an ornate chest in some ruins to the southwest to find some "Over-Knee Boots" iconOver-Knee Boots. When you’re ready to move on, enter some ruins to the southeast.

Shortly after entering the ruins, you’ll reach a three-way fork. Turn left (north) and when you hit another fork turn left (west) again, scramble up a slope, and you’ll find yourself on a high grassy ledge overlooking the garden chamber. Loot a chest to obtain a "Ring of Percipience" iconRing of Percipience, then head back down into the tunnels. There are two points of interest in these tunnels, in the southeastern corner you’ll find ruins that lead to a natural stone ledge, which in turn faces a breakable rock - don’t worry about it, it’ll come into play shortly, but keep it in mind.

(1 of 3) Glyndwr will show off his archery chops by freeing Doireann from the ogre’s clutches.

How to Rescue Doireann - Dragon’s Dogma 2

The other point of interest is the way forward, to the north. Ascend some stairs and you’ll trigger a scene with Glyndwr, who will prove his newfound competence as an archer by freeing Doireann from the ogre’s grasp. You now have to rescue Doireann from the ogre, and you can do this in one of two ways - defeat the ogre or carry Doireann and flee. You may only want to risk saving Doireann if you’re strong enough to kill an ogre without much trouble, as a long, protracted fray could endanger your elven allies. In the latter case, you’re hoping that the ogre fixates on another foe while you carry Doireann, which is a bit RNG.

If you can kill the "Ogre" iconOgre, loot an ornate chest to find an "Eminent Coat" iconEminent Coat and 5,260G, and Ogre or not you’ll need to carry Doireann to safety. When you exit the chamber, Glyndwr should - if you killed the Ogre, anyways - point out the breakable rock in the southeastern corner and subsequently destroy it. This will automatically take you outside and end the quest on a happy note. Otherwise, you could find yourself fleeing through the entire dungeon and out the original exit… which is a bit of a tedious walk, but not really difficult provided you managed to shake the Ogre and cleared the way earlier.

Either way, assuming you got everybody out safely some chatter will ensue, and the quest will end on a happy note. You’ll earn 2,800 XP, gain a whopping 16,000G and more importantly, a "Portcrystal" iconPortcrystal, which will allow you to create a fast travel hotspot you can warp to via the contrivance of "Ferrystone" iconFerrystones. It might seem like common sense to drop this in Sacred Arbor, but if you haven’t placed a Portcrystal in "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl yet, that should probably be the priority.

In any event, now that you’ve completed Glyndwr’s storyline, you’ll be able to start Doireann’s questline, although you may have to wait a few days for her to feel up to the task of assigning you busywork. In the meantime, you might want to brush up on your elven language skills so you can actually pick up new quests in Sacred Arbor and do the odd bit of shopping.

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