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Dragon's Dogma 2

Shepherd of the Pawns Walkthrough

Matt Chard

Shepherd of the Pawns is a post-game quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2. Accessed by visiting the "Excavation Site" iconExcavation Site in the far southeast of The Unmoored World, you’ll automatically get the quest as you approach the main gates. Your goal for this mission is the same as the majority of the post-game quests, evacuate the settlement before the red fog takes over it for good. Find out what you need to do to get the pawns to leave the settlement before it’s too late.

Henrique will tell you that the pawns won’t evacuate while asking for your help.

Shepherd of the Pawns Location

You won’t have this quest until you head to the Excavation Site situated southeast of the "Volcanic Island Camp" iconVolcanic Island Camp. Unlike most of the other areas in The Unmoored World, you can’t teleport here (unless you had a "Portcrystal" iconPortcrystal placed here in the main game). This means you’ll need to teleport to the Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal and follow the broken paths east past the Volcanic Island Camp, and then southeast to get to the Excavation Site (also known as the Agamen Ruins). Due to the condition of the world, you may have to take a different path to what you did in the normal world as a lot of roads and bridges are destroyed now. While you’re passing through the Camp, you may want to do “"The Importance of Aiding Ernesto" iconThe Importance of Aiding Ernesto” quest there first before you continue with this quest, as you’ll be going past it anyway. When you reach the gates of Agamen Ruins, you’ll find Henrique battling a "Golem" iconGolem, which you’ll need to help take down. This battle is more or less the same as a regular Golem battle outside inflated stats, so the principles of the battle remain. Focus on the glowing parts and the Golem will fall.

(1 of 2) The Excavation Site, or Agamen Ruins, is at the furthest point in the southeast you can go.

The Excavation Site, or Agamen Ruins, is at the furthest point in the southeast you can go. (left), When you reach the gates, you’ll have to help Henrique defeat a Golem. (right)

Where to Find the Overseers’ Godsway

After the Golem battle, Henrique will tell you that they can’t evacuate as the pawns refuse to leave, and he’ll tell you to follow him to find out more. Follow him toward the Gaol situated in the west of the settlement, where you’ll find the pawns he was talking about. One of the pawns will mention that they can’t leave as they’re still under the Overseer’s command and that he used an artifact called the Godsway to achieve this. Henrique will give you the "Overseers' Lodge Key" iconOverseers’ Lodge Key that lets you open any locked door within the settlement, so now it’s time to find either the Overseer or the Godsway.

Exit the Gaol and return to the main part of town where the Riftstone and Inn are and unlock the door to the house opposite the Agamen Ruins Inn. As soon as you open the door, you’ll find the Overseers’ corpse on the floor by the entrance, with the "Diminished Godsway" iconDiminished Godsway lying beside them. Pick it up and return it to Henrique in the Gaol. When you get back to him, go through the dialogue and then deliver the Godsway to him. The pawns will be free to leave, the quest will be completed, and another town will be evacuated. Completing this quest will reward you with 20,000 XP, 15,000G, and 30x "Wyrmslife Crystal" iconWyrmslife Crystals for your troubles.

(1 of 4) After the Golem, follow Henrique to the Gaol.

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