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Dragon's Dogma 2

Dulled Steel, Cold Forge Walkthrough

Scott Peers

The "Dulled Steel, Cold Forge" iconDulled Steel, Cold Forge quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 can be started once you’ve completed the Seat of the Sovran main quest. At this point, you can go to the "Vernworth Castle" iconVernworth Castle grounds and look for a guard named Roman, who can usually be found patrolling around the Fountain Garden. Roman will tell you about a legendary ceremonial sword known as the Regalia Sword, which a symbol of legitimate royalty in "Vernworth" iconVernworth. Roman has the sword, and he’s unwilling to allow Queen Regent Disa to use it for her ends, but the sword is in no shape to be seen by the people, having been dulled by the ages. As such, Roman asks you to find someone to repair the sword, and that is where the quest begins. On this page, we’ll show you where to find a weaponsmith who can repair the Regalia Sword by visiting "Brokkr's Smithy" iconBrokkr’s Smithy in "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl.

Sara, the apprentice at Brokkr’s Smithy, can help you repair the Regalia Sword.

Where to Find Brokkr’s Smithy in Bakbattahl

If you haven’t already visited Bakbattahl, you’ll need to travel there either by going from the "Checkpoint Rest Town" iconCheckpoint Rest Town, which is the traditional route, or via the Guerco Cave. You can find out more about the latter method on our How to Reach Battahl Early - Guerco Cave Walkthrough page.

Once you’re in Bakbattahl with the Regalia Sword, you need to visit Brokkr’s Smithy, which can be found in the southwest part of the city. Here you’ll meet Brokkr and his apprentice, Sara, for the first time. You can speak with Brokkr and offer to give him the sword, but he’ll soon make it clear that he has no intention of repairing it for you, having given up on smithing. Thankfully, Sara is more enthusiastic about helping, but she’ll ask you to speak with her once Brokkr has left.

Speak with Sara at Brokkr’s Smithy

You’ll soon discover that Brokkr has been disillusioned with his craft ever since the fuel supply for his forge was cut off. This came in the form of "Glimmercoal" iconGlimmercoal, which can be found in abundance in the nearby cave of "Digger's Ruins" iconDigger’s Ruins, located southwest of Bakbattahl. The cave has been infested by monsters for some time, thereby preventing Brokkr and Sara from extracting the Glimmercoal and effectively shutting down their business.

(1 of 2) The location of Brokkr’s Smithy in the southwest of Bakbattahl.

The location of Brokkr’s Smithy in the southwest of Bakbattahl. (left), Diggers Ruins can be found southwest of Bakbattahl. (right)

How to Find Glimmercoal in Digger’s Ruins

After speaking with Sara, you’ll be tasked with going to Digger’s Ruins to kill the monsters there, which mostly come in the form of "Knacker" iconKnackers and a "Minotaur" iconMinotaur at the heart of the cave. In the process, you’ll need to collect at least 15 Glimmercoal to bring back to Sara, which should be enough for her to get the forge working again, and which she hopes will reignite Brokkr’s passion for smithing.

There should be an abundance of Glimmercoal in Digger’s Ruins, but the key here is to keep your Lantern turned off while you’re searching for it. This will ensure that the Glimmercoal glows in a bright green hue, whereas if you have your Lantern on, the Glimmercoal won’t glow nearly as much and you can easily mistake it for "Glymercole" iconGlymercole deposits. In general, you’ll find much more Glymercole than Glimmercoal at Digger’s Ruins, but only Glimmercoal will be accepted as viable fuel for Sara.

(1 of 2) You can see Glimmercoal deposits more easily if you switch your lantern off.

You can see Glimmercoal deposits more easily if you switch your lantern off. (left), You’ll hear a sound and see Glimmercoal pop up when you find it, not to be confused with Glymercole. (right)

The process of finding and looting Glimmercoal can be tedious, even with the lantern switched off, since it’s a fairly large cave with plenty of deposits in places that you’ll need to climb or jump to. That said, if you keep at it, you shouldn’t be there for longer than 30 minutes, but you’ll need to fight the enemies along the way, and the minotaur at the bottom of the cave. It’s also worth noting that some Glimmercoal deposits didn’t shine in the bright green color for us, and looked almost identical to Glymercole deposits, so it’s worth looting everything just to be sure.

How Much Glimmercoal Do You Need?

It should be noted that although the quest states a minimum of 15 Glimmercoal for Sara, you’ll have the option to bring back more, up to 25 pieces, which you can do in exchange for a greater reward of gold at the end of the quest.

Deliver the Glimmercoal to Sara

Once you’ve got enough Glimmercoal (preferably 25 pieces), you can return to Sara at Brokkr’s Smithy. Here you’ll be able to hand over the Glimmercoal that you’ve found, but you’ll soon discover that it’s not enough to change Brokkr’s mind. He seems set on being finished with his smithing career, so it falls to Sara to try and repair the Regalia Sword.

Should You Entrust the Regalia Sword to Sara?

As you’re speaking with Sara, she’ll offer to attempt to repair the Regalia Sword herself, although she doesn’t seem too confident in her abilities. You can choose to entrust the sword to her straight away, which will start the "Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge" iconSteeled Resolve, Blazing Forge quest, or you can wait to give it to her at a later point.

We recommend entrusting it to her immediately if you want to start the next quest as soon as possible since there will be some waiting time before you can return to check on her progress. However, if you’re not planning on visiting the Agamen Volcano Island region any time soon, you can wait before you entrust the sword to Sara to ensure that you don’t fail it by waiting too long in-game.

If you delivered the maximum amount of Glimmercoal to Sara (25 pieces), you’ll earn 2800 XP and 12,000 Gold as a reward for completing the quest.

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