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Dragon's Dogma 2

A New Godsway Walkthrough

Echo Apsey

After exploring the "Seafloor Shrine" iconSeafloor Shrine during "Convergence" iconConvergence in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have obtained the "Dulled Godsbane Blade" iconDulled Godsbane Blade from Rothais and be tasked with crafting the new Godsway. But, you can’t do that on your own and you will need to get some help from Ambrosius in "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl.

Here is how to complete this quest, find the resources you need, and begin heading toward the final quests and the late-game world state.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 A New Godsway Walkthrough

With the blades, you will be told to head to the Ambrosius. He is found in the "Forbidden Magick Research Lab" iconForbidden Magick Research Lab in Bakbattahl, Battahl’s capital. It can be accessed from a variety of spots in the city; however the easiest way is to enter via the back doors by the farming land outside of "Flamebearer Palace" iconFlamebearer Palace.

The easiest and quickest way into the Lab is by going around the back of Flamebearer Palace and entering via the rear.

Once inside, head into Ambrosius’ room and hand over the blade. He will be able to craft a superior Godsway, with enough "Wyrmslife Crystal" iconWyrmslife Crystals.

These are pretty rare, and you will need to get 15 of them. However, our Wyrmslife Crystals locations guide has you covered on the best places to find them. You want to head to "Dragonsbreath Tower" iconDragonsbreath Tower and kill the dragon there to get a good dozen. Another can then be found at the Baywayside Shrine just north of the Seafloor Shrine in Bakbattahl.

Dragonsbreath Tower has the easiest dragon to defeat as Sigurd will be there to help you out.

You can then find any additional Wyrmslife Crystals from dragons you kill or damage. When taking them on, be sure to attack the weak spot around their heart to drop more. Our interactive world map has the dragons pinned for you so you can easily find them.

With the max number of crystals, you can hand them over at the Lab. However, you want to make an inn save at this point as you will reach the point of no return for the story where you will either get the regular ending or enter The Unmoored World.

You can also back up your save on PC or console to the Cloud and a USB device at this point - turning off sync saved data options in your platform’s settings menu.

Once done, clean up anything you want to do and hand the Wyrmslife Crystals over to Ambrosius. Wait a day outside in Bakbattahl and you will finish off the quest. Our guide section on The Unmoored World quests has everything you need to know to complete the quests during this world state, so be sure take a look through them to ensure you complete all the quests while you are able to.

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