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Dragon's Dogma 2

How to Rebuild Harve Village - Scaly Invaders Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

"Harve Village" iconHarve Village is a small settlement to the southwest of "Vernworth" iconVernworth. While humble compared to Vernworth in the best of times, Harve has been beset by a pair of scourges - a dragon attack followed by a saurian infestation - that has left the little fishing village in a rather sorry state. When you arrive, one of the villagers, Fyoran, will beg your assistance in driving off the saurian menace and helping Harve restore itself to its former glory. This page will provide a guide for restoring Harve Village, a surprisingly complicated task that touches on the quests "Monster Culling" iconMonster Culling, "Scaly Invaders" iconScaly Invaders, "Trouble on the Cape" iconTrouble on the Cape, and as a side benefit can allow you to unlock the "Mystic Spearhand" iconMystic Spearhand vocation.

(1 of 3) When you first visit Harve Village, a Beastren named Fyoran will ask you to help him rid the village of some invading saurians.

Monster Culling and the First Saurian Infestation

The first step in restoring Harve Village might seem obvious - head over there and deal with its saurian problem! This is actually incorrect, however, as if you head to Harve Village first, you’ll just end up in a dead-end phase of the quest Scaly Invaders; Meet with Fyoran who will enlist your aid in dispatching several saurians who are rampaging on the surface. Once done he’ll thank you and invite you back to witness a restored Harve Village in its full glory - an accomplishment that will never come to pass until you also complete the Monster Culling quest objective that takes place in Harve Village.

Or rather, under Harve Village. The game isn’t clear about messaging this and unaware gamers could end up thinking that completing the initial phase of Scaly Invaders was sufficient to get things moving. Instead, you must also start Monster Culling by talking to Captain Brant at "The Stardrop Inn" iconThe Stardrop Inn in Vernworth and accept the Monster Culling quest he offers. This quest is only tangentially connected to the greater troubles affecting Harve Village, but one of the culling locations just so happens to be at the beleaguered fishing town.

There’s no real problem with starting Scaly Invaders first, it’s just less efficient - if you start Monster Culling first and travel to Harve Village, you’ll also start Scaly Invaders, as normal, and won’t have to take an extraneous trip back to Vernworth. Once you’ve completed the Monster Culling objective in Harve Village by rescuing Hollis and his fellows from the saurians dwelling in "Stormwind Cave" iconStormwind Cave the timer for Fyoran’s rebuilding promise will finally start to tick down. Wait a few days, then return to Harve village to get things moving.

(1 of 2) Once the saurians have been dealt with as part of Scaly Invaders and Monster Culling, wait a few days and return to Harve Village to find out that more saurians are rampaging.

Once the saurians have been dealt with as part of Scaly Invaders and Monster Culling, wait a few days and return to Harve Village to find out that more saurians are rampaging. (left), Clear out this second infestation to finally complete the quest. (right)

Return to Harve Village - Second Saurian Infestation

After dealing with the two groups of "Saurian" iconSaurians in Harve Village - the initial surface raid as part of Scaly Invaders and the saurian nest in Stormwind Cave as part of Monster Culling you’ll need to return a few days later to see how the village is recovering. Despite Fyoran’s claims, the village has not noticeably recovered, but the excuses they offer are familiar enough - the saurians have returned and are rampaging around the village! This time in addition to Fyoran the mayor of Harve Village, Jonas will enlist your aid in dealing with the menace (albeit much more demandingly than Fyoran), but the goal is still the same - kill several saurians crawling around in the village.

When the saurians are culled you’ll be dragged into another conversation with Fyoran and the obviously racist major Jonas, which sets up the next quest in the Harve Village questline, Trouble in the Cape. Even better, this finally ends the quest Scaly Invaders, and your reward includes 1,800 XP, 6x "Saurian Scale" iconSaurian Scales and 5,000G. The village still hasn’t been rebuilt yet, however, but at least things are progressing!

XP 1,800
Item "Saurian Scale" iconSaurian Scales x6
Gold 5,000

Now that things are proceeding with Harve Village, you’ll need to burn some more time before the next quest begins. Check out the following pages for quests to occupy yourself with in the meantime:

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