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Dragon's Dogma 2

Off The Pilfered Path Walkthrough

Echo Apsey
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To begin this quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will first need to finish Mercy Among Thieves, which you should have automatically come across when traveling to "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl. At the end of the quest, Hugo will be taken into the Bakbattahl gaol and you will have a guard come up to you in the following days telling you that Hugo isn’t being as open as they would like - asking you to step in.

It is one of the more obscure quests in the game as it doesn’t offer much in the way of guidance with objective markers. However, that is where we come in.

Visiting Hugo

The quickest way to visit Hugo is by heading to the north of Bakbattahl and heading east. You can find a pathway that leads to the back of the gaol. Directly as you enter, you can talk to Hugo who is ahead of you. He will blabber on about why he committed his crimes but not exactly help you out or improve his situation, so it’s time to get him out.

Instead of heading through the palace, you can get to the jail easily from the eastern edge of the north of Bakbattahl.

Bribing the Head Gaoler

The easiest way to get Hugo out of the Gaol is to bribe the head Gaoler, Ekratt. He can be found in the jail or the nearby officeand you will need to pay him a small amount of Gold for him to convince his higher ups to let Hugo out. Once done, wait a few days and return.

Ekratt is the man you want to talk to if you want to get Hugo out.

Upon returning, Ekratt will tell you that his higher ups need more convincing, so you will need to pay him again. Wait a few more days and you will be able to get Hugo out. However, this quest has bugged for a number of people according to reports on Reddit and social media. So, there is a chance you might not be able to finish it as no matter how long you wait, Ekratt will still tell you to give him more time.

If this happens there is a way to get Hugo out. Grab the "Makeshift Gaol Key" iconMakeshift Gaol Key from the room nearby if you haven’t already and move the guard outside Hugo’s cell to the end of the corridor. Wait for the other guards who are patrolling to be far down the corridor too and then open the door using the Makeshift "Gaol Key" iconGaol Key. If you don’t time it right you will be killed pretty quickly by the guards and you can pick up one of the roaming guards, dropping them by the other one so they walk in unison if they aren’t already.

If successful, you can then carry Hugo out via the back entrance nearby and drop him to talk to him. From there you will need to find Hugo a job in the city.

We have yet to figure out this part of the quest, but we will be updating this article in the coming days as we explore Bakbattahl more and all the possibilities for finding Hugo a job.

For even more guides on Bakbattahl quests, be sure to check out our world map which has them, NPCs, and so much more pinned. You can also find detailed walkthroughs of other quests in our guide, such as the Shadowed Prayers quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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So I found a way. You need to kill Issacs family by letting him read the book first. Then there will be an option to give hugo a job at Issacs wares :) ????

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So I found a way. You need to kill Issacs family by letting him read the book first. Then there will be an option to give hugo a job at Issacs wares :) ????

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