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Dragon's Dogma 2

Flickering Shadows Walkthrough

Matt Chard

Flickering Shadows is one of the first main story quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you’ll encounter when you reach Bakbattahl. As you approach the gates to the city, you’ll meet the Pathfinder, who will set you on this quest. This quest has everything, from unlocking the Trickster Vocation to meeting the Dragonforged and unlocking a sunken temple. Read on to find out exactly where you unlock the quest, a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete it, and where you can find the Trickster Vocation unlock.

Completing the Flickering Shadows quest will unveil something spectacular.

Flickering Shadows Quest Location

As briefly mentioned earlier, you’ll get the quest automatically when entering Bakbattahl for the first time provided you’ve done the other main story quest with Captain Brant in Vernworth. The last quest you’ll get from Brant is the Nation of the Lambent Flame quest, which sends you to Battahl. You’ll complete this quest just before reaching the main city, and until you get this quest, you won’t have one. As you approach the main gates of Bakbattahl, you’ll get a short scene with the Pathfinder who will tell you where you can find more information about the Godsway, and that person is Ambrosius who appears to be at the Olta’Battahl Coast

Olta’Battahl Coast Location

The Olta’Battahl Coast can be found to the northeast of Bakbattahl. Head through the Mercantile Ward, go past the Residential Ward in Bakbattahl, and take the northeastern exit. Follow the road northeast, and you’ll eventually reach the Olta’Battahl Coastline. Continue northeast and follow the coastline until the path takes you to some hooded people. These are friendly, although there may be a Griffin nearby that isn’t as friendly. The Griffin isn’t part of the quest, so if it is there, you can ignore it. As you head around the corner, you’ll find Ambrosius.

(1 of 2) Head northeast from Bakbattahl and you find Ambrosius along the coast.

Head northeast from Bakbattahl and you find Ambrosius along the coast. (left), Ambrosius won’t answer your questions until you find him some blue crystal shards. (right)

All Blue Crystal Shard Locations

When you meet Ambrosius he doesn’t have a lot to say, but he will ask you to bring him any blue crystal shards you find to him. All the shards will be in the vicinity, so make sure you pick them all up.

  • The first shard will be just behind Ambrosius by the sea to your right.
  • The second shard will be a bit further north near the hooded man.
  • The third shard can be found by heading north past the large rock in the center.
  • The fourth shard is behind the small rock by the sea, east of the last shard.

If there are any more shards, they are extremely well-hidden. Once you have the shards, speak to Ambrosius and trade him at least one shard. Note, if you don’t trade them all in now, you won’t be able to trade them in, at least until much later, so make sure you trade all of them in here. In all honesty, it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t as he’ll only give you 100G per shard.

Once you hand one over to him, you’ll ask him what they are. He’ll tell you that it’s what the godsway is made with. This allows normal people to get the power of an Arisen, which you saw demonstrated to you earlier in the palace. Although these crystals have that power, he needs larger shards to make the godsway, and he suggests you talk to an Oracle and the Dragonforged.

(1 of 5) The first shard is visible behind Ambrosius.

Where to Find the Dragonforged

Follow the path north, head across the wooden bridge, and you’ll find a cave. Enter the cave and follow the tunnel northwest to find the Bay Wayside Shrine with the Dragon-Forged sitting on its floor. Before you speak to the Dragonforged, make sure you pick up the red crystal on the floor next to the Dragon-Forged as these are Wyrmslife Crystals, five of them to be exact. These can be used to purchase items from the Dragonforged such as a Portcrystal, Ferrystones, and an Unmaking Arrow as well as being used in higher-end crafting. Also, you’ll find a Simple Rift Incense here. When you’re done looting his cave, talk to the Dragonforged, and he’ll tell you that you can get Wrymslife Crystals from lesser drakes as well. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Now, you’ll get a few options. Trade, Enhance, and Talk. Select the latter to carry on with the quest but make sure you check out the other options too as this will be useful later. If you have 20 WLC (Wyrmslife Crystals), make sure you purchase the Portcrystal, but odds are you most likely won’t have many by now unless you’ve been butchering drakes all over Vermund. The Wyrmsfire enhancement allows you to craft further beyond the original three ranks, so you’ll be back here when you focus on completing your builds. Furthermore, it’ll reduce the weight of said equipment by half and increase its efficacy.

When you’re ready to progress the quest, select Talk and choose “Tell me of the Godsway”. It’s worth selecting all of these options for the lore, but you only need to select the option above. You’ll find out more about your purpose, but he doesn’t know anything about the godsway, although he does mention a sorcerer by the name of Phaeus. The plot thickens. As the Dragonforged doesn’t have any idea about the blue crystal shards, it’s time to seek out someone who does.

(1 of 4) Head into the nearby cave to the north to find the Dragonforged.

Where to find the Oracle

The person you’re looking for is an Oracle who just happens to be the Trickster Vocation unlock NPC. Head back to Bakbattahl and leave the city via the western exit. Follow the paths west and then north to find them. The Oracle’s abode is east of the Enoa’Battahl Forest, situated in the northern part of the Battahl region. The quickest route to them is to take the Oxcart from Bakbattahl to Checkpoint Rest Town, and then head south into Battahl from there. When you enter Battahl, head south until you reach some ruins, and then head east to find the Reverent Shrine, which is where the Oracle is located.

When you reach the shrine, head up the stairs to the back and speak to Luz. Ask them the godsway’s secret, and they’ll tell you that they too don’t know much about this, but they will tell you about a surface below the sea unreachable by mortal hands, and that a path will be opened for you in due time. The last thing they have to tell you is to speak to another Dragonforged but in Harve Village. Before you go, make sure you open the chest to the left of the Oracle for 300 RC, and then climb the ladder outside the shrine and jump across the plaque above the entrance for a secret Trickster skill.

(1 of 4) Next up is the Oracle. You can find them at the Reverent Shrine in the north of Battahl.

Harve Village Dragonforged Location

If you touched the Portcrystal in Harve Village earlier, use a Ferrystone to teleport to it. If you didn’t, you’ll need to travel to Checkpoint Rest Town and head east. You can purchase a Ferrystone of the Dragonforged by the coast for 3 WLC, or from the merchants in Bakbattahl for 10,000 G. When you teleport back to Harve Village, you’ll instantly get a scene with the crazy old guy (Rivage Elder) who lives in the hut by the sea near Stormwind Cave. At first, he’ll sound like he’s not making much sense, but shortly after a sunken temple will rise from the sea. You know where to go next, but that’s for the next quest, as this one will be completed after the cutscene.

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