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Dragon's Dogma 2

Dye Locations - How to Unlock New Hair Colors

Nathan Garvin

"Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 has gained a good reputation for having a deep, accommodating character creation system - robust enough to create just about any Arisen you could care to make, along with a unique pawn to accompany you on your adventures. Fair or not, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is also known for arbitrarily locking some content behind in-game paywalls, requiring you to spend gold or Rift Currency to adjust your characters once you leave the safety of the character creation screen. While there are plenty of colors to choose from right from the start of the game, if you were wondering why some color palettes are absent or not as vibrant as you might expect, it’s because character creation has unfortunately intersected with one of these paywalls. Namely, you can spend Rift Currency to purchase dyes that will add new color options during character creation. This page will explain how dyes work in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including where to find dyes, what dyes are available, and how to change your hair color in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

(1 of 4) You’ll reach Battahl eventually by following the main questline, but if you’d rather get there soon, you can brave the perils of Guerco Cavern.

Dye Locations - How to Unlock More Hair Color Options in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In order to unlock new hair colors in Dragon’s Dogma 2 you’ll need to find dyes and given how far into the game you need to progress to do so, newer players might not even be aware these dyes exist. You can purchase dyes from Alexia, in the city of "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl - she can be found near the "Bakbattahl Pawn Guild" iconBakbattahl Pawn Guild along the northwestern edge of the city. Reaching Bakbattahl is the hard part, as it’s located in the Battahl region a good way south of the "Checkpoint Rest Town" iconCheckpoint Rest Town.

To get through the aforementioned checkpoint dividing Vermund and Battahl you’d normally need to rely on main quest progression (or a bit of subterfuge), but if you’d rather fight your way there you could always enter via "Guerco Cavern" iconGuerco Cavern, a lengthy, perilous passage a good way to the east of the Checkpoint Rest Town. To go this route, you’ll need to fight or run past numerous foes, including a "Drake" iconDrake, "Chopper" iconChoppers, "Hobgoblin" iconHobgoblins, a "Golem" iconGolem, a "Chimera" iconChimera, and more, but if you can make it you can reach Bakbattahl long before the story takes you there.

However you get to Bakbattahl, when you arrive talk to Alexia and she’ll sell you several dyes, including "Red Dye" iconRed Dye, "Green Dye" iconGreen Dye, "Blue Dye" iconBlue Dye, "Yellow Dye" iconYellow Dye, and "Purple Dye" iconPurple Dye. These colors are all much more vibrant than the default colors, so if you want bold, bright colors, this is the way to go. Each dye will set you back 500 Rift Currency.

(1 of 4) In order to make use of your newly acquired dyes, seek out Mettefere,

How to Use Dyes - Dragon’s Dogma 2

Once you’ve purchased whatever dye you want (or can afford at this time), you’ll need to make your way to "Mettefere's Cosmetics" iconMettefere’s Cosmetics in Bakbattahl and talk to the proprietress (the aforementioned Mettefere), upon which you’ll hand over all the dyes you possess and make them available for use. Unfortunately the barber in "Vernworth" iconVernworth ("Clovis's Barberie" iconClovis’s Barberie) will not make use of these dyes - you must give them to Mettefere for them to “register”.

After you’ve given Mettefere the dyes you have, you’ll be able to customize your appearance with one of several options: Customize Hairstyle, Adjust Makeup, Give Markings, or Change Multiple. The first three will each set you back 10,000G per character (you can only adjust the Arisen and your main pawn) while the latter costs a whopping 25,000G, so you should probably rest at an inn/house before doing this to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Alternatively, you can buy an "Art of Metamorphosis" iconArt of Metamorphosis from "Neomith" iconNeomith in the Vernworth Pawn Guild for 500RC, which will allow you to change everything about a single character. No matter how you slice it, customizing your character is expensive, but if you just want to give yourself a different hair color, the “Customize Hairstyle” option is all you really need.

When you’re back in the character creation menu (however much of it you have access to, depending on what means you chose earlier) just select a hair color option and press DualSense-L1 / DualSense-R1 to swap between palettes. Each dye should unlock a new palette full of colors to play around with.

Now that you know how to update your do, swagger over to these other mechanics pages that’ll help you navigate the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2:

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