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Dragon's Dogma 2

An Unsettling Encounter Walkthrough

Scott Peers

"An Unsettling Encounter" iconAn Unsettling Encounter is a main quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 that can be started in "Vernworth" iconVernworth, the capital city of Vermund. You’ll need to complete a few quests for Captain Brant before you can access it, and then he’ll either give you the quest when you speak with him, or a messenger will tell you that Brant wants to speak with you. Captain Brant can always be found at "The Stardrop Inn" iconThe Stardrop Inn in Vernworth, but usually only at night, so be sure to rest until nightfall if necessary.

Speak with Captain Brant at night in The Stardrop Inn to begin An Unsettling Encounter.

How to Start An Unsettling Encounter

To begin this quest, you need to wait until the dialogue option for “Tell me of rumors about Allard.” becomes available when speaking with Captain Brant. This will usually happen after completing the "Disa's Plot" iconDisa’s Plot quest, but it may happen at different intervals for different players. Either way, you’ll be visiting Brant regularly throughout the first stages of the story, so it’s difficult to miss.

Speak with Captain Brant

Captain Brant will tell you that Regentkin Sven espied a suspicious package being delivered to a man named Allard, a minister who happens to be one of the queen regent’s (Disa’s) staunchest and most powerful allies in the palace. It’s clear that Allard wanted this package to be kept secret, so for that reason, it’s of interest to you, since it’s likely connected to Disa’s schemes.

With Regentkin Sven on your side, the task of finding out what this package is becomes easier. He’s arranged to summon Allard to his chambers come nightfall, and that will provide you with an opportunity to explore Allard’s room without interruption. You’ll need to wear civilian clothes or the Marcher armor set to do this without drawing attention to yourself, otherwise, you’ll need to sneak your way through most of the guards, which is generally more trouble than it’s worth.

(1 of 2) Captain Brant can sometimes be found in the back room of The Stardrop Inn.

Captain Brant can sometimes be found in the back room of The Stardrop Inn. (left), Ask Brant about rumors concerning Allard to start the quest. (right)

How to Get Marcher Armor or Courtly Clothes

The easiest way to get the Marcher armor set is by purchasing it from "Philbert's Sundries" iconPhilbert’s Sundries, a merchant located in the market square of Vernworth, to the left of the armorer. However, if you’d rather not spend the gold, you can find the set in a chest in the first room of the Guardhouse. If you’d rather wear civilian clothes, which will also provide a suitable disguise for wandering the castle, you can find these in several places throughout Vernworth, most notably from houses in the Noble Quarter. Be sure to check our map for their locations, which we’ve linked below.

Location of Allard’s Chambers in Vernworth Castle

Once you’ve acquired either the Marcher set or the Courtly Tunic and Courtly Breeches, you can make your way to Vernworth castle. At the steps into the castle grounds, you’ll meet a guard named Sonia, who will take you to the side of the main entrance where you can enter without being questioned. From here, you need to go through the storeroom and immediately turn right (northeast), then turn southeast toward the throne room. From here, go through the archway on the southwest side of the room, and up the spiral stairs. When you reach the top, you’ll be in the living quarters of the castle.

(1 of 2) Make your way to the area just before the throne room in Vernworth castle.

Make your way to the area just before the throne room in Vernworth castle. (left), Go through the arch and up the spiral stairs to the living quarters. (right)

Search Allard’s Chambers - Battahli-Crested Letter

As you head east from the top of the stairs, you should soon trigger a cutscene during which Minister Allard makes an appearance. Wait for the scene to end, and for Allard and the guard to leave the room, then quickly enter Allard’s chambers to search them. You won’t actually find anything of note in the main room, but if you go to the southeast corner and press against the wall, you’ll open a secret door into a hidden side room. The door is marked by distinctive blocks which jut out from the wall, so it’s easy enough to spot when you’re looking for it.

(1 of 3) Look for the secret door on the wall in Allard’s Chambers, and walk through into the side-room.

Once you’re in the room, you’ll see a "Battahli-Crested Letter" iconBattahli-Crested Letter on the table. All you need to do now is jump out the window in Allard’s chambers, then make your way to Captain Brant and show him the letter. However, as you jump out of the window, another cutscene will play during which a woman named Wilhelmina appears. Thankfully, she’s on your side (sort of) and helps you to escape without being seen. When you return to Captain Brant at The Stardrop Inn, you’ll be rewarded with 5,500 gold and a "Ring of Accrual" iconRing of Accrual for completing the quest.

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