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Dragon's Dogma 2

When Wills Collide Walkthrough

Matt Chard

"When Wills Collide" iconWhen Wills Collide is the final quest in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2.By completing this quest, you will end the game and unlock New Game Plus after the credits. Although there isn’t much to it, you can still die. Read on to find out how to finish the quest, and what you bring forward into New Game Plus.

When Wills Collide is the final quest of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Activate the Beacon

Once you’ve evacuated all the citizens and defeated all the Purgeners during the post-game, you will complete the "Halls of the First Dawn" iconHalls of the First Dawn quest, and a new pillar of light will form in the center of "Seafloor Shrine" iconSeafloor Shrine. When you’re done with The Unmoored World, head over to the pillar of light and use your Empowered Godsway one more time to activate it. Immediately, you’ll get a cutscene that ends with you sitting on top of the dragon.

(1 of 2) After you finish the Halls of the First Dawn quest, a new pillar of light will appear in Seafloor Shrine.

After you finish the Halls of the First Dawn quest, a new pillar of light will appear in Seafloor Shrine. (left), Head over and activate it to begin the final quest in the game. This will end your current playthrough. (right)

Reach the Heart

While atop the dragon, you will regain control while the credits roll down the side of the screen. As the story plays out, slowly walk toward the glowing light situated at the center of the dragon while you try to avoid the few attacks the dragon throws at you; these are predominantly red spikes, some of which you can’t avoid. At this point, all you can do is make your way to the center while you listen to the Pathfinder. Continue forward, and you’ll get a short scene where you’ll get thrown to the back of the dragon.

(1 of 2) Slowly walk toward the glowing part of the Dragon. This is its heart.

Slowly walk toward the glowing part of the Dragon. This is its heart. (left), While you walk toward it, you’ll be hit by random spikes. Some of these are unavoidable. (right)

Here, you can actually die, but fortunately, there is a checkpoint, so if you do die, you can continue from this point. Now, you’ll want to continue to head forward in between the spikes, but while you do this, you’ll be chased by the brine from behind. Due to the lack of a sprint, all you can do is continue running forward. When you get past the spikes, the camera will pan toward the dragon’s head, where it’ll start spewing flames from its mouth. Proceed toward the center of the dragon, and it’ll breathe fire at you across its body. When this happens, wait behind the spikes protruding from the dragon and use it as cover until the flames dissipate. Don’t worry about the encroaching brine for this part, as it’ll stop until you can carry on.

Once the path has cleared, continue onward while avoiding the brine, and you’ll eventually get a cutscene where you’ll finally finish the dragon off, with a little help from your pawn. This will end the quest and consequently the game where you’ll get the full credits. Note, that there is a scene after the credits, so make sure you watch it before you skip everything. After the credits, you’ll be back at the main title screen, and you’ll notice that the game gives you the option to “Restart game with current level and equipment”. This is how you start New Game Plus.

(1 of 4) After the scene, you’ll be chased by the brine. Keep heading forward while shifting to the side when the brine gets close.

What Carries Over to New Game Plus?

To begin New Game Plus, select the new option that appears that says “Restart game with current level and equipment”. Below you’ll find all the stuff you carry over to the new game plus and what things change.

  • Change you and your pawn’s appearance (including race) for free.
  • You keep all unlocked Vocations, Ranks, and Skills. You can change your Vocation when you reach "Borderwatch Outpost" iconBorderwatch Outpost. Make sure you sleep at the inn there first, and then you’ll get access to the Vocation Trainer.
  • Your level will be the same level you ended the game with.
  • Keep all your "Portcrystal" iconPortcrystals, but their locations will be reset. These will be placed in the storage.
  • "Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Tokens and "Golden Trove Beetle" iconGolden Trove Beetles carry over.
  • Some shops will sell higher-level equipment and items.
  • New equipment and items can be found in the world.
  • NPC Affinities will reset.
  • "The Dragonforged" iconThe Dragonforged will offer you the end-game gear from the get-go as well as allow you to reduce the stamina cost of one active skill.

There you have it, not as much as we were hoping, but hopefully future DLC will add to this and expand it further.

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