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Dragon's Dogma 2

Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory: Location, Quests & Rewards

Craig Robinson

The "Forbidden Magick Research Lab" iconForbidden Magick Research Lab in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 is a place that players can visit as parts of various main quests, side quests, and other rewards. The place is fairly important for those reasons, and so, players are required to visit it fairly often. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about the Forbidden Magick Research Lab and what to expect from it.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about the Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Forbidden Magick Research Lab Locations

The Forbidden Magick Research Lab is an important place, but is somewhat hidden from view. Players can access it via three different methods:

  1. Northern Cliff / Gaol Entrances
  2. Eastern "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl Flame Palace Entrance
  3. South Flame Palace Entrance

One method is to access the northern entrance of it via the cliff ledge at the northern part of Bakbattahl. Follow the route north from the market towards the edge of the city, then follow the pathways down toward the Gaol or through the other doorway that leads into it. The Gaol entrance also has a long pathway that takes you back towards the Forbidden Magick Research Lab.

Alternatively, you can enter the Flame Palace, and access the spiral stairs in the Great Flame Shrine area. You can either enter the palace from the East entrance from the Bakbattahl, or go via the road that leads south from the City and work your way north to reach the temple, near the History building. No matter which way you go, you should find a spiral staircase that goes down in the northwest corner of the Shrine Altar room, which should allow you to descend into the Forbidden Magick Research Lab.

Lastly, be aware that the Pawns are not able to enter the Palace and the grounds of the Forbidden Magick Research Lab. It plays the same intruder music you get with "Vernworth" iconVernworth Palace. But, don’t fret, the guards wont mess with you unless you start acting all weird.

Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory - Quests

For the most part, players will need to go to this area for a few main and side quests. This section will go into detail on the types of quests you can expect, alongside any preparation you can make or for some other quests relating or connecting to this area.

(1 of 2) There are a few main quests and side quests that take place in the Forbidden Magick Research Lab, such as the Main Story Godsway quest Brant sends you on.

There are a few main quests and side quests that take place in the Forbidden Magick Research Lab, such as the Main Story Godsway quest Brant sends you on. (left), Newt Liqueur is also a quest item for unlocking the Warfarer Vocation, which is a quest you start south of the Volcanic Islands. (right)

In terms of main quests, you will need to visit here as part of the "A New Godsway" iconA New Godsway. This requires you to get 15x "Wyrmslife Crystal" iconWyrmslife Crystals to hand over and progress the main story to start the final act of the main storyline.

When it comes to side quests, there are a few side quests involved with this location. For example, if you have the Veil of Gossamer Clouds quest, you will need to enter the Forbidden Magick Research Lab. Go into the area, and then enter one of the Workshops at the corner of the dragon statue to find the letter on the table. You need to have done all the side quests for Sven to be able to get this quest in Vernworth.

If you’re attempting to unlock the Warfarer class by completing the Sotted Sage quest, then you need "Newt Liqueur" iconNewt Liqueur. Thankfully, you can find some of the liquor inside the Laboratorium - Alchemy rooms, on the west side of the Forbidden Research Lab. See Map Marker

While not exactly a quest, you can also learn valuable information from an NPC in one of the workshop rooms about Medusa. There is also a book that gives you some strategy in case you are planning on taking on the "Medusa" iconMedusa boss, located near Wyrmblood Forest.

Lastly, there’s another use of this building for a quest in the Unmoored World called "Dreams Apart" iconDreams Apart. We’ll avoid this info for spoiler reasons.

Keep these in mind for when you are going through quests, or for preparing for the future quest(s) you’ll come across.

Important Loot in the Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory

Like with most places in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory hide a few secrets that you can get your hands on. There is a collection of valuables, crafting materials, gear, and "Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Tokens for you to acquire. We have a table with notes on the item, how to get them, and links to out interactive marker if you want any more assistance with finding things in the area.

(1 of 3) Players can also find two Seeker’s Tokens. One is next to the head of the dragon statue in the main workshop area.

Loot Description Map Marker
"Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Token 1 In the main lab area, you should find a statue of a dragon. You should find the "Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Token in front of the dragon’s face. Map Marker
"Wakestone Shard" iconWakestone Shard Go to the Workshop 1 room in the center of the "Forbidden Magick Research Lab" iconForbidden Magick Research Lab area. You should find a "Wakestone Shard" iconWakestone Shard on the top of a table in the room. Map Marker
"Farseer's Circlet" iconFarseer’s Circlet A helmet that all classes can wear, and is sold in the "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl Armory vendor. You can get this for free by looting the chest in the corner of the Laboratory Workshop 1 room. Map Marker
"Black Crystal" iconBlack Crystal Inside a wooden chest along the tunnel leading from the Research Lab to the Gaol. Map Marker
"Blackened Horn" iconBlackened Horn Inside a chest in the Laboratorium Testing Room. Map Marker
"Wakestone" iconWakestone 1 Inside the ribcage of the dragon’s skeleton in the large pit in the Forbidden Magick Research Laboratory. Access it by going to the bottom of the large circular staircase. Map Marker
"Seeker's Token" iconSeeker’s Token 2 Another object lodged into the remains of the dragon at the bottom of the staircase in the Refuse Storage. Map Marker
Grimoires If you go into the "Laboratorium - Material Stores" iconLaboratorium - Material Stores room, you can find a chest next to the door, which contains the "Igneous Melody" iconIgneous Melody, "Emergent Vitality" iconEmergent Vitality, "Threshing Blaze" iconThreshing Blaze, "Winter's Path" iconWinter’s Path and "Fulgurous Lord" iconFulgurous Lord spellbooks. Map Marker
"Prescribed Tranquility" iconPrescribed Tranquility Looted in Workshop 1 on the desk in the corner of the room. Map Marker

Note that if you head upstairs towards the "Flamebearer Palace" iconFlamebearer Palace Audience Hall and visit the Servant and Empress quarters, there’s more loot too. Expect to find some more "Wakestone" iconWakestones and other powerful curatives like the Allhela Elixir. Moreso, there’s another Seeker Token inside the "Bakbattahl Gaol" iconBakbattahl Gaol, which you should end up walking through or towards at some point while you get the other loot from Forbidden Magick Research Lab.

With that said, this covers all the major things you need to know about the Forbidden Magick Research Lab in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You should hopefully know how to access the location, grab quests and other quest-related items, and then all the possible major sources of loot and rewards in the area.

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