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Dragon's Dogma 2

How To Kill A Wight

Echo Apsey

Lurking around at night in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and in caves you can find a "Wight" iconWight. A terrifying, skeletal, large enemy, and while they may look like a challenge, they are actually one of the easier large enemies to fight, providing you don’t get caught out by their spells.

In this guide, we cover how to kill them quickly and effectively and give you some tips to avoid falling victim to their attacks when fighting up close. You can also find all of them on the map on our Dragon’s Dogma 2 interactive world map.

How To Kill A Wight In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Some important tips for killing Wights:

  • Spend only a few seconds up-close
  • Be careful of its spells
  • Use ranged attacks to bring it to the ground
  • Make use of high-damage classes
  • Avoid cliffs

When taking on a Wight don’t spend too long fighting it up close and keep an eye on the spells it casts. While you are able to deal the vast majority of damage up close, and this is the most effective way to kill it, it will often cast spells with a large area of effect.

These attacks can be really deadly, especially at night when you don’t have fantastic visibility. Add on the amount of particle effects and visual noise that can accumulate during these fights and it can easily lead to a swift death.

The best strategy for attacking Wights is to lay into them for a few seconds at a time with a few attacks or a combo and then back off so it can shoot a few spells and then recover, allowing you to get back in up close to it again.

While you can land a good few hits, as soon as you see the Wight cast a spell, you will want to back off.

If you see the Wight floating down to the ground, it usually means it is recovering or stunned. In these moments you can absolutely go crazy with attacks until it stands back up and starts floating around again.

Stunning the Wight is a lot like stunning any enemy in the game; use ranged attacks. If you aren’t an "Archer" iconArcher, "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer, or "Magick Archer" iconMagick Archer, then having a ranged pawn on your team is your best bet when it comes to stunning them.

Some other classes like the "Mystic Spearhand" iconMystic Spearhand can be used to propel yourself close to the Wight, which can also stun it. These high-damage advanced classes are the best choices when taking on large enemies and bosses.

When stunned, you can easily knock off one or two health bars.

Finally, another tip for taking on a Wight, you want to fight it over a large field or solid ground. Given it floats in the air, it can be easy to accidentally fall off a cliff or into a body of water as you attack or try to reach it from the ground. Therefore, always fight it over a flat bit of ground and if it does happen to float over some water, simply dodge any spells and wait for it to return to its original spawn location, or move over flat ground.

It’s best to not take any risks when fighting on cliffs and the edges of large bodies of water.

That covers our tips for taking on the Wight in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Out of all the tough enemies, this isn’t a huge challenge. Thankfully, it doesn’t pummel you with melee attacks and takes time to recover from casting its spells. For even more boss guides, check out our guide on how to kill Medusa in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and tips to defeat the Sphinx or solve her riddles.

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