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Dragon's Dogma 2

How to Unlock the Trickster

Matt Chard

The "Trickster" iconTrickster can be unlocked by visiting the "Reverent Shrine" iconReverent Shrine east of the Enoa’Battahl Forest, but if you follow the "Flickering Shadows" iconFlickering Shadows quest, it will lead you straight there as well as introduce you to the "Dragon" iconDragon-Forged, so you may as well do both at the same time. This page will only tell you where and when to get the Trickster Vocation. You can follow our Flickering Shadows Walkthrough if you want to do both.

The Trickster is a support Vocation that uses illusions to trick their enemies into attack each other.

Trickster Unlock Location

The Trickster can be unlocked at the Reverent Shrine, east of the Enoa’Battahl Forest in the Battahl region. This means you’ll need to go to Battahl to unlock the quest, but the game soft locks you from entering the region until you’ve completed the main story quests, as one will reward you with a pass to get past the checkpoint at "Checkpoint Rest Town" iconCheckpoint Rest Town. However, there are ways to get to Battahl early, and one of these methods is to take the mountain pass via "Guerco Cavern" iconGuerco Cavern, due east of "Putrid Cave" iconPutrid Cave, far east of Checkpoint Rest Town. If you have access to Battahl you can ignore the next part.

Getting to Battahl Early

From "Vernworth" iconVernworth, take the Oxcart in the west to Checkpoint Rest Town (yes, that is the place’s name). When you get there, head out the northeastern exit, and follow the path east. Stay on the path and take the bridge over the river north. If you get to the broken bridge, you’ve gone too far east, so backtrack a little and head north. The other bridge will lead you over the river north to a large path (if you look at the map), follow this east and stay on it until you pass a Campfire to the south. Continue further east and take the next path south at the intersection.

This will take you to a wooded area with some goblins. Proceed further south and you’ll find Guerco Cave. This is a long trek (similar distance as "Melve" iconMelve to Vernworth), and it will sprawl across multiple caverns filled with nasty monsters. In all honesty, unless you are desperate to play Trickster, we suggest you wait and get it while doing the Flickering Shadows main story quest. However, if you do want it now, stock up on healing and stamina supplies, a strong party, and follow the caves south. Eventually, it’ll lead to "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl, the main city of the Battahl region.

(1 of 9) The red path represents the early route to Battahl. Meanwhile, the green path is the route you should take if you have the Border Permit.

Where to Find the Reverent Shrine

Once you reach the Battahl region, you’ll need to find the NPC who goes by the name "Luz" iconLuz. They can be found at the Reverent Shrine, east of the Enoa’Battahl Forest in the northern part of Battahl. The nearest place to it is the Checkpoint Rest Town, providing you have a Border Permit, which you should have if you’ve been completing Brant’s quests. From Checkpoint Rest Town, talk to the guard, permit in hand, and pass through the border gate. Now, follow the winding path south until you reach some ruins in Enoa’Battahl Forest. Continue down the main path south, and you should find the "Riftstone of the Fanged" iconRiftstone of the Fanged on your travels, just after passing the river. Now, head northeast via the paths and you’ll find the Reverent Shrine. Speak to Luz in there, and you’ll unlock the Vocation.

(1 of 4) Speak to Luz and ask them questions if they appear.

How to Get the Special Trickster Skill: Dragon’s Delusion

That’s right, you can get a hidden skill right off the bat. Climb the shrine via the ladder outside on the southern wall, head west around the shrine, and then jump over to the Plaque which is above the entrance. Luz the Trickster Vocation giver will tell you that you saw through their illusion and will reward you with the scroll “"Theurgist's Rite" iconTheurgist’s Rite”. Go into the inventory and use the scroll to unlock "Dragon's Delusion" iconDragon’s Delusion, and then equip it with a Vocation Trainer. Note that this jump may require you to use certain Vocation skills to reach it, as a regular jump won’t work. We used the "Mystic Spearhand" iconMystic Spearhand’s "Dragoun's Foin" iconDragoun’s Foin attack to close the gap, but we suspect that you’re intended to use the Trickster’s skills to reach it.

Flickering Shadows

This guide isn’t about Flickering Shadows, but as it’s mentioned a lot, we thought you’d like to know what and where it is. This quest is one of the first main story quests you’ll get in Battahl. As you approach the main city, Bakbattahl, you’ll get a short scene that will give you the quest. The quest eventually will lead you directly to the Trickster Vocation trainer, so if you don’t want to get the class early, we suggest you wait until you get this quest.

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