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Dragon's Dogma 2

Gift of the Bow - Glyndwr Quest

Nathan Garvin

Rules are rules and tools are tools, but sometimes the orthodoxy just doesn’t jive with everybody. Case in point, in "Vernworth" iconVernworth you’ll find an elf named Glyndwr who seems enamored with bows of human make. Find the cause of this elf’s odd obsession and advance Glyndwr’s interest in archery with our walkthrough for the side quest "Gift of the Bow" iconGift of the Bow in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2.

Give Glyndwr any human-made bow - the Fluted Bow can be purchased cheaply or obtained by changing your vocation to an Archer.

How to Start Gift of the Bow - Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can start this quest shortly after entering Vernworth the first time, just head over to "Roderick's Smithy" iconRoderick’s Smithy, where you’ll find Glyndwr standing and fussing over something. To start this quest all you need to do is talk to Glyndwr, who will express his desire to obtain a bow of human-make.

(1 of 2) After Glyndwr has his new bow he’ll ask you to show him how to use it,

After Glyndwr has his new bow he’ll ask you to show him how to use it, (left), asking to meet up at some ruins far to the northwest of Vernworth. (right)

Give Glyndwr a Human Bow

Why Glyndwr can’t just purchase a bow himself is a mystery, but fortunately, he’s not picky, either - any bow of human make will do, and that includes pretty much anything you can buy in early-game stores. If you must buy one, the Flute Bow for sale at the Borderwatch outpost costs a mere 810G, but you can also obtain one of these intro weapons for free just by switching to the "Archer" iconArcher vocation for 100 Discipline. You can also wait until you find a bow, but relying on RNG can take a while if you’re unlucky.

Once you’ve got a bow, return to Glyndwr and give him the weapon he desires and after an examination, he’ll tell you why he’s interested in such a weapon and ask you to demonstrate its usage. Your rendezvous spot is a good way northwest of Vernworth, near the "Forgotten Tunnel" iconForgotten Tunnel and "Mountain Ruins" iconMountain Ruins locations, on the edge of the Malachite Forest. It’s quite a trek, and if you complete the "Monster Culling" iconMonster Culling you’ll have traveled reasonably close when you made your way to "Trevo Mine" iconTrevo Mine earlier. While there shouldn’t normally be anything too dangerous out in this part of the world, as you’ve likely noticed by now there’s a lot of randomness out in the wilds - an "Ogre" iconOgre, Griffon, or "Drake" iconDrake can show up and ruin your day, so make preparations for a long trip and be ready to run past trouble spots, if necessary.

Before you set off, however, be sure to change your Arisen’s vocation to Archer. You need a bow and the ability to use it to properly demonstrate its technique for Glyndwr.

(1 of 2) As an Archer, shoot a target Glyndwr set up,

As an Archer, shoot a target Glyndwr set up, (left), and the elf will emulate your accomplishment, ending the quest and giving you a reward. (right)

Help Glyndwr Train at the Ruins

As an Archer, make your way northwest to the ruins where Glyndwr awaits, and he’ll waste little time directing you to shoot at some targets he set up. After the bother of getting all the way up here, this part of the quest is a little anticlimactic - just aim at the target and shoot it. This display of purely mechanical skill will astound Glyndwr, who will follow your example and find he prefers human archery techniques more than elven ones. For helping Glyndwr find his archery mojo you’ll get 1,600 XP, a "Ring of Proximity" iconRing of Proximity, and 8,500G. You’ll also unlock the next quest in this questline, "A Trial of Archery" iconA Trial of Archery.

XP 1,600
Item "Ring of Proximity" iconRing of Proximity
Gold 8,500

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