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Dragon's Dogma 2

Saint of the Slums Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Saints of the Slums side quest in "Vernworth" iconVernworth is a missable side quest that players can start once when they complete Brant’s early tasks. When you get the nod to go to "Bakbattahl" iconBakbattahl, you may visit the Gracious Hand in the Slums of Vernworth, and get a quest from a nun named Elena. Here, you’ll be tasked with acquiring items, with an optional longer part to the quest. Here’s everything you need to know about the "Saint of the Slums" iconSaint of the Slums in "Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about the Saints of the Slums quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to Start the Saints of the Slums in Dragon’s Doma 2

So, you’re in the Slums, and the good Samaritan in you fancies helping the Gracious Hand once again. Simply walk towards the front of the chapel’s main door, and you should see a conversation between a Beastren and Elena about the sick. If you speak to Elena, you should get a quest where she needs some supplies to get medicine. If you agree, you will need to acquire three "Miasmite" iconMiasmites.

To get Miasmites, you will need to kill "Phantom" iconPhantoms at night. Phantoms are the ghostly balls that fly around the world during the evening. Kill some time at a bench or at your house in Vernworth and go out into the nearby wilderness and track some spooky ghosts. Not all Phantoms drop the Miasmite, so you may need to kill a few packs before getting the three you need. Once you have the three, return to the slums and hand over the material to Elena, who should still be around the Gracious Hand.

After you give her the Miasmite and enter the Gracious Hand, this man will want you to make sure nothing weird is going on.

Once you hand over the materials, you can enter the chapel as a ‘reward’ and take a tour of the place. While on the tour, a patient named Lubomir at the back of the Chapel will ask you to come closer and speak to him. If you agree to help give him peace of mind, you must explore the Gracious Hand. If not, then the quest ends here.

Gathering Evidence and Apprehending the Abbess

If you agree to help Lubomir, you now need to complete the Gathering Evidence stage of the Saints of the Slums quest. We recommend waiting until night, as Elena often locks the basement door during the day. Go in at night, and then you want to acquire two items on a table and shelf at the back of the patient room in the basement.

(1 of 2) Players can find the Unlabeled Medicine on a countertop in the basement of the Gracious Hand.

Players can find the Unlabeled Medicine on a countertop in the basement of the Gracious Hand. (left), You will also find the Records of Treatment on the basement shelf of the Gracious Hand. Return both items back to the sick man upstairs and await further instructions. (right)

When you get the items, show them to Lubomir at his bed upstairs, and he’ll tell you to seek two chaps. You can find the two chaps on the left side of "Walter's Tavern" iconWalter’s Tavern, which is the pub near the beach in the slums. Speak to them both, and Bruno will tell you about Elana’s strange arrangements, where you can find her on the east side of the market square at night. The area should be marked on your map.

With that done, you can now go and see Elena acting suspiciously. Wait until night using whatever method you prefer, and then go to the spot on the map in the market square. You’ll find Elana speaking to a thug and getting ‘medicine’ from him.

Taking the Medicine to the Doctor

After that, you need to head to "Checkpoint Rest Town" iconCheckpoint Rest Town, located on the very far west side of Vernworth. You can either freely explore the area or take the West Vernworth Oxcart to the village you must go to.

Once you arrive at Checkpoint Rest Town, find the Doctor in the village towards the top of the hill inside the village and hand over the medicine. When you hand over the medicine, you will need to wait a short while for him to investigate it. Simply wait at the Inn nearby or sit on a bench near the Oxcarts to pass the time. We used the bench and only had to wait once to complete the doctor stage of the Saints of the Slum quest.

(1 of 2) Go to the Doctor in Checkpoint Rest Town, and hand over the medicine you found in the Gracious Hand basement.

Go to the Doctor in Checkpoint Rest Town, and hand over the medicine you found in the Gracious Hand basement. (left), Approach Elena, grapple, and hold her until you get dialogue and then a screen transition. (right)

Once the time has passed, visit the Doctor again, and he will tell you it is a poison that can cure ailments, as long as the patient survives the poison and following addiction. Now, return to Vernworth Slums via Oxcart or a "Ferrystone" iconFerrystone, and then go the Gracious Hand. You will then be able to find Lady Elena, typically standing guard by the patient door in the basement. Approach her, and subdue her using the grapple skill, and it should pin her to the floor. You’ll get a transition scene from there, where Elena is sent to Gaol.

An officer will then speak to you next to the Gaol telling you that your testimony and evidence are too good. With that said, you’ll have completed the Saint of the Slums quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For completing the quest, you’ll grab yourself a nice and juicy 1600 XP and 11000 G. Not bad.

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