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Dragon's Dogma 2

Vocation Tier List

Matt Chard

"Dragon" iconDragon’s Dogma 2 has ten Vocations for you to play around with. There are four base classes, which include "Fighter" iconFighter, "Mage" iconMage, "Archer" iconArcher, and "Thief" iconThief, and then you have six Advanced Classes that you can unlock throughout the game. These classes are "Warrior" iconWarrior, "Sorcerer" iconSorcerer, "Mystic Spearhand" iconMystic Spearhand, "Trickster" iconTrickster, "Magick Archer" iconMagick Archer, and "Warfarer" iconWarfarer. Although all classes are good, you may be wondering what classes are the best? Read on to find out what classes we recommend as the best Vocations in the game.

The Warrior is a sturdy Vocation that wields a Greatsword.

Best Vocations - S Tier

This list takes into consideration what each class offers on its own merits. So, if a class is designed for dealing damage, it’ll get rated for that. On the other hand, if the class is purely designed for support, we’ll rate it on those merits. Note that this list is purely subjective, and all classes are good enough to finish the game.

Magick Archer

If the term “Overpowered” could be used for any class, the Magick Archer would be it. This class can do everything. Want to heal? You can do it. Need to revive your Pawn? You have a special arrow that does exactly that. Do you want to deal a lot of damage? Well, "Martyr's Bolt" iconMartyr’s Bolt and Ricochet Bolt deals ridiculous damage. How about crowd control? You can do that also with the Mystick Archer, simply use one of the skills such as "Frostseeker Bolt" iconFrostseeker Bolt, which freezes enemies in their steps. As you can see, this class excels at almost everything outside of maybe survivability, but you’ll be far enough from any enemy to take much if any damage anyway.


Another powerhouse. This is by far the best class out of the base classes, and it even competes and surpasses some advanced classes too. Predominantly a damage dealer with a side of crowd control, Thief covers a lot of bases. One of the best abilities it has is "Skull Splitter" iconSkull Splitter (upgrade to "Helm Splitter" iconHelm Splitter). It has reach while also dealing a lot of damage. Now, enhance the daggers to whatever the enemy is weak to, and its quick-hitting attacks will make short work of any enemy. Once the enemy is downed, use "Draw and Quarter" iconDraw and Quarter (upgrade to "Gut and Run" iconGut and Run) to deal tremendous damage to its weak point. If that wasn’t enough, the Thief has some survivability thanks to "Formless Feint" iconFormless Feint, "Shadow Veil" iconShadow Veil, and "Smoke Shroud" iconSmoke Shroud (upgrade to "Smoke Screen" iconSmoke Screen). Finally, the Thief can pull down enemies with its "Implicate" iconImplicate (upgrade to "Ensnare" iconEnsnare) skill.

(1 of 2) The Magick Archer is a jack of all trades, master of everything.

The Magick Archer is a jack of all trades, master of everything. (left), Thief’s Skull Splitter skill deals some of the most damage in the game. (right)

Mystic Spearhand

The final class sitting at the top. Even though they’re not as powerful as the other two classes, they’re better than the rest below. At first, Mystic Spearhand looks cool, but it feels like it’s lacking in a lot of areas. However, when you unlock "Mirour Shelde" iconMirour Shelde (upgrade to "Mirour Vesture" iconMirour Vesture), the main weakness of the Spearhand (defense) turns into short-term invulnerability for you and your nearby pawns while also being able to be used repeatedly provided you have the stamina. For damage, it has "Dragoun's Foin" iconDragoun’s Foin (upgrade to "Dragoun's Stabbe" iconDragoun’s Stabbe) which is a lunging attack that can hit enemies in the air, and then you have a dive attack with "Skiedragoun's Feste" iconSkiedragoun’s Feste (upgrade to "Skiedragoun's Fangtooth" iconSkiedragoun’s Fangtooth). Finally, you have the powerful "Wild Furie" iconWild Furie, a relentless multi-slashing attack. Another great thing about this class is it deals with both physical and magickal damage, allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses with ease.

Best Vocations - A Tier


The Sorcerer is a powerful spell caster that exploits the enemy’s weakness due to the large arsenal of spells it has access to. Alongside its powerful spells, it can hit multiple enemies at the same time. When you get the special skills "Meteoron" iconMeteoron and "Maelstrom" iconMaelstrom the Sorcerer rises in power as these spells hit multiple enemies for devastating damage. You may ask if it’s this good, why is it an A instead of an S, and the reason would be its casting time. If you get hit while you’re charging a spell, it’ll interrupt the cast, meaning you’ll have to charge it again. You can negate this somewhat with "Spellhold" iconSpellhold which allows you to store a spell but this will only work for one spell.


Warrior is a great class with good damage while also having the ability to knock down large enemies with its charged-up "Mountain Breaker" iconMountain Breaker (upgrade to "Knoll Breaker" iconKnoll Breaker) skill. Although it doesn’t have a shield, the Warrior takes less damage while charging which means it makes a decent tank (although not as good as Fighter) while still dishing out high damage. With a bit of support from "Inspirit" iconInspirit (upgrade to "Revivify" iconRevivify), and a taunt from "Roar" iconRoar (upgrade to "Bellow" iconBellow) the Warrior makes a great pseudo-tank while still dealing respectable damage. The only thing that lets the Warrior down is that it’s more difficult to play than some other classes, as you’ll need to get used to when you can charge an attack or when to time your parries. Still, the Warrior is a strong class that just falls short of the top spot.

(1 of 2) If you want to support your party, it doesn’t get much better than a Mage.

If you want to support your party, it doesn’t get much better than a Mage. (left), The Fighter starts off strong but loses its usefulness later in the game. (right)


Mage is the ultimate support class. It heals, imbues your weapons with any element of your choice, shields you, and can silence or sleep enemies. This class would be rated S if its damage was a bit better, but for a pawn, we would rate it at S. The main spells you want to use are "High Celerity" iconHigh Celerity (upgrade to "Celerity" iconCelerity) which increases your speed, "Anodyne" iconAnodyne (Core Skill), "Argent Succor" iconArgent Succor (upgrade to Argent tonic) which heals over time, and any of the affinity spells. Depending on what you’re fighting, "High Halidom" iconHigh Halidom (upgrade to "Halidom" iconHalidom) will remove any debilitations you may receive. The only thing holding back the Mage is its lackluster damage which makes playing it as a main class frustrating due to the reliance on your pawns to do the brunt of the damage.

Best Vocations - B Tier


The Fighter does a lot of things well, but the drawback is that the game doesn’t need a tank (hopefully, the DLC will change this). It can be useful early on, and it has access to some strong augments, but as you reach the endgame, the Fighter’s usefulness falls off a cliff. One great use for a Fighter is to deal damage to enemies who have hard skin, such as "Rattler" iconRattlers and Armored "Cyclops" iconCyclops, due to its access to the Mace class of weapons. In general, the Fighter is a good class that suffers due to the game’s lack of difficulty. It’s great to have a Fighter during the early portion of the game but when you get access to the Warrior or the better classes, you’ll want to switch it out of the party.

Best Vocations - C Tier


The Archer is the definition of “Mid”. It does decent damage, but it gets outshone by every other damage dealer in the game. Similar to Fighter, it’s decent during the early portion of the game, but you won’t use it later game. Still, it’s worth leveling for the "Endurance" iconEndurance Augment.

Archer deals respectable damage, but it won’t hold a candle to the more powerful damage dealers.


We weren’t sure where to put Warfarer, to be honest. In theory, it’s a great class that allows you to equip several weapons at the same time, and then lets you switch between them on the fly by using the "Rearmament" iconRearmament skill. The downside is you can only have three skills equipped at the same time with the fourth getting taken up by Rearmament. So, you may have access to all these weapons, but outside the weapon’s core skills, you won’t get much out of them. Saying that, if you equip the right skills on the Warfarer, it can be a powerhouse. The reason we rated this so low is due to our disappointment when we unlocked the class as it takes a while to get it. This is probably a class that needs more tinkering before we can give it an honest rating, but for now, it sits at C.

Best Vocations - D Tier


The Trickster sits at the bottom of the list, but not due to its performance. See, the problem with the Trickster is you deal almost no damage with the class as it is a full support class. Instead, to deal damage, you need to rely on the AI whether that be from controlling enemies or enhancing your party of pawns. This can be incredibly frustrating as sometimes the AI won’t do what you want it to, and this will leave you standing around waiting until the AI does what it’s told. If the class had some damage skills, it would be rated higher. Now, the negatives are out of the way, let’s focus on some benefits. As a support, the Trickster can use its Simulacrum to get the enemies’ attention or use it to charm enemies over to your side temporarily. Trickster’s have skills that bolsters your party’s offense while also being able to conjure illusory floor and apply debilitations (such as fear) to enemies. With a few tweaks, the Trickster could be a really strong class but as of right now, the class is lacking.

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