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Where to Find Nellie Bly – Nightingale

Scott Peers

As you progress through the main story of Nightingale, you’ll eventually reach a point where you need to find and speak with someone named Nellie Bly. This quest is unlike most of the others in that Nellie isn’t actually marked on the map, so it can be difficult to know where to look for her. The only information you have is that she can be found in a Desert Herbarium realm, but other than that, you have nothing to work with. On this page, we’ll explain everything you need to know to find Nellie Bly as quickly as possible.

Nellie Bly can be difficult to find in Nightingale without a guide!

Nellie Bly’s Location in Nightingale

As mentioned above, the only information you have about Nellie Bly’s location is that she can be found in a Desert Herbarium realm. So, you’ll first need to craft a Desert Card and a Herbarium Card using the Enchanter’s Focus crafting station. With that done, you can use them with a portal, either one that currently exists in your Abeyance realm or by crafting a smaller Crude portal of your own. We recommend doing the latter if possible, as this will allow you to easily return to the realm when you next need to speak with Nellie, without restricting what you can do with the main portal in your Abeyance realm.

Although it’s not necessarily a requirement, we recommend crafting the best Climbing Picks that you have access to before you go looking for Nellie. It isn’t inevitable that you’ll need to do some climbing, but it’s highly likely, as you’ll soon discover.

(1 of 2) You need to visit a Desert Herbarium realm to find Nellie Bly.

You need to visit a Desert Herbarium realm to find Nellie Bly. (left), Look for a point on the map where a Portal and an Essence Trader can be found next to each other. (right)

Look for a Portal and Essence Trader

Once you’re in a Desert Herbarium realm, you can open your map to look for a Portal and Essence Trader which are located next to each other. Although all realms are procedurally generated for each player and are therefore slightly different in terms of landscape structure, this is the key to discovering where Nellie Bly can be found, since she’ll always be at a location where a Portal and Essence Trader are next to each other. You may see other Essence Traders on the map, but if there isn’t a Portal directly beside them, you can ignore those for now.

Now that you know where to find Nellie Bly on the map, actually reaching her is another matter, and can be quite a challenge in itself. This is because Nellie (and therefore the Portal and Essence Trader next to her) is located on top of a mountainous area. This is usually located near the center of the realm, so you can make your way there. What you’re looking for is an easy route up the mountain, and that will be determined by how forgiving the terrain is around it.

You may need to thoroughly explore the sides of the mountain by walking along and looking for a path up. This may present itself as a slightly less steep incline, such as the one shown in the screenshot below. If you see a lot of rocks jutting out the side of the mountain in ways that look climbable, you’re probably in the right place. The exact appearance will be different for everyone, but when in doubt, just try to climb and see how you do. We were able to find a space where we could easily jump up onto each rock, so we didn’t have to use our climbing picks much. It may be different for you, but you can always look for another way up if it isn’t working out.

(1 of 2) Look for a point in the cliffside that is less steep, providing a climbable way up.

Look for a point in the cliffside that is less steep, providing a climbable way up. (left), Nellie Bly can be found in a camp with a bunch of other NPCs. (right)

Whichever way you do it, once you reach the top of the mountain, you can check the map and head in the direction of the Portal and the Essence Trader. Don’t go down the mountain at any point, stick to the highest terrain level, and you should arrive at Nellie’s location soon enough. You’ll find that they’re surrounded by several other NPCs in addition to the Essence Trader.

After speaking with Nellie Bly, you’ll get a bunch of new quests that you’ll need to complete in order to progress to The Watch. If you need help with those, be sure to check the guides linked below.

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