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Gather Automaton Rook Gears and Raw Rook Gems Walkthrough in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

So you’ve handed in all the Bound items in Nightingale, and now, Victor Frankenstein wants you to go ahead and get Rook Parts. As part of the challenge, you will need to gather the Automaton Rook Mechanical Gears, alongside the Automaton Rook Raw Gems. These items come from, well, you guessed it, the Automaton Rook NPCs. This guide will teach you how to find the items and proceed with the quest.

(1 of 2) Players must defeat the floating brass robots to get Raw Gem and Mechanical Parts from the Automaton Rooks.

Players must defeat the floating brass robots to get Raw Gem and Mechanical Parts from the Automaton Rooks. (left), Defeating the creatures and smashing the drop with a pick can award Automaton Rook Raw Gems and Mechanical Parts. (right)

Where to find Automaton Rook Gems and Mechanical Gears

Once you get the quest from Victor, you can stay in the Desert Astrolabe realm. Go rummaging through the sand dunes, and while out there, go ahead and look for the metallic robots wandering near landmarks, and near resources around cliffs and oases. Feel free to take a spyglass with you if it helps to spot the little robros.

When you find a set of robots, you’ll often find a group of Pawns and Rooks together. You can see the Rooks by their rounder-shaped heads. Feel free to attack them with a pickaxe and bonk them out. When they die, they drop a metal heart, which you can hit with a pick again, and that often drops a material that they were farming, alongside Rook Metal Plates, Rook Wire, the Automaton Rook Raw Gems and Automaton Raw Mechanic Gears. It’s normally a range of materials that drop, so, you will likely need to kill more than five Rooks to get the Automaton Rook Raw Gem and Mechanical Gears to complete the quest.

Once you have your five Gears, and your five Raw Gems, you can return to Victor and start progressing the rest of the quest. This leads to the inevitable Oil quest you need for Nelly Bly and is part of the chain that leads to the Sun Giant questline. Soon, you’ll make it to the Watch, and reach the end game of Nightingale.

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