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How to Get Essence Dust in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Essence Dust is one of the most crucial resources in Nightingale, with the material used for both crafting and as a currency. For the most part, you will need to farm Essence Dust to craft early-game Realm Cards, upgrade items, or repair your gear. Over time you will find that you will need more and more Essence Dust to complete your tasks. That said, here’s a closer look at the best ways to get Essence Dust in Nightingale.

Essence Dust is an essential material for players to find in Nightingale for various crafts and repairs.

Best Essence Dust Farms in Nightingale

In the early game, the best Essence Dust Farm is to run around the forest biome with a sickle and swipe at every plant fiber and twig source you can find. When you fill your inventory, right-click the sticks and/or fiber and then extract them into Essence Dust. You will get one Essence Dust per each you extract. Considering there are often large patches of plants and growths to gather, you can easily get around 100 Essence Dust per fully depleted stamina bar. This will easily cover the 40 Essence Dust costs for your early-game Realm Card craft, item upgrades, and repairs. You can do the farm without a Sickle, but you will get a lot less fiber and sticks from each harvest.

Harvesting plants for sticks and fibers is one of the best early-game Essence Dust farms in Nightingale.

When running this early game farm, we advise stockpiling 500 Essence Dust when you go out to do heavy combat. This gives you enough to cover two full sets of repairs when your gear score is around 40-50.

However, when you start getting better quality gear, such as end-game items, then the price to repair gear can increase to around 2500 for 150 gear score sets. This means that the early game farm won’t work as efficiently as you’d like them to. Instead, we highly advise going around and converting base materials into Essence. You can find some higher tier crafting materials at your workstation that can award around six Essence per extract. You can also easily identify higher-tier fibers, sticks, and lumber in Forest biomes by looking for the higher-contrast trees and plants. Look for the white, bright green, and purplish trees and plants, as these often indicate the higher tier spawns in the high-level Major Card modifiers, such as the Astrolabe and Herbarium worlds. The same applies to Ores, which you can often find a lot of in caves, and around POIs across various worlds based on world generation. Convert them into better items and go from there.

Our other suggestion for getting Essence Dust in Nightingale is to clear POIs in your starter worlds. Abeyance Worlds are the easiest setting worlds, which offer players a starting base after they choose their starting biome post-tutorial. These worlds often have many dungeons and other POIs like Bastille of Intelligence, Occupations, and other features. Typically, they award Essence Dust for the first-time completion, which is a nice and fun way to get your early game Essence Dust. When you get to higher difficulty realms, this turns into either T1, T2, or T3 Essence, so be mindful it is a limited, yet guaranteed method of gathering various types of Essence.

Locations for T1, T2, and T3 Essence

If you’re looking for information on different tiers of Essence, including T1, T2, and T3, check the links below.

This concludes everything you need to know about getting Essence and Essence Dust in Nightingale. Good luck spending time on purchases from the Essence Traders, upgrading and creating items, and repairing gear. Good luck with grinding and exploring the world to get the resource.

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