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The Sun Giant's Prize Quest Guide - Nightingale

Matt Chard

Following the main quest line in Nightingale will eventually lead to meeting Nellie Bly who will give you three quests. One of these quests is “The Sun Giant’s Prize”. For this quest, you are tasked with acquiring a Pellucidic Ingot, which can only be obtained from the Sun Giants. There are two ways to obtain the rare material, trading or hunting. The former is the most time-consuming, but easier, while the latter is quicker but more difficult. Find out how you can find the Sun Giants, how to trade with them, and a step-by-step walkthrough on completing the quest.

Whether you’re hunting or trading for the Pellucidic Etched Ingot, you’ll need to find a Sun Giant.

Search For A Sun Giant Expert Walkthrough

If you’re taking the trading route for the quest, you’ll need to do some legwork. The first step is to talk to Wilhemina Sasse, who can be found in your Abeyance Realm, next to the Essence Trader. She will lead you to a Grendel who goes by the name of Danu who can be found in the Swamp Gloom Realm. Depending on where you are in the game, odds are that you won’t have this realm available to you yet. If that is the case, upgrade your gear to the highest it can get, take on the Gloom site of power, and defeat the boss. This requires you to have at least 60 Gear Score, which can easily be met by using the simple upgrade bench.

Once you’ve unlocked the card, craft it and a Swamp card, and then head over to the Swamp: Gloom realm. When you get there, open the map and look for the quest marker, which will be the Grendel Danu. Don’t be alarmed by its size, I assure you, it’s friendly. Note that Danu has some rare plants in and around the house, so make sure you ‘borrow’ them. After speaking to Danu, you’ll get another quest that requires you to conquer five Bastille’s of Intellect.

You can start The Sun Giant’s Prize by speaking to Nellie Bly in the Desert: Herbarium Realm.

Silence the Fae’s Tune Walkthrough

Danu will want you to silence the fae’s song it hears. I hope you like Bastille’s of Intellect as you’ll need to complete five of them for Danu. This can be done anywhere, but there are more than enough Bastille’s here in the gloomy swamp. Simply run around the area, and complete at least five Bastille’s of Intellect. Once this is done, head back to Danu to finish the quest which will reward you with the Ritual Curio Configuration and Danu’s Cauldron recipes, both of which are needed for the Sun Giants. Danu will give you another quest that requires you to craft both of the recipes you just acquired.

(1 of 2) Danu will give you a quest to Silence the Fae’s Tunes.

Danu will give you a quest to Silence the Fae’s Tunes. (left), This involves completing five Bastille of Intellects. (right)

Redress the Sun Walkthrough

Head back to your abode, and craft Danu’s Cauldron first. You can find this under the Augmentations category, and it will cost you the following materials:

  • Etched Ingot x2: Crafted at the Brazier, requires two regular ingots per Etched Ingot, so four in total.
  • Fasteners x2: Crafted at the Brazier, requires two regular ingots per Fastener, so four in total.
  • Ornament x1: Crafted at the Brazier, requires two regular ingots per Ornament, so two in total.

The Brazier can be acquired from the Swamp Provisioner Realm. Once you’ve crafted the cauldron, place it near the Simple/Refined Workbench, as that is where you’ll craft the Ritual Curio Configuration. With Danu’s Cauldron crafted and placed near the workbench, interact with the workbench and scroll to the bottom to find the Ritual Curio Configuration recipe. This requires the following materials:

  • Cut Gem x1: Crafted at the Refined Masonry Bench, requires one gem (any type) and one Stone Powder (two stone blocks at any Masonry Bench).
  • Plant Fibre x1: Gathered almost anywhere.
  • Precious Metal Etched Ingot x 1: Crafted at the Brazier, requires you to craft an Etched Ingot with a precious metal. Copper or Silver will work.

When you have the Ritual Curio Configuration crafted, it’s time to head back to Danu in the Swamp: Gloom. Talk to Danu to complete the quest that rewards you with the Lunar Nectar recipe.

(1 of 2) Place the Danu’s Cauldron Augmentation near the Refined Workbench.

Place the Danu’s Cauldron Augmentation near the Refined Workbench. (left), This allows you to craft the ritual item at the workbench. This is required for the trade. (right)

The Sun Giant’s Prize Walkthrough

Danu will tell you that you can find the Sun Giants in the Desert: Hunt Realm. You most likely don’t have this yet, so you’ll need to do the site of power to unlock the card. The Hunt Site of Power requires you to be at least 70 Gear Score. This can be achieved by purchasing the Refined Upgrade Bench recipe from any of the Gloom Essence Traders (all realms). This will cost you 15 T2 Essence, so make sure you have that first before going there. The Refined Upgrade Bench will increase your Gear Score to at least 100+ per piece, but it will require you to have 40 T2 Essence per upgrade, so you might want to farm a Fae Tower or two to get this.

Sun Giant Location

Once you have the Hunt Card, craft it along with the Desert Biome Card, and head over to it. Although it’s not needed, we recommend you bring along the spyglass, as it will help narrow down where to find the Sun Giants. If you haven’t used this before (we hadn’t) simply select the Spyglass, hold down the MouseRightButton (default) and search around the desert. The enemies’ names will appear, so when you see the Sun Giant’s name, head toward the direction, and you should find it.

(1 of 2) In the Desert: Hunt Realm, use the Spyglass until you find the Sun Giant’s name, and then head in that general direction.

In the Desert: Hunt Realm, use the Spyglass until you find the Sun Giant’s name, and then head in that general direction. (left), Stand in front of the Sun Giant until it begins a trade. Make sure you unequip your companion. (right)

When you reach the Sun Giant, make sure you unequip your companion if you have one as they will attack it, messing up your chance to trade. With that done, walk up to the Sun Giant who will be passive to you, and keep walking in front of them (repeatedly pressing E seems to help) until they stop and a blue glow appears. The Sun Giant will lower its hand allowing you to trade with it. This appears buggy, so if you can’t trade with the hand, look below it to initiate the trade. When the trading menu opens, select the Ritual Curio Configuration, and it should give you the Pellucidic Etched Ingot. If it doesn’t shoot it in the face (or heart) until it dies, and hope it drops it for you instead. Once you have the Ingot, it’s time to head back to Nellie Bly in the Desert: Herbarium Realm to turn it in. If you’ve turned in the other two, this will complete that portion of the quest or the whole quest.

(1 of 2) Place the Ritual Curio Configuration in the trade box.

Place the Ritual Curio Configuration in the trade box. (left), And the Sun Giant will give you the Pellucidic Ingot in exchange. (right)

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