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Faerie Rings Explained in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Faerie Rings are one of the few types of Synchronous Lotus items that players can make in Nightingale. These rings are useful for creating quick respawn points when out in the world, allowing you to respawn in a more ideal location rather than waiting on an awkward revive that may not come, a return to respite or a return to your portal. These things are useful, so we will give you our best tips and tricks for using a Faerie Ring in Nightingale.

How to Use Faerie Rings in Nightingale

Players must create Faerie Rings in Nightingale from the crafting menu to set them up. You will need four stone blocks, four wood blocks, and one Synchronous Lotus. Feel free to use the basic wood and stone blocks, as you don’t need to be too bothered about their durability unless you’re building them in a hostile environment, where you probably want more durable materials and some more reinforced building pieces.

Nightingale’s Faerie Rings make for fantastic fast respawn points near major combat objectives like dungeons, Fae Towers and Apex Hunt bosses.

Respawn Near Hunts and Objectives

When you create a Faerie Ring in Nightingale, you then enable a respawn point on the map. For the most part, you’ll only really need to use these if you’re doing a more dangerous Bastille of Agility, such as those super floating ones in the Herbarium Realms. Meanwhile, you will likely want to place one down in a more difficult Fae Tower in a harder-difficulty realm or while soloing bosses in Hunt card realms. You can also use them near the Abeyance Dungeons to respawn if the Fabled Automaton Knight bangs you out.

Being able to respawn near your objective is key to getting back into it. It’s especially true for Hunts, as the creatures tend to roam around the map. So, actually having a spawn close to the boss location will help you get back into the fight as soon as possible, rather than a long walk back to the last known location, only to find out it is not there.

Also, when you’re done with a Faerie Ring, you can destroy it. You’ll only get two of your blocks and wood bundles back, but you’ll get your Synchronous Lotus back which is the most important part of it!

And there you have it, these are the best ways to use the Faerie Rings in Nightingale. Good luck with your adventures, and have a nice and safe respawn point to get back to what you were doing, rather than having a long walk filled with pure gamer rage to come!

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