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How to Get Hardwood – Nightingale

Scott Peers

Hardwood is one of the most elusive resources in Nightingale, partly because you can’t currently craft it using any of the available crafting stations that are in the game as of early access. Instead, you need to find and destroy Fae Chests to loot Hardwood from them or wait until you reach The Watch multiplayer hub, where you can purchase various types of Hardwood from NPC Essence Traders. On this page, we’ll list all the different types of Hardwood that you can get from these traders and the best places to find Fae Chests.

Hardwood Locations – Nightingale

As mentioned above, as of early access, you won’t be able to find Hardwood by harvesting different types of trees in Nightingale. There are only two ways that you can obtain it - by destroying Fae Chests or speaking with Essence Traders at The Watch - both of which we’ll help you with below. It should be noted that Hardwood has limited uses in crafting, but it can be used to reinforce some tools and weapons to make them more powerful, and you can use it with some of the endgame building materials.

Where to Find Fae Chests for Hardwood

The first method that you’ll use to find Hardwood if you need it before you reach The Watch is by destroying Fae Chests. These can be found throughout most realms in abandoned ruins or around POIs such as Bastille of Intellect puzzles, but they’re most frequently encountered within Sites of Power. You need to enter different Sites of Power for Antiquarian, Provisioner, Astrolabe, Herbarium, Gloom, and Hunt realm cards, so you’ll naturally encounter these as you progress through the game. As you explore the sites of power, be sure to check every nook and cranny for the chests. They can be particularly well hidden, especially since it’s often dark in these places!

(1 of 2) You can find Fae Chests throughout the realms in ruins, POIs, and Sites of Power.

You can find Fae Chests throughout the realms in ruins, POIs, and Sites of Power. (left), Use your axe to destroy the Fae Chests and loot the Hardwood. (right)

It should be noted that the materials that can be found in Fae Chests won’t respawn once you destroy them, so there’s no reason not to destroy the chest and loot the resources from it. The same can be said for any type of chest that you find in the world, so don’t forget to treat them as quick wins in terms of acquiring some basic resources. You can even get things like Brass Ingots from some chests, so they’re well worth smashing.

Get Hardwood from Essence Traders at The Watch

The Watch is a multiplayer hub that you’ll discover towards the end of the main story in Nightingale. Here you’ll encounter other players for the first time, and you can join them in dungeons to complete puzzles and kill bosses. This is the primary way in which you’ll earn tier 3 Essence, but you can also find other materials during these runs (including Fae Chests!) so they’re well worth trying out. If you want to learn more about The Watch, be sure to check our The Watch Guide page for more information.

(1 of 2) You can purchase Carved Wood in its Hardwood form from Essence Traders at The Watch.

You can purchase Carved Wood in its Hardwood form from Essence Traders at The Watch. (left), Gilded Lumber is among the most valuable, as reflected in its price. (right)

Once you’ve reached The Watch, you can begin speaking with the NPCs there, many of whom are Essence Traders, and you’ll soon discover that they sell all sorts of recipes and items that you might not have encountered before. Among these are different types of Hardwood, which you can purchase in exchange for a specific amount of Essence. The type of Essence required will vary depending on the type of Hardwood, but we’ve listed them all in the table below for your convenience.

Hardwood Type Essence Required
Gilded Lumber (Hardwood) T3 Essence (x100)
Carved Wood (Hardwood) T1 Essence (x15)
Stock (Hardwood) T1 Essence (x15)
Hilt (Hardwood) T3 Essence (x100)
Handle (Hardwood) T3 Essence (x100)

It’s useful to note for crafting purposes that all of the above Hardwoods provide +15% Blocking Efficiency, +0.2 Durability, and +0.1 Fuel Efficiency as basic stats for weapons and tools. However, Gilded Lumber comes with an additional +0.2 Ranged Damage, +0.2 Magick Power, so it’s slightly better in most cases. This obviously won’t influence the way the lumber appears when used as a building material.

If you’re interested in learning more about other resources and where to find them, be sure to check the links below.

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