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How to Get Etched Ingots in Nightingale

Matt Chard

As you progress through Nightingale, a lot of recipes will begin to need Etched Ingots. These were created by the Druids who etched magickal contracts into the metal, giving them special properties. Although this would increase the potency of the magick stored inside the metal, it came at the cost of durability. The short and sweet answer to crafting Etched Ingots is to place Ore in the Brazier, but you’ll need to progress the game to unlock it. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to start crafting Etched Ingots in Nightingale.

How to Make Etched Ingots - Nightingale

The first thing you need to do is get the Brazier, which is basically an upgraded version of the Smelter. The Brazier is a Tier 2 recipe, so you must progress the game until you can craft the Provision Card. Read our Provisioner Realm Card Guide to learn more on how to obtain it. Once you have a Provisioner Card along with a biome card, head to the Essence Traders and purchase the Brazier Recipe for 15 T2 Essence. Odds are you are yet to have any Tier 2 essences or not many. If that is the case, complete some side activities such as Occupations, Bastilles, and Fae Towers, with the latter being your best bet.

(1 of 2) The Brazier can be purchased from the Provisioner Realms for 15 T2 Essence.

The Brazier can be purchased from the Provisioner Realms for 15 T2 Essence. (left), It’ll cost you six ingots and three shafts to craft, both of which can be crafted at the Smelter. (right)

Now that you have the recipe, you’ll need the materials to craft it. The component is six regular ingots with the second requiring three shafts, both of which are crafted at the Smelter. Shafts will require two ingots per shaft making it a total of 12 ingots required for the Brazier, six for the first component, and six for the three shafts. Read out Ingots Guide to find the best way of getting them.

How to Craft Etched Ingots - Nightingale

When you have the materials, place the Brazier where your Smelter was (you won’t be needing it anymore), so it gets the same Augmentations that the Smelter had. Craft two regular ingots of any kind (as long as they’re the same), scroll down until you find Etched Ingot and select it, and then choose the ingots in the Ingot slot. Add fuel to the Brazier with wood, paper, coal, or sticks, and then select to craft it. Now, have a cup of tea while you wait for them to craft, and then collect your Etched Ingots!

What are Etched Ingots Used For?

Etched Ingots are a primary material in the creation of guns, more specifically, the Counter Balance, which is a main component in the creation of guns. Outside of that, you’ll need some to craft the Refined Alchemical Boiler and Refined Enchanter’s Focus, which become more important as you get into the more difficult realms.

There you have it, the tools needed to craft Etched Ingots, how to find them, and what you require the Etched Ingots for.

Etched Ingots require two regular ingots of the same kind to craft them.

If you’re looking for more information about how to make Etched Alloy Ingots, you can see our How to Craft Etched Alloy Ingots page.

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