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How to Increase Estate Score in Nightingale

Matt Chard

Estates in Nightingale is another term for your base. When you upgrade your estate, your Hope score will rise with it due to Hope being an aggregate of your Gear, Estate, and Deeds scores. Hope is required to gain access to various dungeons, and the higher the level they are, the more Hope you’ll require. You can find out your Estate Score by checking your Cairn where you’ll find a number inside a small white house icon. In general, everything will add to the score including but not limited to furniture, crafting stations, light sources, plant boxes, augmentations, and many more. Read on to learn how to increase your Estate Score, and how to find out what is and isn’t working.

It’s not much, but it’s home. Increasing your Estate Score will help improve your Hope Score.

Increasing your Estate Score in Nightingale

There are many factors to increasing your Estate Score, so here is a general list of things to improve it.

  • Better and bigger buildings: This will happen a bit later in the game as you won’t have access to the blueprints, but when you do, you will want to make a better base with better materials.

  • Crafting Stations/Upgraded Crafting Stations: The more crafting stations you have, the better your Estate Score will be. If these stations are of a higher tier, you’ll get even more Estate Score.

  • Furniture: Although furniture for the most part is cosmetic, it does play a part in your Estate Score. The more pieces of higher quality furniture you have in your Estate, the better the score. Even simple things such as the Utilitarian Shelf will increase it.

  • Lighting: Better lighting, especially if it augments your stations, bed, and other stuff.

  • Plant Boxes/Garden: Believe it or not, placing a singular plant box will increase your score slightly. More if you have a whole garden for farming.

  • Portals: Having a Portal, Realmic Transmuter, and a Faerie Ring will increase the score.

These are just a few of the things we’ve noticed so far regarding the Estate Score, but we’re sure there’s more that you can add to the Estate that will increase it, and when we find out more, we’ll update this page, so make sure you bookmark it!

Your Estate Score can be found on your Cairn, inside the house icon.

Estate Score and Hope Stat

Your Hope score is a requirement to enter specific dungeons, also known as Sites of Powers. These mysterious ruins are where you get the higher tier cards from, but to get in them, you’ll need to pass through a barrier which we like to call the Hope Barrier. If your Hope isn’t high enough, the barrier will push you back, so you’ll need to increase your Hope Score which can be seen in the Inventory menu, under player stats. Hope is calculated by a combination of three things, your Estate Score, Gear Score, and Deeds Score.

So, if you have trouble entering a dungeon, increase the three scores to improve your Hope Score and the barrier will let you pass. Unfortunately, you won’t know what your Hope Score needs to be to enter them, so you’ll have to keep increasing it and try again. You can read more about Hope in our Hope Guide. That’s it for the Estate Score for now, we suspect that larger bases will increase the score too, but we have yet to try it out.

(1 of 2) We found out the hard way, but you will want to put as many crafting stations and furniture inside your base, so make sure you have ample space.

We found out the hard way, but you will want to put as many crafting stations and furniture inside your base, so make sure you have ample space. (left), Keep an eye on your Hope Score when you add new things to your Estate to see what gives you the biggest increase. (right)

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