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10 Essential Nightingale Tips To Get You Started

Craig Robinson

Nightingale is a survival game that takes you to the Fae worlds, hopping between portals and realms to gather, craft, and progress through the story. While the core of each survival crafting game is often the same, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Nightingale has its own dashing twists in the formula, which you’ll very much want to learn more about before setting off. With that said, here are 10 essential Nightingale tips we recommend to help you explore, navigate, and learn some very important features that are otherwise hidden or could do with a bit more of an explanation.

We list ten great tips and tricks in Nightingale to assist you throughout the game. Image via Inflexion.

Best Nightingale Tips and Tricks

We have ten tips for Nightingale listed below. Some are longer than others and some may be more relevant to you. We have listed a ToC to help you find the Nightingale tips more appropriate for you.

Tip 1: Umbrella Dashing

Let us start you off with the most fun of the Nightingale tips: sky dashing! Players can use the Umbrellas to start gliding around the world, allowing them to safely land and break their fall. If you combine this with the dash on either the sickle or skinning knife, you can dash mid-air, glide, and repeatedly dash. This will allow you to get extra distance. Just be mindful of your stamina limitations, as gliding and dashing cost stamina. You don’t want to run out of Stamina and start free falling now, do you?

To do this properly, go towards a ledge or get some height, jump, and glide. From there, tap the space bar to cancel gliding, and then right-click when wielding your dagger to dash. Press the space bar at the end of the dash, and rinse and repeat. This is typically the combo you can use to glide across realms.

Glide through the air using your Umbrella, then use the skinning knife to dash and get more out of your air time.

Tip 2: Umbrellas for the Weathers

Umbrellas will be an item you are likely going to have in your offhand most of the time. The reason why is because Umbrellas will protect you from rain and hail, and heat from the scorching sun. You will very often be using these to avoid all the weather conditions and effects as you explore every biome. Not to mention the better the Umbrella the more it lasts, and it also helps your gliding too.

Tip 3: Stamina Improvements

Stamina is by far the most important resource, as it will tap into just about everything in the game. From running, jumping, gliding, using weapon abilities, and attacking. Make sure to improve your Stamina whenever possible.

The best ways to improve your stamina are typically through meals that require berries or other vegetables and fruits. Vegetation offers the most Stamina increase and regen effects when turned into meals. So, make sure to gather berries from the various biomes, and turn them into meals. You can also make salads with later game crafting recipes at your cooking stations to turn other vegetation into stamina-focused food. Cooked meats also grant stamina, but it’s notably better for health than it is for stamina.

The other tip is that certain minor cards can affect Stamina. For example, there is a Lumberjack card that restores stamina when you fell a tree. If you’re planning on doing a certain type of task, make sure to apply a Minor realm card to the realm that matches what you’re spending your stamina on to make your tasks easier to complete.

Tip 4: Regrowing Trees

Have you just so happened to deforest your entire realm and left a barren grassland where your base now stands? Don’t worry, this Nightingale tip will help you heal nature. Firstly, trees do regrow in Nightingale. There is a spell you can craft on your gear called Regrow, which allows you to regenerate trees instantly as long as the stump remains. However, this spell recipe is acquired in the mid-to-late game, so you won’t get it early. However, you may get lucky and get the recipe from completing a POI.

This mystical blue woodland creature can walk around, casting its golden breath to regrow trees in Nightingale and restore nature around you.

On the other hand, you may notice the large ghostly spirits walking around the map. They look like giant Wendigo spirit creatures that destroy any tree or rock they walk through. When they path towards an area where trees and bushes once stood, you can catch them roaring, followed by a golden breath-type spell. This breath will regrow any plants, sticks, and fiber bushes that are in the area. The pathing of the creature is fairly random, and you need to be on the realm for them to do it, but they can and will walk by to regrow nature.

Tip 5: Minor Cards

Minor Cards are an important part of the player’s journey to making their tasks and ambitions much easier. For the most part, these cards typically feature a pro, a con, or some other form of gameplay modifier. There are around 50 minor cards in the game. Chances are there is one you can unlock from crafting or find from Fae chests as you explore or complete objectives, POI challenges, and quests.

Playing Minor Cards typically requires a machine. You can often find Minor Card stations marked on the map. If you don’t, then you need to complete the Fae Tower on the map, as each one has a minor card region at the top. Play the card you want and then enhance the realm to whatever purpose or fun thing you have planned for that world.

Tip 6: Crafting Materials

One of the most unique things about Nightingale is its crafting features. Rather than make a very specific item, you often need basic refined materials which can be made using a number of raw materials. For example, the Lumber you can make can be made from any tier of wood. The different tiers of wood affect Gear Score and some of the stats on it. The same can be said with Ingots, which can use any ore, each with its own stats.

The reason this is important is that you increase the gear score of items by using better materials. You can also specialize the final product with stats you want by using specific materials. For example, If you want to max out crit chance on a weapon, consider using materials that offer a better crit chance. It gives you a lot of options, target farming and rewards for thinking about your materials in a different way than other survival games. It’s something you’ll want to take notice of, especially as you fight bosses in the game, and you need all the damage your build and playstyle can get.

Tip 7: Get A Companion

Companions are an optional part of Nightingale, with players able to find these NPCs all over the realms they come across. You can often tell an NPC is recruitable as it will have the human faction it is associated with under its name. However, to recruit them you will often have to complete tasks for them. These are either Defense game modes or coop buildings, often requiring you to make whatever building blueprints are around the place.

Completing this Defense task awarded us with two potentially recruitable companions.

When you recruit a companion they will follow you all over the place, serving as an extra combatant, a way to revive you if you go down, a gatherer and an extra walking backpack. You will absolutely want them to take the load from your inventory, especially early in the game to gather basic materials for base building, crafting and more. Give them a tool you want them to focus on damage and gathering, and make them equip it. You’ll see them hacking away at whatever the tool you gave them is capable of gathering per its gear score.

The other handy benefit is that Companions don’t mind getting in harm’s way. They’ll take a beating for you, which is handy if you get swarmed by enemies. It allows you to knock a few off to even the odds a little. You can also revive them when they go down with no risk of them dying or losing their stuff.

A player can only have one companion at any given time. You’ll need to find more recruitable NPCs if you intend on having your co-op party follow you around with their own companions.

Tip 8: Farming Essence

Essence is the main currency used in Nightingale. You’ll be gathering four different tiers of Essence in general. For the most part, Essence Dust is the basic one, which you will use for buying base recipes, repairing items, and enhancing your gear early on. You’ll be able to get these by extracting items in your inventory. You can easily get lots of this early on by gathering lots of sticks and plant fibers using a sickle, then extracting lots that way. The higher your gear score gets, the more repairs cost, so you should start farming higher-tier resources and extracting them to keep up with supply and demand.

As for the other essences, they are often acquired by completing objectives in the realms. T1 Essence often comes from zones with 20-40 ratings on them. T2 Essence can come from some 50 gear score objectives in your home world realm dungeons, and then from 60 and 80 challenge realms. T3 Essence is often awarded in end-game content, like beating Apex Hunts, going to the Vault, and more. Keep these currencies on farm when you can, as you’ll be spending them all the time to buy new recipes, specific materials for traders, upgrade gear and more.

Tip 9: Augmentations

Augmentations are one of the overlooked building features, hence why we are making it a Nightingale tip. Typically, crafting games simply require knowledge of a recipe, and the relevant bench to craft it. However, there are a few hidden recipes unlocked via certain Augmentations in the building menu. We recommend looking through your available augmentations in your builders menu, and then selecting one. You’ll find a list of recipes that will be unlocked by placing one near relevant crafting stations.

When you interact with a crafting station and open its crafting menu, you’ll find a special menu at the bottom. These are typically things like guns, ammunition, and special types of tools. They are certainly easy to miss and could be a huge upgrade for you.

Tip 10: Spells and Enchanting

Magick is a feature in Nightingale, however, the application is a slow process. As part of the game’s tutorial, you’ll be tasked with quests on your home realm. When you unlock the first major realm card you can play, you will get a quest to make the game’s enchanting table. These enchanting tables are used to craft Realm Cards, alongside spell enchantments on gear, and other passive bonuses to items. You need to select the Enchantments options.

Each weapon can have two spells attached to it, such as the party healing spell, Sanctuary, and the melee DPS spell Shockwave.

When you craft an enchantment, you can then apply it to gear. However, spells can only be applied to weapons that are green quality, meaning they need upgrading from the common quality. Once a weapon is at least green quality, you can apply the enchantment you want, alongside other buffs like the Charms and the Infusions, which are basically perks.

You can get more Spells, Enchantments, Infusions and Charms as you play through the game. You’ll be getting them from looting chests, unlocking recipes from Essence Traders, and completing POIs as random rewards. You’ll want to look through lots of these, as you can find magical shields, self-healing spells, party healing spells, damage modifiers and much more.

And there you have it, ten Nightingale tips to help you get accustomed to the game. Many are simple things you can do, while others are major quality-of-life improvements. Some will help you familiarize yourself with the game systems, have you spending less time thinking about them and more time being practical and having fun with the game.

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