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How to Get the Gloom Realm Card - Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Gloom Realm Card is one of the final sets of Realm Cards you can get in Nightingale’s main progression system. After completing the previous Tier 1 and Herbarium Realm Card Dungeons, you should be able to visit the Gloom Dungeons and once again take on multiple bosses and get a new realm to visit. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find the Gloom Realm Card in Nightingale.

Where to Find the Gloom Realm Card in Nightingale

To unlock the Gloom Realm Card in Nightingale, players must have 45 Gear Score to enter through the barrier. You can find the barrier to the Gloom Site of Power near the crashed ship landmark, which you can find in your Abeyance Realm. See the image below for an example.

Look for the pirate ship POI in your Abeyance realm to find the location of the Gloom Realm Card in Nightingale.

We will also say you can enter the dungeon earlier if you like, as the procedural generation of the crashed ship often allows you to parkour over the barrier. Land on the barrier from the roof of the ship, crouch down, and there’s often a point you can enter by dropping through near the wall of the ship. Be mindful that the dungeon is for 45 gear score threats at a minimum, based on difficulty in character creation adding an even bigger challenge if you opted for it. So, enemies will hurt, and you won’t do as much damage as possible if you go in with a notable gear score disparity. But it’s worth noting if you’re ambitious.

Once you’re in the dungeon, the general template is that the dungeon is a large column going straight down. There are a few ledges that have mob spawners, with a few Hope Echoes if fancy getting them, alongside some chests here and there. Be mindful that you’ll encounter some new enemy types here, with the support enemies buffing targets, along with mages and your usual easy-to-kill and stronger melee unit spawns.

When inside the dungeon, proceed through the hull of the ship, into the big drop-down cave system and descend.

If you want to ignore the enemies in this dungeon, it is very easy to do so. Simply drop down using your umbrella, land on a ledge, get your stamina back, and go again. All you need to do is pretty much dive all the way down, get to the bottom floor, and look for the gap in the wall that takes you down the boss room.

Fabled Automaton Knight Boss Strategy in Gloom Site of Power

Okay, it is, once again, boss time. Like all the other Knights you’ve faced, you’re essentially dealing with the same strategies that you’ve encountered. The only difference here is that there are two of them, and there’s one extra skill. The bonus skill they have is that they charge up and do an AoE attack around them. If you have seen the automaton workers going around realms, charging attacks to smash rocks and cut trees, it’s essentially the same skill, but it does boss damage instead, so kite them big time.

(1 of 2) The Gloom Realm Card Dungeon boss will spawn two knights, making it one of the more challenging fights in the dungeons so far.

The Gloom Realm Card Dungeon boss will spawn two knights, making it one of the more challenging fights in the dungeons so far. (left), Use the clone Knight to lazer beam its mate for bonus damage. (right)

While double trouble is afoot, there is a technique you can use to gain some advantage in the fight. When the bosses do the laser beam skill, the beam will focus on your location. You can kite the beam from one of the Automatons into the other, which will burn and apply a DoT to the other boss. It’s some free damage for you to abuse if you really want to.

Other than that, they are once again weak in the weakspot on their swords. They can blast you with the Gatling gun move, sword dash, and are weak to blunt and piercing damage from picks and climbing axes. You can also shoot them with guns if you want, but they tend to have resistance to rifle ammo, which is something to keep in mind.

What to expect from the Gloom Worlds Card

Gloom Worlds offers more minor card unlocks that you can buy, alongside the new tool called the Axe Pick. It essentially combines the Axe and Pick together to make carrying slots much easier. There are also the more advanced parts of the Tier 2 buildings you can get, with the second-tier tilesets and advanced roofs available in the biomes connected with the Gloom Realm Card.

You should also be able to get new furniture, light sources, and other augmentations that are going to help you increase your Estate score. You will need to start working on this part of your base, as the final Hunt Realm Card in your Abeyance realm will factor in Estate, Hope and Gear Score to enter it. So, make sure to improve your base as you can while exploring Gloom worlds.

This concludes everything you need to know about the Gloom Realm Card in Nightingale.

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