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How to Craft Healing Salves and Potions – Nightingale

Scott Peers

In the early game of Nightingale, there are three main ways in which you can heal yourself. The first and most obvious is the passive healing over time that you get, but you need to make sure that you’re well fed and properly rested before you see the benefits. Outside of this, you’ll soon be able to craft Healing Salves and Healing Potions, but you can also get them by randomly looting chests in the wilderness. These are by far the most effective methods to heal in the early game, and you’ll get access to more powerful versions as you progress through the game. On this page, we’ll briefly show you how to get both Healing Potions and Salves.

How to Craft Healing Salves

The Healing Salves in Nightingale are likely to be the first type of healing item that you’ll come across. They can be crafted early on in the game, as soon as you get access to the cooking pot, using only basic materials in the form of Bones and Fiber. It takes only x1 Bone and x1 Fiber for each salve, so you can easily craft the salves in bulk, ready for your adventures. Any bone will do, be it from Boar, Wolf, or Deer. The same goes for sources of fiber, but the best way to get a lot of this is by using your sickle to hack at the foliage, rather than pick it up directly. You’ll get more per harvest with the sickle than you ever will by hand-picking.

Although the Healing Salves are the most basic form of healing outside of regular health regeneration, they restore a decent amount of health within a relatively short period of time, so you can rely on them to keep you healed between fights, or even during them as an extra bonus to health regeneration. Given how cheap they are, there’s no reason not to have a good stack of these in your inventory at all times.

How to Get Healing Potions

There are actually a number of different healing potions available in Nightingale, but you need to progress a fair bit through the game before you gain access to the recipes required to craft them. You’ll find these at Essence Traders, so it’s worth visiting each one whenever you enter a new realm. In the meantime, you can often find Healing Potions in random chests scattered throughout a realm, so if you keep exploring you can get a decent stack soon enough. You’ll eventually be able to get different types of healing potions that restore other aspects of your stats, such as the Rejuvenating Potions which restore some of your stamina alongside health.

Difference Between Healing Salves and Potions

The main difference between a Healing Salve and a Healing Potion in Nightingale is that the former will restore your health gradually, and relatively slowly, while a Healing Potion will restore it instantly. This is ideal if you need to quickly restore your health after being hit by a big boss or a bunch of tough enemies, and you can make the potions easier to use by putting them in the “Q” slot of your hotbar, where they’re much easier to hit as you’re dancing around enemies with the WSAD keys. It’s also useful to note that both Salves and Potions are capable of healing most basic injuries, although it’s not entirely clear that this is the case in the description for the potion. We tested this ourselves to be sure!

(1 of 2) Healing Salves can be crafted with basic materials early on in Nightingale.

Healing Salves can be crafted with basic materials early on in Nightingale. (left), Healing Potions can only be looted in the game, but you’ll eventually get the recipe to craft them. (right)

And there you have it, the basics for the main methods of healing in the early game of Nightingale. If you’re interested in learning more about the basics of the early game, be sure to check out the pages below.

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