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How to Get the Herbarium Realm Card in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Herbarium Realm Card is the first realm card quest to take you to Tier 2 Realms. Once you’re done with the Tier 1 Realm Worlds, you’ll be advancing to take on a druidic challenge, with players progressing to even better technology and building offerings on the cards. Here’s everything you need to know about accessing the Herbarium Realm Card in Nightingale.

Players can find the location of the Herbarium Realm Card by looking for the giant floating white stone landmark in your Abeyance realm.

Where to find Herbarium Realm Card in Nightingale

To access the Herbarium Realm Card, you must find the landmark in your Abeyance realm. You can find the landmark of the Herbarium Realm by looking for a very large clump of floating white stone structures. You’ll often find a ramp or a climbable set of stone blocks leading to the entrance to the Herbarium Site of Power.

Be advised that to enter the Herbarium Site of Power, you will need around 40+ Gear Score. This means that you will need to upgrade your gear and favorite tool for combat, or maybe even have crafted a gun. You can also re-craft your simple tools, using higher-tier resources since you’ll have gained access to three Major cards at this stage of the game.

Also, be advised that the design of the Herbarium Site of Power is vertical, and you ascend with few spaces to fight baddies. Make sure to have healing items on you since you may dash, fall, and break your legs. Healing items heal broken legs, so having spare salves and potions on you is very important.

Also, ensure a stockpile of Essence Dust for any tool and armor repair you may need when you reach the top of the Herbarium Realm Card Dungeon.

How to Get the Herbarium Realm Card in Nightingale

Once you enter the Herbarium Dungeon, you will notice that you need to ascend the dungeon rather than descend for a change. Look around the room, and look for stairs or climbable blocks that ascend the tower. Be mindful of the usual enemy spawns here and any lore cards you may see knocking around. You can also find Fae Chests on various blocks slightly off the beaten path.

(1 of 2) Once you enter the Herbarium Dungeon, find the stairs and ascend up the structure to progress.

Once you enter the Herbarium Dungeon, find the stairs and ascend up the structure to progress. (left), As you progress up the Herbarium structure, enemies will spawn and block ways to proceed further up. (right)

Every other level, as you climb the tower, more enemies will spawn in. These are normally some melee units and the flask-throwing enemies. Nothing you can’t handle at this point, but they do have more health and damage than normal.

When you reach the top, you’ll essentially arrive at a sunroof. If you’re in the desert biome, be careful of the sun, and get in shade occasionally to preserve your stamina. If you’re in the swamp or forest biome, then be mindful of hail and rain, as getting cold will also affect your stamina. Less stamina equals fewer attacks, less chance to dodge, and things of that nature. Make sure to prepare for this as best you can before activating the boss battles.

How to defeat the Fabled Automaton Knights in the Herbarium Dungeon

When we got to the top of the Herbarium Site of Power, we summoned the Fabled Knight, who appeared in the Antiquarian and Provisioner realms. Like with every time we have seen the boss, it comes with a few more tactics to be mindful of.

At the tower’s top, you’ll fight the Knight boss, who has more powers.

The new tactics are as follows:

  • Adds: The boss spawns little pawns, which come with an AoE splash damage attack that charges up over time. It’s the same mechanic as the Bishop, so beat the shields, interrupt their attacks with your attacks and beat them down.
  • Gatling Gun: The Knight has learned that the crystal in its sword can now fire multiple projectiles that lock onto player positions in seconds. Use cover to the best of your capabilities and line of sight the boss.

Outside of that, the regular tactics of the boss still stand. Line of sight and dash out the way of its melee dash attack and use piercing pickaxe or blunt weapons to do major damage to its armor. Also, aim for the crystal in its sword for bonus damage.

Other Herbarium Realm Card Tips in Nightingale

Once the boss is defeated, you can then retrieve the recipe for the Herbarium realm card in Nightingale. However, unlike the previous few major cards, you now need to craft a refined Enchanting Table, as the card is considered a T2 Realm Card. Make sure to craft all the refined building pieces for your base to get the materials you need for the refined crafting table, so you can start progressing through T2 Worlds.

After collecting the Herbarium Major Realm Card in Nightingale, you will unlock a quest to get the advanced version of the enchanting table to craft the Herbarium card.

In addition, Puck should spawn once you unlock the card. Talk to Puck, and he will give you a quest to visit the Desert Herbarium to help you on your way to find Nightingale City as part of the game’s quest line.

The other important thing to note about Herbarium Realm Cards in Nightingale is that it begins to offer you the next tier of building tilesets. If you want to make bases out of Sandstone, Tudor or Shack-style buildings, then visit the Herbarium realms. You’ll now be able to decorate your base to a style more fitting than Crude structures and make fancy little villages.

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